Daily Report – Friday, January 26th, 2018

Daily Report 2022

Another quickie for you all. We do have some more intensity for Friday, so hang on to your hats!

Friday’s overnight hours begin at midnight PST (UTC -08:00, naturally) with the Moon opposite Dejanira, so do make sure you are not feeling like a victim of circumstance. If you were still awake, you might have felt somewhat entrapped. Soon after at 1AM PST, we have Uranus semisextile the Moon, which triggers some sudden changes, sudden moves, and considering I just stayed up late and helped a friend with a small project, let’s add sudden breakthroughs to that list! Make sure you note what you were dreaming about last night when you read this. 2AM PST brings the Moon conjunct Sedna retrograde and Moon sextile Chiron, so do note any dream visions about overcoming betrayals, or self-betrayal as the case may be too.

At around 4AM PST, this is when it gets a little dicey. Moon conjunct fixed star Algol, so don’t lose your head for the next few hours. Keep a tab on your feelings and dreams about this time as well. “What did you dream about” is the more operative question, actually. At any rate, a couple hours later we see Moon sextile Hekate retrograde and square Apophis. Honestly, the Moon’s been hitting quite a few of these strange asteroids lately, so do bear in mind inspirations and visions and feelings of overcoming inner doubts and finding your path. Just know that you’ll have to discard something or destroy something to get to where you need to go. Not all destruction is bad, but sometimes it can be a little painful.

At 8AM PST, we’ve got Hekate retrograde quincunx Apophis. Whatever you’re trying to eliminate is going to fight back a little bit, but it’s not the most major of aspects. Might be something benign, but it shouldn’t be discounted. 9AM PST brings us Lucifer semisextile Nessus, so try to remember other people’s feelings around this time too. Some of us will be commuting or on the road, or maybe in some sort of meeting? Take a few deep breaths and sip, don’t chug, the coffee. I’ll consider this a mental note for myself, as I do love my coffee.

10AM PST brings us the first of the major aspects of the day: Moon opposite Mars, and at the same time Moon quincunx Pholus, just as Moon crosses into Gemini! Keep a clear head and watch out for psychic land mines, as it’s very easy to be at odds with people you’re working with, or close to, or in close proximity to. Bite your lip, as it’s very easy to unleash some biting scorn right now.

At 1PM PST, we’ve got Mars semisextile Pholus, while simultaneously Pallas semisextiles the Moon, so we’re likely to be feeling a bit under the influence of power or our own might, and this could bring some interactions with authority figures. Be cognizant and be wise, and try not to take things personal. Watch out for people on power trips. 2PM PST tells me that if anyone was on a power trip around lunchtime, Moon opposite Karma will probably send a signal of “not so fast” to some of those people. A little snap back to reality for a few.

3PM PST is another window of opportunity for cosmic shenanigans when trickster Eris squares Mercury. Expect unexpected messages, and if you’re trying to leave early to beat rush hour? Forget about it. Just expect the unexpected and don’t expect people to be talking sense, or driving sensibly. Makes me think I should move closer to my new job…

5PM PST is about the time we have another sorta-major aspect with Moon quincunx Saturn. The taskmaster and disciplinarian of the solar system is going to be at odds with how we feel about things and we might be going into the weekend wondering why we even put up with some of the structures and schedules we do. Probably a good deal of wishing we had more time to deal with everything as well…

As we head into the evening at 7PM PST, we’ll get a little bit of an asteroid and lunar T-Square with Moon square Nessus at the same time the Moon opposes Vesta. When we have Nessus apexing this configuration, we have a good chance that we’re feeling that we know the answers, that we know what is our truth and our inner flame, and we’re going to be feeling a bit high and mighty about it, obsessive even, to the point of bludgeoning it into other people’s heads as to how things are. Don’t do that. Nessus can bring out our abusive sides, and it’s better to convince others of what our inner truth is when we’re not belittling them.

8PM PST has more discordant energy with Ceres retrograde quincunx Neptune, but at the same time Moon trines Lucifer. We’re going to be under some illusions that our home lives may not be all that bad when there’s marked room for improvement, or maybe we want to ditch and start over somewhere because we feel we can do much better elsewhere. Quincunxes are a bit of a strange, awkward aspect, so it’s possible both are correct at the same time. Not saying we have a Schroedinger paradox here, but maybe the grass is slightly greener on the other side. Especially true if your side of the fence has you sitting on a cactus. Make sure you have all of your ducks in a row when you act on this, because a quincunx to Neptune can bring some illusory and false qualities to things, especially with Ceres on the homefront.

Finally, to finish off Friday, we’ve got the Moon trine the Sun. Now, keep in mind, we’re approaching Lunar Eclipse time! The Moon is gearing up, and the flowing energy of the trine to the Sun should bring us a bit of relief and a fun or, at the very least, relaxing if not lazy Friday night. A good time to stay in or just go see a movie, and keep things low key.

There you have it, we have a great deal of intensity throughout the day, and by the time night comes, we’ve got some illusions we have to deal with, and then a chance to relax finally. Take advantage of the rest, because next week ramps things up a lot. Bedtime for me now. Maybe next week I’ll finally have my schedule all sorted out, and maybe I can post this before midnight PST for once. Later!