Weekend Report – March 5th-6th 2022

Weekend Report 2022

Been awhile since I did one of these longer Weekend Report articles. May as well as see what both Saturday and Sunday are going to bring to us. Bear in mind that these are charted for Pacific Standard Time (PST), so your mileage may vary.

Daily Aspects


The signs that we find the Moon in for this weekend are pretty well set according to the day, surprisingly enough. All day Saturday, all the way to midnight, the Moon is in Aries. As such, we’ll face much of the day focused on our own selves, our ambitions, and our inner drive. It’s a good day to catch up on tasks and get things done as we’ll have increased energy. This has the side effect of us wanting to advance our own goals and plans, and thus we can be pretty forceful and aggressive if someone or something holds us back. More arguments are possible for sure.

Early on in Saturday Morning, we do find Moon in Aries sextile Saturn, and then following up with Moon sextile Mercury in Aquarius. This adds a bit of energy to our early morning, if we’re awake to take advantage of it. Moon sextile Saturn is good for focusing on the busywork that needs to get done, dotting i’s and crossing t’s, that sort of thing. Moon sextile Mercury works especially well with that Saturn if we’re writing things out, and also is good for catching up on early morning messages. A good time to catch up on clearing out unwanted email.

Sun conjunct Jupiter in Pisces during Saturday morning also adds to the air of optimism some of the more early risers (or night owls just before going to bed before sunrise) may be feeling. There’s a good energy here for reflecting on what’s important, and even feeling a little bit luckier. Right now, that’s me typing up this article for the first time in awhile.

Later on in the morning and for much of the day, Venus and Mars tighten their conjunction in late Capricorn, with Venus starting to overtake Mars. Venus, now being out of it’s post-retrograde shadow period, should be approaching full speed ahead, so matters regarding romance, love, money, these should start picking up steam now. Mars with Venus here adds its own steam. This can be a good day for some romantic overtures, or at the very least some hot action.

Around midday, Moon sextile Black Moon Lilith in Gemini is good for delving deep into some secretive work that we need to take care of. Doing a little meditation and getting through some inner shadow work will have benefits if done now.

Going into Saturday evening, Moon square Pluto, then Mars and Venus in Capricorn puts the screws to some fun times. It’s a strong bet we’ll be dealing with some craziness when it comes to partnerships, catching up with money and investments, or making an ass of ourselves on social media. We’ve got a lot on our minds Saturday night regarding not getting enough done to get our houses in order. It’s not a good time to try to rush through certain projects and side hustles. Take your time and plan things out.

A key relationship you were hoping for or trying to mend is probably not going to be in the best state right now, so probably best to just pop open a book and chill for the night.

Speaking of, Mars and Venus shift their conjunction to Aquarius some time before midnight. The focus will shift to the unconventional and stronger friendship bonds after this point. Relations should be a little less transactional for awhile now.


Going into Sunday, the Moon enters Taurus around midnight PST, shifting our focus to comforts, money, and basically keeping ourselves fed. Are we feeling stable? Probably not. That Moon square to Pluto, Mars, and Venus will still be active, so probably best to just hit the sack and not try to force through side hustle ventures still. Also not the best time to go out drinking and whatnot, especially if you’re in an area that just activated more traffic enforcement cameras (like Seattle…).

Mercury in Aquarius squaring the North Node in Taurus indicates a strong period where we need to say what we mean and mean what we say. We’ll be feeling like we haven’t been communicating clearly enough. Are we going to go backwards and bite our tongues to maintain some safety? Or are we going to speak our truths, and pursue what’s meaningful to us? Given current events, we need to remember that life is too short. Be strategic, though.

By mid-afternoon, Mercury trine Black Moon Lilith should be good for journaling out some deeper truths we need to confront on Sunday. There’s some deeper issues we need to work through with this aspect, and we can make good progress. It’s also a good time to get some beneath-the-surface concerns off your chest to a trusted colleague or friend. If you’ve been avoiding letting someone know how you feel about them, it might go a bit more smoothly now. Trust your intuition on this, however. Depending on your situation, it may not be time yet. Be intuitive.

Going into the evening and night hours, Moon conjunct Uranus in Taurus starts getting us ready for the week ahead with some unexpected ideas to get new money. On the other hand, this could also lead to some sudden loss of money too. Maybe an unexpected bill, or one of your online auctions sell. As the Moon will begin sextiling Jupiter in Pisces by the next midnight, this could be a sudden increase in funding or resources.

To Sum It Up

This weekend has a lot of opportunity for catching up on writing and other tasks you’ve been putting off. Get your finances in order, and get some of that cleaning up.

Not the smoothest weekend for interpersonal relationships though the middle of it, however. There’s some potential for smoothing things out later on though. Try to avoid arguments and shouting matches, as those will be very not-fun now.

Try to have some fun, and try not to doomscroll through the social media. There’s a lot going on in the world, and unless you can do something about the chaos directly, it’s not going to help dwelling on it. Organizing ways to help those in need can be helpful, however. The choice is yours.