Full Moon Aquarius II – August 2021 – Inspiring Heart

Full Moon Aquarius

The second Full Moon in Aquarius for this year is upon us, and this one’s looking like this could be the start of something special. It all depends on how you apply the energies that will be present, and there’s the danger of letting the positive vibes that can be harnessed slip by. Let’s dive in.

The Full Moon Itself

The Full Moon goes exact at 29 Aqu 37’00” on August 22nd, 2021 at 05:01:56 PDT (12:01:56 UTC). The primary aspect of Sun opposite Moon puts the Moon at the end of Aquarius for this lunar cycle culmination. The themes continue to tend towards the unconventional, breaking with tradition, dealing with friends, hopes, and breaking free overall, and given the 29th degree placement, we’re at the culmination point of putting an end to things that aren’t serving these themes anymore. With the Sun in the tail end of Leo, there’s still that focus on children, having good times, creative endeavors, and short-term romances and “fun”. Overall, this is another intense culmination of a cycle where the unexpected must be expected.

There’s also the matter that the Sun is conjunct fixed star Regulus, the “Heart of the Lion” in the constellation Leo. Sun with Regulus can grant a great amount of influence in affairs and a drive towards success, but there’s also the danger of downfall and possibly illness. Best to apply these energies towards good ends.

Other Aspects to the Lunar Eclipse

The major aspect that we’re also seeing here with the second Full Moon in Aquarius is a conjunction to Jupiter retrograde. There’s a drive towards making our own luck, and seeking within for the answers with this aspect, and we may also be relying more upon an “internal” connection with whatever higher power we commune with, if any. There’s also the drive towards ever-shifting guidance from institutions, so don’t be surprised if we see rapidly-updated discoveries right now too. We’re going to need to use that inner wisdom to get through the next couple of weeks.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the Lunar Eclipse

The major aspect that’s also present during the Full Moon’s exact peak is an Air Grand Trine involving the North Node in Gemini, Venus in Libra, and Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. North Node is still going through the sign of the twins, ruled by Mercury, so short-distance travel, messages, how we come across to others, and important documents and agreements will be a major focus, especially with the South Node being in Sagittarius (ruled by Jupiter). The trine to Venus is rather important here as Venus is in one of its domicile signs, and thus is amplified right now. Venus in Libra does denote what we find attractive in partners, in relationships (both business and romantic, as well as long-term), and there’s certainly opportunity for some sort of socializing and work regarding creativity. Saturn retrograde trining both of these bodies in its co-ruled sign of Aquarius denotes some major work we’re doing inside of ourselves to progress towards making these creative and relationship bonds happen. Could be a secretive project, or perhaps we’re slowly setting up the ground work to make our next move in pursuit of something or someone meaningful to us. For some, this will be nearing a culmination point and this could also denote projects being finished up and finalized now.

Uranus, now retrograde, in Taurus trining Mars and Mercury in Virgo, it’s pretty motionless right now still as it only shifted into reverse on August 19th. We’re setting up some major changes in ourselves, and we’re starting the process of reevaluating how we make the sudden shifts we need to make to get where we need to go in our projects and goals. The trines to Mars and Mercury in analytical Virgo gives this process a boost, as we can apply our brainpower and communications to getting our work done now. Of course, Mercury is opposing Neptune retrograde in Pisces during this Full Moon, so there’s the danger of some communications being misread or intentions being a little unclear. Make sure you’re articulating exactly what needs to be said, and clarify if prompted to do so. Do be aware of some sly deceptions too, as you could be dealing with someone who hasn’t done the work they need to do.

Neptune retrograde in Pisces sextile Pluto retrograde in Capricorn denotes that this continues to be a time where we’re still making the internal changes we need to proceed towards our longer-term ambitions. We’ll need to trust our inner guidance and intuition to make the right choices when it comes to shedding that which no longer is working out for us. This could be an old way of doing things, an old belief regarding success, or just some bad habits that aren’t feeling all that great for us anymore (such as smoking or some other vice, so if you’re thinking of quitting bad habits, now’s the time). Overcoming our inner fears is another goal we can be coming to grips with now.

In Closing

In short, there’s a lot of opportunity to come over the next couple of weeks, despite all the chaos going on in the world right now. Definitely some major plans coming to a head, whether they’re going all that great or not, and if they’re going awry, there’s certainly opportunity to make a few course corrections. Looking around, I think a lot of us are going to be spending this culmination point making quite a few of those course corrections to get us back on track.

Don’t give up hope. There’s still time to recover from most errors that may have been committed in the past couple of weeks. Something I need to remind myself, especially as my own solar return occurs on the day following this Full Moon. This should be fun.

If time permits given other tasks, I’ll try to get a companion asteroids article up for this Full Moon. Until next time, stay safe and keep creating!