Daily Report – Thursday March 14th 2024

Daily Report 2022

This day looks more contentious than the last one.

All times are in 24-hour format for Pacific Daylight Time (PDT / UTC – 07:00).

Lunar Placements

For much of the day, the Moon remains in Taurus, keeping our focus on resources and keeping things together. It then crosses over into Gemini after 20:15 PDT (so 03:15 the next morning in UTC), which will shift our attention to matters of messages, communications, and day-to-day travel and short trips.

The Moon conjuncts Uranus in Taurus early on and maintains this for much of the early part of the day, while it begins separating from the trine to Black Moon Lilith. We can still have some unexpected good fortune come from out of nowhere.

However, the strengthening Moon square to Mars in Aquarius then starts taking over later in the morning. Arguments online and with friends are likely, so hopefully no one woke up on the wrong side of the bed. Moon sextile Sun in Pisces can help us regain some footing though and alert us to hidden threats to our stability and comfort.

By early afternoon, Moon crosses over fixed star Algol, one of our “favorite” aspects (but not really). With the square to Mars still in effect, there’s a greater chance of losing our heads in an explosive argument. Avoid conflict if able, and maintain calm if this is unavoidable.

Moon sextile Neptune in Pisces, however, can help us navigate this psychic minefield with a bolstering of intuition and our gut feelings if something is off.

The strongest lunar aspect as March 14th ends on the West Coast U.S. becomes Moon in Gemini trine Pluto in Aquarius. This brings us some feelings of needing to make or break some friendships or online relations, though do be warned that Moon will begin a square to Venus in Pisces. Watch for hidden losses if engaging in speculative activities.

The Rest of It

Hidden Injuries Still There

Chiron in Aries (still conjunct the North Node) quincunx Black Moon Lilith in Virgo continues on today, and is still rather strong. Healing is not an overnight process. Wisdom retrograde in Virgo still joins Black Moon Lilith, so draw on your inner insights and analyze the situation.

Chiron square 11144 Radiocommunicata in Capricorn continues to be strong as well. This seems to play with the progression of the TikTok “ban” still being floated in the U.S. legislative process, with the House having passed that bill overwhelmingly the prior day. We’ll see if the Senate goes for it, but it’ll likely pass based on this. This is dangerous as this is a serious crossroads that will end in disaster if this continues unwisely. Radiocommunicata is also squaring the Nodes loosely, as a reminder.

More Potential for Carnage

Nessus continues its conjunction to Dejanira in Pisces, and is tightly square 389 Industria in Gemini. Expect more unsettling news about the Boeing safety scandal. With Black Moon Lilith and Wisdom retrograde still opposing Nessus for a T-Square apexing Industria, this and other corporate scandals are going to continue coming out today.

Moon will join Industria on Friday. The other shoe for Boeing, I expect that to drop very shortly here.

Troubles in Paradise

Juno retrograde in Virgo opposing Saturn and 763 Cupido in Pisces, and squaring 1181 Lilith paints a picture of all sorts of trouble in unions and partnerships.

Saturn in Pisces is like a cold splash of reality, while Juno in Virgo focuses on the more obligatory nature of any partnership, such as the day-to-day chores and such. With Juno retrograde, there could be a shirking of responsibility, or perhaps an overthinking (or underthinking) of the problems in such a relationship.

Given Cupido’s and 1181 Lilith’s interactions here, some trouble in partnerships is likely coming from the involvement of a third party in some way, either via rebellion, or by facilitating disloyalty. The grass isn’t always greener elsewhere, so consider what one would give up in this situation.

I’d argue this, with other aspects mentioned above, could be big breakup energy.

8690 Swindle retrograde in Scorpio trine Saturn might indicate some revelations of such disloyalty before it continues too much longer. Stay frosty.

Lose The Illusions

Sun conjunct Neptune begins to take shape in Pisces. We’ll be seeing more of a spotlight on matters involving mental health (especially with Sun conjunct 10 Hygiea), illusions, delusions, and addictions.

Sun also squares 149 Medusa, Vesta, and 407 Arachne, all in Gemini. Be very aware of deceptions and other matters that will snare you today. Some of these attempted snares may even attempt to gaslight you into believing that you’re the problem, or a bigger problem than you really are. Know your truth.

Sun sextile Moon, with Moon conjunct 10961 Buysballot in Taurus around midday reveals an opportunity to reveal fraud and bribery before it can become a larger problem, or those engaging in that practice may be brought to justice.

Conversely, this can also mean that some deceptions and cheating can go undiscovered. But with the proximity to Algol, unethical behavior can explode quite spectacularly today. We’ll see if any other funny business comes to light.

Fool’s Gold

Neptune also conjuncts 2601 Bologna and 4955 Gold today. Neptune is illusions, Gold is a money and wealth asteroid, and Bologna suggests exactly what it sounds like: a bunch of baloney.

While 1981 Midas in Taurus sextiles Neptune at the same time, Midas is also in dangerous proximity to Algol, so it’s easy to think you’re making the rich magic happen. But, Vesta in Gemini also squares Neptune. Are you going after the gold because you really believe in it, or is it just a bunch of FOMO (fear of missing out)?

Don’t jump into dubious investments. Seriously. I think a correction comes today or the following day, but this isn’t financial advice. Consult a financial professional if you’re still hell-bent on changing investments today.

In Closing

This is a day with quite a few ups and down. There’s the potential for emotional trading and the fear of missing out leading to massive losses, and then there’s the potential for major arguments, probably originating from matters of bad money or advice.

There’s some potential for some lucky breaks, but a lot of caution is advised. And, there’s the potential for more corporate and governmental scandals coming to light today. And, again, with the TikTok thing, the ugly specter of government censorship or dictation of who does what business is also building up. Given the themes of Pluto in Aquarius, this is a pretty dangerous thing. Oppose this ban is my thought, regardless of who may be handling the data. After all, we still have Meta (Facebook/Instagram) handling our information too, and they’re based in the United States (home of the NSA and CIA, in case anyone forgot).

Don’t chase phantoms today. Watch your back. And don’t ape into bad money.