Full Moon Aries – September 2023

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This is it. The last Full Moon before Eclipse Season starts for Fall 2023. Hopefully everyone had their intentions set well from the New Moon in Virgo a couple weeks ago.

It only accelerates from here.

The Full Moon Itself

The Full Moon enters its exact conjunction at 06 Ari 00’24” on September 29th, 2023 at 2:57:30 AM PDT / 9:57:30 AM UTC.

With the primary aspect of Sun opposite Moon representing culminations and developments within the lunar cycle, it’s a time where we start finishing projects and tasks begun from the previous New Moon. With this Full Moon being in the first sign of Aries, our theme for the next couple of weeks will be the completion and settlement of goals that serve to advance our own interests.

Sun in Libra, the seventh sign, counterbalances our focus on self with the awareness of the conflict this brings with others, be it partners, allies, or open adversaries.

With the Nodes also being in Aries and Libra as well, the themes of outworn links will be brutally apparent as we delve into the other aspects during this Full Moon below. These will continue to play out while the remainder of the lunar cycle plays out.

Remember: We’re going into Eclipse Season as of the next New Moon. We’ll be feeling the effects of this quite strongly over the next couple of weeks as well, so brace yourselves.

Other Aspects to this Full Moon

Full Moon Aries semisquare Uranus retrograde in Taurus points to some issues we are having with changes imposed on us regarding our resources, money, stability, and so forth. Things are not stable right now, and we’re having to rely on our own devices to try to right the ship.

Full Moon Aries also sesquiquadrates Venus and Juno in Leo. This is also not fun, and also has to do with a lack of reliable funding for the fun stuff. We’d like to take a day trip, focus on creative projects, and generally the things that make us happier. Yet circumstances are getting in the way. We’ll have to dig into our own power to get past these blocks now. These blocks are also impacting our more committed partnerships, and spells trouble in paradise.

Full Moon Aries square Pholus in Capricorn tells a tail of those drunk on their own power and prestige, and this coming to a head now. As Pallas conjuncts the Sun, Pholus apexes a T-Square here. We’d be wise not to bite the hand that feeds right now. Pick your battles and curb the overenthusiasm.

Full Moon Aries quincunx Ceres in Scorpio also points to some friction with home matters and making sure we can keep the home fires alight without burning it all down. Some issues are likely regarding debts binding us, surprise bills, and other potentially troublesome misgivings here.

Other Noteworthy Transits During This Full Moon

Mercury Post-Retrograde Shadow Ends

As of 10:15 PM PDT on September 29th, Mercury finally exits its post-retrograde shadow period and gets back on its direct track in full. As it’s still in its domicile of Virgo, we can expect some swift conclusion to some matters regarding our analytical sides. Contracts, legal signings, messages finally all start going a little more smoothly.

Remember that Venus is still in its own post-retrograde shadow until October 7th, however. So concerns of love and money won’t start proceeding in full force until almost the Solar Eclipse. Depending on your natal placements, maybe you start seeing some breaks soon.

Disruptions All Over

Uranus retrograde in Taurus square Venus and Juno in Leo is not fun, nor is it a sign of any sort of stability. Venus and Juno together would normally be auspicious in terms of committed romantic and partnership bonds. In Leo this would normally also take on a more creative and festive or holiday-making mood. But Uranus retrograde is there, indicating some sort of self-sabotage either via overindulgence, underutilized resources, surprise bills, or other headaches that really could have and should have been avoided.

This square is coinciding with a cascade of economic harbingers, at least in the U.S., such as student loan repayments set to resume, as well as a looming government shutdown yet again due to a budgeting stalemate.

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn square North Node and Eris in Aries, and South Node in Libra, with an opposition to 128 Nemesis in Cancer to complete a Grand Cross is also representing all sorts of mayhem on the home front and where our self-interests and the interest of others converge.

Nemesis is retribution, and in this case I’d also argue adversaries. In Cancer, there’s a much more heightened state of emotional distress when it comes to facing off against our foes. These foes are also on our home doorsteps.

Pluto retrograde, this is death and rebirth, and a real Tower moment aspect if we want to get into Tarot terminology. This is directed inwards with the retrograde, and on a national level in the sign best associated with governing institutions, well, it’s a real mess.

North Node with Eris indicates a destined time of disruption, discord, and an element of chaos where us getting our way and pursuing our own goals and agendas is concerned.

South Node in Libra forces us to reevaluate our links and relations to others, partnerships that have grown outworn, and the worthwhile links that need issues addressed so they can grow stronger.

With all of this together, we’ve got some real trouble brewing. Economic factors are going to be breaking some of the more troubled unions. And a lot of these issues are self-inflicted on a group level. All we have to do is do what we’re supposed to do, and most of this might actually resolve itself or be not as insurmountable. But somehow, that’s likely not going to happen very easily.

Karma Hitting Like a Truck

Black Moon Lilith in late Leo conjunct fixed star Regulus makes an offsign opposition to Saturn retrograde and Karma retrograde in Pisces. A lot of hidden issues are coming to light and forcing us to look at things realistically.

We’ve been having to face some real problems, some of our own making, and reaping what we’ve sown with that Saturn-Karma link. We’re forced to not daydream and to face the reality as well.

With Lilith and Regulus here, there’s also the potential for some real dark horse action here. Some potential leaders, or pretenders to the throne at the very least, will come out of the shadows and shake things up with this configuration.

Black Moon Lilith semisquare 26955 Lie in Cancer warns us to watch these dark horses very carefully. We may be wanting a messiah or savior figure to come to the rescue. However, there’s a good chance of some real shenanigans here. Don’t be too trusting of knights in shining armor coming out of nowhere “to the rescue” now.

Black Moon Lilith quincunx Pluto retrograde also warns us to watch for disruptors who will try to rain on our parade. Some of these disruptors will try to use their governing or authority credentials to try to swing us to their side. Don’t be too trusting now.

Decide Wisely

Mars in Libra sextile Venus and Juno in Leo is one shining ray of hope in this Full Moon. We’ll be able to somewhat count on our partners and trusted allies to propose creative solutions to some of our issues now.

Mars quincunx Uranus retrograde and 10961 Buysballot retrograde in Taurus, however, warns us of not being too trusting with some of these deals. Deadlines and must-do objectives may be bearing down on us, but are we really coming to some of the best decisions we could be right now? With all of the maneuvering and dealmaking happening right now, you have to be very careful that you’re not getting the short end of the stick.

Mars square Dejanira in Capricorn is a warning to not let ourselves be paralyzed by indecision and get screwed by those who think they know better than we do. Chances are: they don’t. Be ready to stand your ground, and be prepared to fight if necessary.

To Sum It Up

Long story short, this last Full Moon before the eclipses begin is nothing short of disruptive. We’re going to have to navigate a multitude of psychic minefields if we’re going to get to where we need to go in our lives.

Be prepared for sudden events coming out of left field. Do not rely on authority figures to act responsibly. We will have to hold some people’s feet to the fire to get the desired results for the foreseeable future.

At the same time, we need to be responsible on our own ends. Don’t draw the fire of fate on yourself. Be responsible, be reasonable. And most importantly, have faith in yourself and be confident.

This too shall pass.