Solar Eclipse Libra – October 2023

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A new Eclipse Season is upon us, and things are already unfolding at a rapid clip. Recent events leading up to this Solar Eclipse have only been a foreshadowing of what is to come.

The Solar Eclipse Itself

The Solar Eclipse peaks at 21 Lib 07’34” on October 14th, 2023 at 10:55:06 AM PDT / 5:55:06 PM UTC. This also acts as a New Moon in Libra to kick off another lunar cycle, but this cycle’s effects will be most pronounced for the next several months, with shadows of this echoing for about a year afterwards. As this is a New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Libra, and is a South Node Eclipse to boot, themes of partnerships, relationships, alliances, and the ties that bind us to our favorite or most desired people will be in full force for the foreseeable future.

Sun conjunct Moon indicates a time of new beginnings, new projects, and fresh starts. Pluto has recently gone direct, so themes of death and rebirth, renewal following upheaval, and more upheaval in these links and partnerships, especially in our home and private lives, will be quite pronounced.

With this being a South Node Eclipse, the focus also lies on what we’ve learned so far, where we’re coming from, and what’s holding us back. Those with Solar Returns and birthdays within four or five days of this Eclipse will feel the effects most prominently for the next year, followed by those with placements from 16 to 26 degrees in the cardinal signs of Libra, Capricorn, Aries, and Cancer, especially personal planets (Sun/Moon/Mercury/Venus/Mars) and personal points (Ascendant/Descendant, Midheaven/IC, North/South Nodes, and especially the Vertex/Antivertex within the 19-23 degree range of the cardinal signs).

Again, I reiterate the intense year I had in 2017 when the previous North American Solar Eclipse took place two days before my Solar Return that August.

Also, given that this Eclipse is in Saros Cycle 134, look to what was going on in your life October 3rd, 2005. That was the previous Solar Eclipse in that cycle, and similar themes may play out now. That one was in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina a couple months before in August 2005, as a reference.

Other Aspects to the Solar Eclipse

What Stories Will Be Told

Solar Eclipse Libra conjunct Mercury and 666 Desdemona is particularly telling. All sorts of sad tales are likely now.

Mercury, messenger of the cosmos, is combust, or being burned up by the Sun in this conjunction. Messages and communications with partners and in our relationships can be fruitful, but are also weakened slightly by this.

666 Desdemona, named for Othello’s wife in the Shakespearean play Othello, strikes me as a sort of victim asteroid, as Desdemona was innocent and was murdered by her husband after being convinced by Iago that she was unfaithful to him (she apparently wasn’t). This asteroid too is being burnt up by the Sun’s energy. It also has the seemingly unfortunate asteroid number 666, further highlighting the evilness of fates unfolding now.

Combined, we must be wary of those bearing false witness against thy neighbor.

Instability and Uncertainty

Solar Eclipse Libra quincunx Uranus retrograde in Taurus indicates a several month to a year cycle of instability in financial markets and in general resources, especially where partnerships are concerned.

If one thinks outside the box and is wise, there’s a potential for some gain. However, shifting conditions will make executing such transactions hard to predict. At the same time, playing it too safe may hold us back. The challenge will be to take the right level of risk without betting the barn on a bad hand.

Bollocks and Tragedies

Solar Eclipse Libra square 5180 Ohno and 12927 Pinocchio in Capricorn is a generally weaker square as it’s only to minor asteroids, but the symbolism is still quite apparent.

Ohno is as it sounds, “oh no!” We’re seeing this play out right now in the Middle East with the atrocity unfolding in Israel and Gaza. This is the mark of a major tragedy, and given that this is a relatively tight square at under 1 degree orb, will play out over the next several months.

Pinocchio, of course, is named for the puppet who wanted to be a real boy with no strings attached. Do remember the point in the story where he lied and his nose grew. Propaganda and lies will grow over the next several months as well.

Do your due diligence and if you decide to donate to charities related to relief for the victims of this fresh hell of war, make sure they are reputable. There are plenty of liars and scam artists who will be attempting to take advantage now.

Triggering the Whirlwind

Solar Eclipse Libra semisextile 4227 Kaali, 390 Alma, and 14827 Hypnos in Virgo, and semisextile 42355 Typhon and 114 Kassandra in Scorpio is a jarring set of aspects to asteroids.

Kaali, named for the Hindu goddess Kali, is what I see as an amplifier asteroid. With Hypnos here, think mass hypnosis. Again, be wary of propaganda. Alma here also signifies “alms to the poor,” and also has a level of piety and charity here.

Given the current situation, we can expect that there will be an outpouring of support and charity to victims of the ongoing war and other terrible situations worldwide. Given the Virgo placements, logistics will be key, as well as health-related matters such as sanitation and fresh running water.

On the other side of this, Kassandra brings to mind warnings not heeded. You can warn people all you want of perils and pitfalls, but it may be for naught. Typhon brings to mind typhoons, and also monsters of the deep. Warnings about natural disasters may go unheeded now. A mental image of biological warfare also comes to mind for some reason. It would make sense as this is in Scorpio (ruled by Mars and Pluto, which are quite active in war and chaos now), Scorpio brings to mind scorpions and thus venom.

Bringing Trouble to Ourselves

Solar Eclipse Libra semisquare Venus and 3402 Wisdom in Virgo, and also 4581 Asclepius in Sagittarius indicates some sort of trouble in the health sphere.

Venus is, of course, the planet of money, beauty, and relationships. In Virgo, there’s an aesthetic focus on health matters regarding attractiveness. This potentially medical procedures such as plastic surgery, as well as less permanent cosmetic choices such as the health effects of hair dye and so forth.

Wisdom is, of course, wisdom. We need to be wise with our health now, and that may be somewhat difficult to balance good choices regarding our health, our obligations, and maintaining our relationships and partnerships now. Can you make the time to spend with significant others and maintain your fitness level? We’re approaching the holiday season, and the pounds can creep up when holiday sweets and festivities eat into our gym time and diets.

As far as Asclepius, this also fits into the medical theme. We may be tempted to travel a bit to get some better medical treatment or research some foreign health trends. Make sure you’re researching the right things though.

Research As Its Own Reward

Solar Eclipse Libra sextile 9770 Discovery in Leo, 69230 Hermes and 829 Academia in Sagittarius is actually pretty positive.

Starting with Discovery in the fifth sign of recreation, children, and short-term relations, this indicates some positive potentials with discovering and learning about new things. A date with a new friend going to a zoo and learning new things about wildlife is one possibility.

Hermes is the Greek name for the Roman god Mercury (which the Romans, of course, borrowed from the Greeks). Hermes also brings to mind “hermetic study”, and also alchemy.

Academia is pretty self-explanatory: academics, academia, and higher institutions of study.

Combined, the sextiles show a lot of promise in new discoveries and coming up with new processes to expand human knowledge. Definitely be willing to learn new things.

Solar Eclipse Libra trine 1981 Midas retrograde in Gemini also is generally positive, as we can use what is being learned to potentially increase our earning potential. Learn and apply the right lessons, and you could turn your inner lead to gold during this Eclipse cycle.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the Solar Eclipse

Painful Messages

Mercury in Libra conjunct 6157 Prey and 6583 Destinn are not fun aspects, especially considering Mercury is also conjunct the Solar Eclipse.

Prey is just that, prey. Think predator-prey dynamics, such as an eagle swooping down and hunting a rabbit.

Destinn brings to mind destiny. The aforementioned rabbit being destined to be the eagle’s lunch.

Mercury opposite Chiron retrograde in Aries also brings to mind painful messages. We could be feeling like we’re under attack by the messages and travels of others, in some cases literally (like an invasion).

Mercury square 26955 Lie and 5264 Telephus in Cancer, and 15845 Bambi in Capricorn further adds to the deception and psychic warfare vibes.

Lie, if we go by how it looks in English, would mean just that: lies. Deception, falsehoods, and combined with Telephus (think telepathy and psychic communication), we’re being fed a lot of bollocks and crap right now. Or, we may be witnessing truth but think it’s a lie.

Bambi in Capricorn, this brings to mind a deer being hunted. Do keep in mind that Bambi in the story eventually struck back to protect his soon-to-be mate when she was threatened by the hunter’s dogs. So in this instance, this can be being hunted, and the hunted striking back.

Combined, it’s an asteroid Grand Cross that showcases a lot of pain and a great deal of fog of war-style miscommunication and intentional misdirection. Use your best gut feeling and figure out for yourself who’s lying and who isn’t.

Spoiler alert: Everyone’s covering their own asses and blaming the other side. But some have a greater claim to grievances than others.

Speaking Truth to Power

Mercury in Libra apexes a Yod Kite from Nessus retrograde in Pisces, 10961 Buysballot retrograde in Taurus, and opposed by Chiron retrograde in Aries.

Buysballot implies just that, buying ballots and stuffing the ballot box. Election fraud, or failed attempts at getting votes (given the retrograde in Taurus). Someone wasn’t able to buy the votes?

Nessus retrograde is quite telling. There’s abusive elements attempting to work behind the scenes, but some of their schemes may be blowing up in their faces. It’s being told to the public at large too, and playing out in news stories (and also in propaganda. Some of these may be the same thing).

Chiron is doing Chiron things here, communicating the hurt and the healing for our self-interests.

The U.S. House of Representatives is a major clown show right now, and the fact that McCarthy was ousted as Speaker of the House, and now two frontrunners for replacing him (Scalise and Jim Jordan) having issues getting the commitments by their own party to potentially be the next speaker, especially in the face of global conflicts escalating, this is rather serious sh*t. It’s a potent example of this Yod too. Keep in mind that Congress in the United States has the power to declare war, while the President acts as Commander in Chief (and they themself cannot legally and unilaterally declare war).

This Yod points to a potential inability to work together, necessitating compromises, getting out of each others’ ways, and being able to seal the deal to get to where you need to be in partnerships and alliances. Best of luck if you don’t have reputable potential teammates.

Reaping Betrayal

Saturn retrograde in Pisces conjunct 3811 Karma retrograde is pretty self-explanatory: Saturn is also karma, and thus we have a doube-dose of it. And, that Karma is self-inflicted in a lot of ways. More people need to try sowing the seeds of being decent human beings now if they would like to reap better outcomes later on.

Saturn retrograde/Karma retrograde opposing Black Moon Lilith, 5325 Silver, and Venus in Virgo is also telling. Black Moon Lilith is what’s beneath the surface, the hidden, and the more sexual and sensual aspects of the female psyche.

Silver is, of course, silver, and I consider this as a career and money asteroid. There’s money changing hands under the surface, and with this aspect and its own conjunction to Black Moon Lilith, indicates black market dealings. I’d argue in particular arms sales and the like.

Venus we’ve already covered as money, love, art, relationships, etc. Saturn and Karma opposing this can put the damper on some romantic and other monetary ambitions. Be careful.

Saturn/Karma both retrograde in Pisces squaring Sedna retrograde in Gemini, and 875 Nymphe and 1924 Horus in Sagittarius acts as a warning with these creating an asteroid/dwarf planet Grand Cross.

Sedna is, of course, betrayal by the masculine, given the Innuit legend of the sea goddess of the same name. Nymphe denotes the Nymphs in legend, and also insatiable sexual appetites. Horus adds an occult theme to this.

Be very careful of straying and abusive partners right now. Alliances can shift suddenly, and you have no idea who’s in bed with who (both figuratively and literally).

Saturn/Karma also apex a Yod from 128 Nemesis in Leo, and 7328 Casanova and 8690 Swindle in Libra. Don’t sleep with your enemies, and make sure whoever is wooing you is actually on your side. Just Swindle conjunct Casanova in 0 degrees Libra alone is a warning to not be too trusting of certain suitors and smooth talkers. Let things play out a little more slowly so you can be sure during this Eclipse cycle.

Saturn trine Mars in Scorpio, however, does add a splash of much-needed cold water to the face so we can wake up and see the truth behind matters. Let Mars’ drive and energy peer beneath the surface so Saturn’s Piscean positioning wipes away the fog. Look beyond the lies.

Unmaking the Paradox

North Node conjunct Eris tightly during the Solar Eclipse is very telling. Eris is discord, chaos, and is effectively a goddess of war. Considering the proximity of the South Node to Solar Eclipse Libra with a slightly less than 4 degree orb, we can expect a lot of disruption when it comes to pursuing our greater ambitions.

Pluto in Capricorn squaring the Nodes and Eris is serious enough, and we’ve been seeing this T-square playing out for over a month now. Pluto recently just switched back to direct mode too, so we’re seeing Tower moments and quite Plutonic death and rebirth energy playing out, more on the death side.

Pluto also squaring 3412 Kafka and 1181 Lilith in Libra, Mars in early Scorpio, and 2878 Panacea retrograde in Aries is also wreaking havoc.

The absurdities of events occurring with Kafka in this square to Pluto is playing out in spades, as is the more sexual undertones of asteroid Lilith (as opposed to the Black Moon). The atrocities with the Hamas attack, murders, and the sexual assaults carried out when they attacked the music festival that was centered around peace, this is a striking example of this square.

Panacea and Pluto’s square is playing out in humanitarian crises, such as medical aid workers getting caught in the crossfire in Israel’s retaliation against Hamas (and thus against anyone in range in Gaza). With water and electricity set to be or already cut off (and the word of water pipes having been repurposed into rockets fired into Israel), there’s a great potential for yet more death.

I’m not sure where the “rebirth” part of the Plutonian “death and rebirth” interpretation is even going to come into play yet. If it even does.

More Betrayal

Pluto in Capricorn apexing a Yod from Juno, 100 Hekate, and 2598 Merlin in Leo, and 149 Medusa in Gemini tells another warped story.

Juno is our committed partnerships, contracts, marriages, etc. Pluto quincunx Juno shows a lot of uncertainties in these commitments and alliances. Hekate and Merlin I look at as occult asteroids, telling me that there’s some hidden power plays, decisions and crossroads, and most assuredly some ritualistic aspects to these commitment and relationship strains.

Medusa in Gemini, Medusa is another asteroid involving betrayal. Be aware of backstabbing and power plays over the next several months, and do not earn the ire of the women in your life lest you be petrified when retaliation inevitably comes.

To Sum It Up

I’m just going to stop there. We’ve seen the intensity factor of the Solar Eclipse, and I don’t see the combative aspects of everything going on lightening up any time soon. In fact, it is going to escalate based on the imprinting of the overall aspects to this time period.

There’s some potential to dig deep into energy reserves and exact some self-discipline to get ourselves corrected with the Mars-Saturn trine. But apart from that, I’m not seeing a lot of good news with this Eclipse.

The fact this Solar Eclipse and the next one in first half 2024 both take place over North America also changes things up from the patterns we’ve been accustomed to. I believe we’re going to see more dynamic, and much more disruptive, events take place in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and so forth before we see any relief.

Mission objective: Survive. Build where you can, and be ready to weather the storm as best you can.