Weekly Report – October 30th Through November 5th, 2017

Weekly Report

This one’s going to have to be a quick one as I’m once again up way too late… but, there’s a good reason for that. Just had to do a little site optimization and cleanup, so this site should load a little faster for all of you astrology fans out there. Anyways, from a cursory glance at this week coming up… It’s going to be fun. How fun? Depends on your definition.

Monday, we begin with Moon trining the Sun in the morning, followed by a conjunction to Neptune in the early afternoon hours in North America. We should be feeling a little bit better about things today, although for some it may not be the most pleasant of days. More on that in a minute… Anyways, Sun trine Moon will be giving a bit of an easy, watery energy… emotions for some are going to be pretty well off, should be feeling optimistic about things. Moon moving into a conjunction with Neptune a little later on should give us some insights, some perspective on how things are progressing for us, and how we can better feel how we want to feel. Some of us may even have a psychic experience that feels uplifting. Don’t mind the quincunx between Neptune and Ceres though… we may be feeling a bit uncertain as to what we want to do with our home life, or maybe we’re thinking of changing homes… or a home change is forced on us in some way. Also keep in mind that we have a tight trine from Jupiter to Nessus today as well. This should allow us to call on a higher power or our higher self a bit easier to avoid obsessions and bring closure to abuses from the past.

Keep in mind that Venus is also still conjunct asteroid Dejanira, and also is conjuncting Vesta, so a three-way stellium there centered around what we find valuable, attractive, what we love, what we lust for. Venus is also opposing Uranus and will be tightening that up through the week, and Venus sextiles Saturn (with Uranus trining Saturn) for a little bit of a wedge… and Saturn also conjuncts Ixion, Lucifer, and Pholus. Basically, what this tells me is that the crows are coming home to roost, as there will be sudden changes in fortune for many, some for the better, others maybe not so much… and these sudden changes are going to call to task those that abused their power. Pride before a fall, and with Saturn there with Lucifer, falls are going to be hard. I will also point out that with Pluto tightly conjunct Kaali today as well, the destroyer is going to be amplified intensely. Pluto is still square Venus, so someone’s going to lose what they treasure most.

Tuesday brings us Halloween, or Samhain if you prefer. Legend states that the veil between worlds is thinnest on this day, so maybe easier to speak to the dead? Does astrology back this up? Well, let’s see… Moon conjuncts Chiron retrograde pretty strongly after trining Mercury, so there is the chance to speak up about old wounds, healing old hurts, maybe getting some feelings off our chests. Moon and Chiron will also square Saturn pretty strongly, so maybe those old hurts come from a lover that jilted you, or very bad childhood memories? Or maybe remembering when you were flying high and came crashing down… again, Saturn conjunct Lucifer, and Lucifer denotes pride. At any rate, Mercury is also still trine the Nodes today, so some pretty rough messaging, fated messages even, or maybe a trip somewhere you’d rather not go, that may be what we have in store today. Sometimes you have to confront the past before the past confronts you… and have you ever gone to meet or talk to someone, and you run into them on the way to where you expected to be? Expect that sort of thing on Tuesday. Sun will also be trining Neptune a little closer, and that trine will continue to tighten throughout the week, so pay special attention to any flashes of insight in the mind that comes up. Take note of solutions that draw on your inner strength and will.

Wednesday gets a bit intense as Moon will oppose Mars, which will ramp up the aggression and energy level just a bit. You may not know which way is up, and which way to go with things… this should pass relatively quickly, thankfully. However, be on the lookout for hurt feelings and fears and anger welling up. keep your head on tight. Sun trine Neptune just a bit closer should cool off that incendiary aspect just a little, so we do have a chance to sidestep the drama. On another note, Venus conjuncts Vesta pretty strongly in the middle of the week, so there’s a good chance of embracing what we hold sacred, something that we cling strongly too, and that might get us through the day a bit more. Let’s not lose hold on that as Venus also opposes Eris pretty strongly as the evening hours approach. Maybe that rosary of your mother’s doesn’t looks as enticing in a certain light, for one example. Mercury trines Chiron retrograde pretty strongly as well this day, so maybe meeting up with a friend and venting a little would be in order.

Thursday Venus and Uranus strengthen their opposition pretty hard, and we need to try to not let our emotions get the better of us as we’ve got the Moon ready to join Eris and then Uranus (and opposing Venus). Again, maybe what we thought we treasured might be getting in our way, or maybe it’s something that we need to let go of, maybe it’s holding us back from something better? Mercury quincunxes Uranus and also the Moon at that point too, so maybe it’s someone saying the wrong thing, or maybe someone is a little too awkward to ask someone out on a date? Any number of examples, and that one’s valid with Mercury semisextile Venus there. Some awkward energies to deal with then, but keep your head on tight and you should be able to get through. Saturn trines that Uranus/Eris/Moon combination, and also strongly sextiles Venus, so the taskmaster is acting as a sort of mediator today, cooling the fires just a bit.

Friday brings its own brand of intensity when Moon quincunxes Mars. Maybe the paycheck is late or is less than you had hoped? That’s never a pleasant thought, so you may want to deal with that as soon as possible. Venus/Saturn/Uranus are still locked in their wedge embrace, so there should be some calming of the fires as it were. Maybe you finish off a projects strong by the end of the day and can hit happy hour for a well-deserved drink, whether it be a craft beer or a soda, or even something else smooth and relaxing… it doesn’t have to be intoxicating after all. Sun trine Neptune retrograde the strongest on Friday this week as well, so keep your mind open for some insights, and listen to your inner voice. Especially as Friday is when the next Full Moon is, so the psychic impulses and the craziness will be greatly amplified to culminate this lunar cycle so close to Halloween’s aftermath. Ideas will come about that will help guide you on the path, or at least this is a better opportunity for it to do so. Saturn also squares Chiron pretty strongly, so when coming to your decisions and solutions, make sure you’re not going to be hurting yourself in the long run.

Saturday starts bringing in some relief from this high-impact week with Moon trining Pluto early on. We can feel a little better now about how the death and rebirth game is going. Maybe we look at something and realize “You know what, maybe that was a bad investment” or “I didn’t want that anyways”… Sun moves on from its trine to Neptune now but it’s still a strong trine. Pay attention to your dreams overnight, and some meditation would be good as well. Later on in the evening the Moon will oppose Mercury, and that Moon is going to be crossing over Sedna and Algol when it does, so you may want to make sure you don’t drunk text something stupid today. High chance of that in the later hours, and with Lucifer conjunct Pholus on Galactic Center, there’s a good chance it’s something ego-driven. Make like Elsa and let that shit go.

Sunday will be a bit interesting over here in the U.S. at least as we hit Daylight Saving’s Time’s end… we fall back and “gain” an hour of sleep overnight, so things look a little weird to me chart-wise this day compared to the others. (I chart for noon PDT and go from there usually). Anyways, Mercury crosses into Sagittarius and we start getting a little fire in our communications with other. Moon opposes Mercury still a bit, so spontaneous drives out to the middle of nowhere are not outside the realm of possibility on this Fall day (or Spring if you’re in Australia). Venus is also approaching the end of Libra but isn’t quite there yet. This also means it’s getting away from opposing Uranus, so there might be a little bit of making up with the loved ones, just watch the roughness around the edges. Saturn still squares Chiron retrograde, so watch out for debilitating pains, or slower healing. Be careful today. Mars is also beginning to quincunx Neptune retrograde, so there’s a further caution against letting your imagination run too wild. Watch for suspicion, and watch for people suspicious of you today. Relationships could end with the uncertainty here, especially with Mars in the sign of its fall and it’s pretty indecisive there, and any sudden actions are likely not going to be well-grounded in reality. Think it through a few ways if you need to.

Anyways, that’s what we’ve got. Some potential to do some healing and get some tasks done, some impetus to celebrate the end of the week, and the distinct possibility of many types of hangovers on the weekend. It’s likely to be a very newsworthy week, so let’s try to keep a good head on things.

I can’t believe it’s going to be November already…