Lunar Eclipse Aquarius – August 2017 – Titan’s Arrow

Lunar Eclipse

We have entered Eclipse Season, and that means the fun is about to begin! What we are about to experience here is the precursor Lunar Eclipse to the great North American Solar Eclipse of 2017, and we need to be ready mentally and energetically, mentally and spiritually for what is to come. Let’s dive in, and see what is to come.

We start off with aspects to the Lunar Eclipse itself, which we’ll start with Lunar Eclipse opposite Mars. As Mars conjuncts the Sun during this time, we find ourselves with some increased energy and increased drive. The emotions we will be facing during this eclipse cycle, however, are a bit high energy, frazzled, and can push us to great heights, or smolder within and consume us. Lunar Eclipse trine Jupiter is also a blessing for this part, as we will be feeling a bit lucky, or that we may see a way out of the darkness or out of some trouble.

But let’s not go overboard as we have a strong Pluto retrograde square Jupiter aspect to deal with as well. While we may have some anticipation of luck, the reality may not be so eacy for us to deal with. In fact, for some of that luck to possibly manifest, some major walls are going to have to tumble first. Quite simply, Jupiter square Pluto can put a halt to some of our loftier plans and force us to go back to the drawing board.

Speaking of back to the drawing board, Mercury is in its pre-retrograde shadow period at this time, and this is a point of contention we should take into account at this time. In this Lunar Eclipse chart, Mercury opposes Neptune retrograde, although not exactly. It may be a time we should consider writing down our dreams, however mundane or outlandish they may be. They may even be a bit erotic or aesthetically pleasing as Mercury sextiles Venus at this time as well. Venus also trines Neptune retrograde at this point, so this is something to bear in mind as well, further adding to some of the more pleasing aspects to our thoughts. With this, however, comes a risk of losing ourselves in our passions, or possibly waiting for our passions to manifest themselves. Don’t let that happen.

We also have Saturn retrograde trine the North Node, though at a 3 and a half degree orb. We may find ourselves finding what has been holding us back for some time, and looking to go foward and apply what we’ve learned during this Saturn retrograde cycle to breaking through, or at the very least dreaming up some plans that may be of use of breaking us out of ill cycles. Saturn will soon be going forward sometime after the Solar Eclipse, so that will be an excellent time to drive ahead with some plans.

Uranus, which has just entered its own retrograde cycle also is trining the North Node, though this is barely trining Saturn at all due to the degree of the orb between them in their respective signs at this time. With the weak Uranus retrograde trine to the North Node during this eclipse, we can begin to see what’s been holding ourselves back and begin seeing what we can do to get through it. Nowhere near as harsh as a square between the two, it’s actually easy to ignore or dismiss the internal changes that we need at this time to further ourselves along.

Adding the asteroids to the mix, Uranus retrograde trine 896 Sphinx, also on Regulus, this could give us some unconventional methods to solve some tricky riddles. Care must be taken that we don’t think that these solutions are the end-all-be-all to our problems. Pride comes before a fall, afterall. Something to also consider is Sphinx weakly conjunct (offsign to boot) 26955 Lie, also with Regulus. As the Lie energies are also melding with Sphinx at this time and feeding into the trine into Uranus retrograde, we really need to make sure we aren’t fooling ourselves with these grand plans.

Another asteroid combination I’m seeing right now is 564 Dudu opposite 128 Nemesis, with Eris squaring both to apex a T-square. There is a great propensity for chaos and disorder stemming from people getting tired of the crap. As Dudu is conjunct fixed star Pollux right now… Pollux is akin to Mars, it is said, with elements of Moon and Uranus also a factor (citation here.) Some people will be adamant that their crap is true, and it’s going to make people very annoyed with them. Maybe even losing allies over it. As these asteroids don’t really impact the traditionally-inspired planets (unless you weight Eris as much as one would Pluto, both being dwarf planets), this effect won’t be as dynamic.

Sedna conjunct fixed star Algol, yes, this bears mentioning. This is going to be a pain in the ass for a few years, given Sedna moving so slowly with its orbit. Sedna is also barely squaring North Node right now, and as it’s a separating square, well, we’ve already seen some betrayal by men happen recently in the news, sometimes to almost comedic effect if not for the fact it was happening in the effective command center of our government. At least, I’m sure there’s some feelings with that, whether it be Scaramucci’s commentary about Steve Bannon in his short-lived career at the White House, or John McCain casting the deciding vote to defeat the Repeal of Obamacare, …there’s some ruffled feathers right now. And those feelings I’m sure are going to play out over the next several months with this Lunar Eclipse influence. Expect more of it, just not as strongly as if it were an exact square between Sedna and the Nodes.

Regrettably, I have to cut this short. I will… address… my extended absence that occurred sometime in the coming days. But tread with care during this eclipse period. Not overly harsh, but some things you depend on may not be there for long. Or at least, that’s what the fearful dissonance may say.