Daily Report – Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Daily Report 2022

Here we are… Lunar Eclipse Day! Be ready for anything, and brace yourself for superintensity!

We’ll start with Moon quincunx Black Moon Lilith around 2:00 PST. There’s a bit of a discordant energy here between this hypothetical point and the Moon itself, which is in overdrive. Dream visions are likely to be very intense around this time.

At 3:00 PST, Sedna retrograde opposite Dejanira brings feelings of internal sabotage and of betraying ourselves. Perhaps we’re sabotaging ourselves in some way. Be aware of this, and note this as something to overcome.

Karma square Apophis around 4:00 PST also points to endings in our lives that are fated, and those that we have brought upon ourselves. “As we sow, so shall we reap.” Sometimes it’s hard to let go of things we’ve grown comfortable with, but at times, it’s for our own good.

Finally, Eclipse Hour. As the eclipse article states, we’ve got some hyperintense aspects going o with the moon, with Ceres retrograde and Nymphe retrograde conjunct the Moon, and Industria conjunct the Sun during the period of greatest intensity at 5:26:40 PST. The linked article in this paragraph can give you a greater breakdown of this exact moment in time. Make the most of the energies!

A couple hours later, when the eclipse is ending, Dejanira trine Chiron and Moon quincunx Neptune around 7:00 PST will enact some potential healing from the earlier self-sabotage vibes involving Sedna, yet at the same time we’re still under the dreamy and illusory qualities in the psychic atmosphere following this Eclipse, especially with that off-kilter link to the planet of illusions. Be aware of your own feelings and thoughts, as things may not be what they seem.

11:00 PST brings us Pholus semisextile Mercury, and the Moon making it’s tightest conjunction to the North Node. Make sure you’re thinking and communicating as clearly as you can with others, and don’t get too enthralled into what’s in the coffee cup. You need to look at things with sober vision right now, and while I’m not talking alcohol in this instance (though that also applies), you need to not overcharge yourself with stimulants either. Intoxication is intoxication in this instance. At the same time, our own inner emotions and psychic energies are going to be at peak right now.

Into the afternoon we’ll be feeling some high-powered concerns and contemplating our options when Moon opposes Venus around 15:00 PST. We may be wondering if we really are on the right path towards what we desire, if we’re doing enough, if there’s more we should be pursuing to propel our jobs and relationships further. 16:00 PST amplifies this with Destinn square the Moon, and we’ll be looking at our own lives, and probably wondering if we’ll be pulling off everything we want to do before the sands of our hourglasses run out. Honestly, we’re going to soon have to make some decisions that may involved flipping the damned hourglass and resetting things a bit. That’s a gut feeling of mine not based on any particular aspect, so consider that an intuitive piece of advice.

Into the evening around 18:00 PST, Saturn sextile Apophis and Moon opposite Juno (man, Moon is making a few oppositions today…), well, that earlier destruction aspect with Karma-Apophis may become a bit more clear as to why when the disciplinarian and taskmaster of our starsystem makes that easier sextile. We could come into information that lets us know why it had to happen. At the same time, the Moon opposition to the asteroid of partnerships and family, well, it could be hard to explain something to the kids, as one example, or maybe you wind up having to break a date with your boyfriend or girlfriend? It could just be something as benign as a change of plans to something that’s not quite as fun as you wanted to do initially. You can still have a fun evening, but don’t expect everything to go to plan then. Especially as Moon quincunxes Pluto around an hour later at 19:00 PST. We’re still going to be wondering if things really had to be let go like they were.

At night, Moon square Jupiter around 21:00 PST brings even more discord in our feelings, this time relating our luck and our higher spirituality, maybe even some career issues. Again, “is this all there is” comes forth. Take stock in what comes to you around this time, and start making plans to get past, through, and around it. But we may not be able to act on those feelings quite yet. The time will come, maybe this weekend? We’re feeling a bit overloaded at the moment, and that’s OK under most circumstances.

Finally, to finish off January, Moon opposing Kaali around 23:00 PST supercharges some of our more uneasy feelings. Write down what you need to accomplish, and put it out of your mind for overnight if you can, that’s what I recommend. Rest, try to relax, and get some good sleep because we’re going to need whatever recharging we can get. It may not be the most restful sleep, and it’s easy to stay up all night wondering about things, but try to relax. Some good tea or warm milk may be needed.

Lunar eclipse day is, as you can see, highly intense, and we’re not going to have too many respites on this day alone. But keep it together as much as you can, as we’ll have many opportunities to take advantage of the hypercharged energies in the weeks and months ahead. Off to bed now, so adios.