Daily Report – Wednesday, December 19th, 2018

Daily Report 2022

Tuesday was certainly a powerhouse. Wednesday is going to be much more intense. While there were many developments on Tuesday that threw us for a loop, this… this takes it to a much higher level. Great amplifications involving Sun, Moon, and Chiron in the mix. Let’s get to it.

Overall, Sun and Ixion will be on Galactic Center all day, Chiron will square them around mid-day (PST), and the Moon, in Taurus all day, well, at the end of the day hits fixed star Algol. I could end the article here and say this is a colossal clusterf***. But I won’t. Because it is… But wait, there’s more!

We begin Wednesday with Nessus in Pisces square 149 Medusa and Mercury tightly conjunct in Sagittarius. Ouch. There is the feeling of betrayal and obsessive/compulsiveness (if not downright abuse, passive-aggressive or otherwise) going on here. Again, keep your guard up. 4386 Lust in Libra opposite Eris retrograde in Aries suggests some discord going on in our more lustful drives and desires. Combined with the Mercury/Medusa-Nessus mess (Messus?), it’s definitely a sign to keep track of your intentions and make sure they’re good and the execution of those intentions as good if not better. 829 Academia in Sagittarius semisextile 564 Dudu in Libra continues from the day before, and we need to check our knowledge and apply wisdom to it. Better yet, make sure that knowledge is good in the first place (which is where the wisdom comes in). Taurus Moon semisextile 433 Eros retrograde in Gemini also warns us to check that our feelings are in the right place, and to make sure we keep in mind that we are indeed worth of love and good things. (If that sounds corny, sorry not sorry.)

Beyond the midnight hour, Moon trine 3811 Karma in Capricorn helps smooth things over just a bit more, and may soften the blows of reaping what we sow emotionally… or is it the feeling that we reap what we sow? Either way, perhaps we can weather the storms a little bit better, or at the very least get some solid dream visions overnight as we’re likely sleeping as this is going on. (Except me, who’s writing this right now!)

Further on in the early morning, Neptune in Pisces sextile Moon brings some more solid potential for dream visions and psychic insights. Listen to your guides, inner feelings, higher self, whatever esoteric bright knowledge you rely on/believe in. Gut feeling even. For some of us, this could potentially form a Yod if you have placements from 12-14 Libra (I have a stellium there, Mars/Pluto/Venus with Venus being slightly out of the range of the direct Yod, as an example). For some of us, this could be quite potent depending on natal/progressions/solar arcs.

Soon after that, Moon trine 8813 Leviathan in Virgo and opposing 10961 Buysballot in Scorpio gives us a feeling or a sense that we are able to slay some serious monsters when it comes to our tasks and duties, but we need to be very careful that we don’t sell ourselves short or allow ourselves to be cheated in the process.

As some people will be waking up, 99942 Apophis in Aquarius semisextiles Nessus which will trigger a point of order where we need to be sure that we’re not destroying relationships with obsession or unintentionally pushing too hard. Also be wary of those who would abuse and destroy you, for Vesta in Aquarius squares 42355 Typhon which will amplify this feeling, and could be a warning of danger for those prone to martyrdom. Moon square a tight conjunction to Black Moon Lilith and 896 Sphinx in Aquarius also ratchets this up a notch, and adds a distinct esoteric/metaphysical flair to this set of aspects going on. Pay special attention to your gut feeling and be wary of impulses that can lead you astray. Whatever you are questioning will be answered with riddles. More questions than answers. Take note.

As some commutes begin, Moon opposes Ceres in Scorpio while 99942 Apophis sextiles 149 Medusa. There is the chance of some discord in the home front while we’re getting started (or for night owls, ending) their day, but perhaps an opportunity arises that allows for the destruction of suggestions of betrayal. Perhaps a rumor gets squashed, or perhaps trust restored (thus the destruction of accusation).

As the sun is rising on the West Coast, Chiron and 389 Industria in Pisces exactly conjunct, allowing for some potential healing of wounds relating to our occupations, workplace, hell even our professions in general. The dark side of this could also be the wounding, where we feel like we’re trapped in a never-ending spiral of dog-eat-dog rat racing. It doesn’t have to be this way. We can overcome this, just keep some faith going.

A little later on, Moon tightly conjuncts 545 Messalina retrograde, potentially defusing inadvisable office romances before they get started, or perhaps a slightly less lustful approach to relationships blossoms. On the other hand, this could also manifest in the feeling that we’re “not getting enough action.” It depends how this aspects you personally, but the general theme will be overarching a bit.

As the morning progresses, 12927 Pinocchio in Scorpio quincunxes 128 Nemesis retrograde in Gemini, warning us to be wary of deceptions by those who are definitely not our friends. There is the chance for malefic actors to be exposed, as that happens in the middle of this next set, an asteroid Yod from Pallas in Libra sextile 11144 Radiocommunicata in Sagittarius, apex Taurus Moon. There will definitely be the potential for some justice to be meted, and it will happen in a public way. Or, someone will rant about it on social media or on the news networks. Talking heads on the news networks will certainly have something to add to the discussion around this time (which is about lunch hour on the East Coast), so have some popcorn ready, or some tissues depending on how things go. Better to “observe without judgment,” but we know people are prone to gloat.

Pholus in Capricorn square 6583 Destinn in Libra warns us of the consequences of letting ourselves be distracted or intoxicated at the wrong time. This could even be internet/social media/gaming addiction rearing up to sabotage us, so do be warned to try to focus. This also could suggest that our ability to focus will be impaired as a sort of fated event. Watch out for distracted drivers around midday.

Around the noon hour on the West Coast, Vesta in Aquarius trines 128 Nemesis retrograde in Gemini to smooth over ruffled feathers slightly when it comes to those who would attack our most fervent beliefs. Mars in Pisces semisextile 55 Pandora in Aquarius could unleash the hounds, as it were, and advises us that aggressive genies are very difficult to put back in bottles, so choose words wisely today. Moon sextile 407 Arachne in Pisces gives us an intuitive boost to bear witness to and perhaps undo some of the ties that bind, or perhaps strengthen positive ties with some gentle words. Again, help each other out where it is beneficial to do so. Cutting ties to that which no longer serves you can also be done with a little more ease and tact around this time as well.

Pluto trine Moon after the lunch hours should help smooth things over and let us fall with grace if we need to, especially as this coincides with the time of the major aspect of the day: Sun and Ixion on Galactic Center square Chiron and 389 Industria (with Ixion being more exact in square much later into the night). This is a point where we are very likely to have a crisis of faith and catharsis. It’s either going to be some rather unpleasant news, revelations of a betrayal, broken trust, broken promise, broken covenant, layoffs just in time for the holidays (that last one is a bitch, experienced that last year around this time myself from a job I absolutely loved (and I did have advance notice but still))… Could also involve the healing thereof, but with some serious ramifications. Keep your cool around this time. Moon conjunct Juno retrograde in Taurus around this time will also be playing into this, so there are likely to be disruptions in relationships regarding resources and finances is what I feel. With all the holiday shopping going on, debt is likely to be a major issue, especially if work is hard to find. Poverty and running tight on resources strains everything.

If at all possible, try to take several steps back and relax. Remember to breathe. This will pass!

Moon opposite 7470 Jabberwock in Scorpio warns us that we could be feeling like we’re confronting some serious monsters in our lives, metaphorical or otherwise. This is a time to be careful with our feelings. Don’t attack the wrong thing!

Sun trine 16089 Lamb in Leo around the beginning of evening does give us a little bit of a boost to keep us from falling prey to our worst impulses. North Node in Cancer quincunx Sun/Ixion is a testing of our faith when it comes to being betrayed by others. Moon square 55 Pandora further amplifies this, especially with Pandora being in the 11th sign (corresponding to 11th house) and alerts us to be on the lookout for unexpected developments with friends, loved ones, and colleagues on the job. Moon sextile Mars at the same time as all of this should smooth things over somewhat and allow us to come to some rational and constructive solutions to how we’re feeling, perhaps defusing some arguments before they even happen. Could mean issues get ironed out and sealed with a shot at happy hour (Mars is in Pisces, ruled by Neptune (spirits), after all).

Don’t indulge too much in a midweek happy hours though, Moon opposite 4179 Toutatis could bring arguments out of the blue, or sudden emotional outbursts.

Into the dinner hour on the West Coast, Moon conjuncts 37117 Narcissus retrograde, while being semisextile Eris and quincunx 4386 Lust in Libra. We could feel a little more boost in our self-worth, but a bit subdued with everything going on, and perhaps some unexpected feelings could gravitate us to someone that may or may not be good for us. I advise not starting an affair with this aspect (and ideally, you wouldn’t?)… Mercury in Sagittarius semisextile 19 Fortuna could bring us some messages or communication involving money or debts as well, so do be on the lookout. Pholus square Abundantia also warns us against splurging or mortgaging the house for Christmas presents at this time as well, as “giving fever” could set in. Remember to take care of yourself so you can help others.

Later on in the evening, 389 Industria quincunx 16089 Lamb may bring some feelings of being another cog in the machine as we reflect on work, and hopefully this can be mitigated a bit if you’re on some sort of holiday vacation. Of course, if you’re working retail or scrambling to get last-minute projects done, you certainly feel like meat for the grinder by this point, most likely. Moon semisextile 307 Nike in Aries suggests we’re feeling that we just have to get things done, no matter the cost.

Later after that couple of aspects, Moon semisextile 1981 Midas retrograde in Aries could also trigger feelings that we’re toiling and toiling for little reward. Or perhaps we feel at this point that we could have a “reverse-Midas” effect. Like everything we touch turning not into gold, but into… well, something awful. Unless you have really bad luck right now, that feeling isn’t true. And even if luck is that bad, it won’t last.

Into the nighttime hours, Pholus semisextile Academia could influence us to research a little bit of “personal medication,” as it were. Try not to go overboard, as 99942 Apophis square 19 Fortuna suggests that going into work with a hangover tomorrow after indulging too much today is just not going to go over well to smooth things over with the boss. Could also be more signs of trouble in overseas markets to cap out the week?

Pholus sextile 564 Dudu may enable us to avoid some pitfalls as Wednesday draws to a close and recognize some BS within ourselves, or within others. It’s a time where we can see past the facade. 564 Dudu also semisextiles 151 Abundantia around the same time, so do take care that your investments and money are sound, and likely may even see dream visions to that effect if you’re asleep at this time. Ixion tightly conjuncts Galactic Center itself finally (still conjunct the Sun) and again, this warns us to watch for intruders in our midst, whether they be physical-world based, mentally-based in the form of fears and misgivings, or otherworldly in terms of occult matters. Vesta square 12927 Pinocchio warns us not to BS others about what we believe in, as it will be found out eventually, perhaps immediately, and we also need to have our BS-sensors calibrated to recognize this in others as well. 829 Academia sextile 151 Abundantia could help us dream up some better or new ways to gain wealth and abundance, so note that if you dream anything about that overnight. 42355 Typhon quincunx 128 Nemesis retrograde warns us not to be our worst enemy, again, and we could be dwelling on some harsh words spoken to others, or harsh words we speak of ourselves, and this could keep you up at night if you don’t let things go. 26955 Lie in Aquarius sextile 1930 Lucifer in Aries may mitigate a tendency to lie to ourselves in order to protect our ego. Saturn square 8690 Swindle in Aries also warns us not to be a con artist, as the consequences could be apparent on Thursday. Finally, Venus quincunx 433 Eros retrograde further warns us against some awkward romantic liaisons, especially those initiated via falsehood as we can see from the other aspects in the sky warning against this sort of behavior.

To close, it’s a major day of ivory towers priming to fall, and some possibly falling. It’s not a day to weave webs of lies, and those that have been woven, well, webs are flammable and there are plenty of torchbearers out there. There’s shocks and awes to be had, and its is going to be a day of some hard reckonings, I figure. Try not to lose hope if things do not go your way today. That said, for some, this could be a devastating day. For others, it’s an opportunity to heal and move on from the shit that just doesn’t work anymore.

Turns out Wednesday was no less crazy than Tuesday, and even more hypercharged than before. See you for Thursday. Peace.