Solar Eclipse Aries – April 2024

Solar Eclipse Aries 2024

We’ve been treated to another North American Solar Eclipse, the last of these until August 2044. Hope we enjoyed it, whoever could see this. Cloudy weather on this end, but the effects will be felt for the next several months.

This is a particularly peculiar one. Let’s get to it.

The Solar Eclipse Itself

The Solar Eclipse peaks at 19 Ari 24’02” on April 4th, 2024 at 11:20:49 AM PDT / 6:20:49 PM UTC. Given that this is taking place in Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, and is a North Node eclipse, we are called to focus on implementing plans that will benefit ourselves and our own growth.

Partnerships (given South Node in Libra) that have outlived their usefulness or are otherwise showing themselves as harmful or otherwise stifling our growth, these are ripe for cutting away now. Other partnerships and relations with others that can be salvaged or improved upon will benefit via our improvement of ourselves.

Also, given that the Solar Eclipse is peaking near the end of the second decan of Aries, there’s a subtle Leo quality to this. Fitting, given that Sun conjunct Moon is the main aspect of this superpowered New Moon. So besides improving our own positions for our own sakes, we also want to get the ball rolling on what will best benefit our creativity and future fun-seeking as well, if not just a chance to relax and just “be” later on.

People with natal placements from 14 to 24 degrees in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn will feel this Eclipse much more prominently. This is especially true for personal planets (Sun/Moon/Mercury/Venus/Mars), personal points (Ascendant/Descendant axis, Midheaven/IC axis, North Node/South Node).

Anyone with the Vertex/Antivertex from about 18-21 degrees in Aries/Cancer/Libra/Capricorn, as well as progressed or solar arc placements at those degrees, will also feel this acutely.

Other Aspects to the Solar Eclipse

Confront Your Pain

Solar Eclipse Aries conjunct Chiron, with an orb of 17 minutes of a degree at peak, is the major aspect of this cycle. Chiron, the wounded healer, is where we are hurt, and also where we have the opportunity to heal from that wound.

This is a two-fold impact. Given that this conjunction is in Aries, ruled by Mars, we could be hurting ourselves by rushing into things. We also want to speed the healing process along, but may cause other damage in the process if not careful.

Consider also Solar Eclipse Aries and Chiron quincunx Black Moon Lilith in Virgo, we need to really delve deep and figure out what or who hurt us and when. Why also matters, but what’s important is that we get to the bottom of what’s holding us back and deal with it, decisively.

Be Clear, If Able

Solar Eclipse Aries also conjuncts, by a wide margin, Mercury retrograde. Yes, this Eclipse cycle also had this reverse motion begin in the middle of it after the Lunar Eclipse in Libra.

Our communications with others will tend to be forceful for the next several months to a year, and there will be quite a bit of walking things back. Now, given that it’s at the outer edge of the effective orb in my view, this won’t be as pronounced as it could have been. But it still needs to be covered.

Make absolutely sure you have all the facts before you levy serious accusations at others. Given that quincunx to Black Moon Lilith from the Eclipse and Chiron, mistakes and intentional lies will be found out by anyone doing their due diligence. Conversely, that means you can catch others attempting to deceive you, and correct honest mistakes, by doing your due diligence as well.

Solar Eclipse Aries conjunct 12927 Pinocchio also is a direct warning to be truthful. With Chiron also in play here, there are a lot of lies that are going to fall apart, like a rotten tree collapsing under its own weight. Or a puppet’s stretched nose collapsing under the weight of its own lies.

Homewrecking By Riddles?

The Solar Eclipse in Aries, squaring Ceres in Capricorn and 896 Sphinx in Cancer is another tough one.

Ceres is home and hearth, and where we expect nurturing. In Capricorn, this square indicates some coming to a head of home matters and our reputations, careers, and matters from institutions such as governments and religious authorities.

Sphinx, with that square to the Eclipse and the opposition to Ceres (so a T-Square, or very wide Grand Cross if counting the South Node), there’s a lot of riddles and uncertainty in the home space. What is the truth of the matter?

We could be about to see more “Return to Office” (RTO) mandates come for businesses and employment that hasn’t switched back from full-remote positions yet.

I’d also say the debate on bodily autonomy (abortion rights, etc.) is also about to get heated even more than it already is, but which way will courts and governments (state, federal, etc.) go with this? There’s already constriction on a woman’s and doctor’s rights to make these decisions, and I don’t see this letting up. If anything, I forecast an amplification. And given that this is a major election year, nay, THE major election year, this issue is not going away, and the conservative elements will, from what I see so far in this Eclipse analysis, regret ever being the dog that caught that car. I point to referendums so far since the Dobbs decision in Kansas, Ohio, and other places that are undoubtedly “red” states. (The majority of voters moved to protect those rights, not further curtail them).

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the Solar Eclipse

Ugly Court Battles

Speaking of the debate on the right to choose, Mercury retrograde tightly conjuncts Eris in Aries, and squares 11144 Radiocommunicata and 4580 Child retrograde in Capricorn, and 128 Nemesis retrograde in Cancer. This is just screaming “division” to me.

Mercury retrograde in Aries is already forcing a reckoning of self-determination and how we communicate that. With Eris, the goddess of discord and chaos in this, the arguments that come can be quite divisive and even spark wars (like the Trojan War of antiquity).

Squaring Radiocommunicata and Child retrograde in Capricorn (ruled by Saturn), we can expect that there will be more institutional decisions (from courts and such), that will not go over well no matter how they rule. And with the election year going on, this is going to continue to be an issue that will sow distrust, discord… and even hate.

Squaring Nemesis on the other side? Retribution. Enemies. And this is in the sign of home, private life, and maternal decisions. And yes, there are quite a few women I imagine on both sides of that debate who are quite more mobilized than they otherwise would have been.

Even going past the whole “right to life versus right to choose” argument, there are other policy and personal decisions that are going to be societal breakers and self-determination catalysts. Someone in the home sphere being overbearing? Oh, believe me, the claws and fangs will be coming out. Tirades and major venting on social media? Check.

Hopes for Innovation

Mercury retrograde sextile 389 Industria in Gemini, and trine 6157 Prey in Sagittarius? That’s a better aspect pattern.

Mercury sextile Industria in this instance should indicate some collaboration, and some revision, of some innovations and developments. Research would get a boost, but will need some fine tuning.

Mercury trine Prey, we should be seeing some return to the light of issues of victims who have not been heard before, or whose voices were raised and then drowned out. I would hope some justice will come about.

More Homewrecking?

Venus in Aries conjuncts 10 Hygiea and 5180 Ohno, and also weakly 2601 Bologna. That’s a tricky one, especially since Venus is in detriment in Aries. Hygiea is health-related, and Ohno suggests just that: “oh no!” Collectively, we really need to watch our health and our self-care with this. Don’t overdo things and induce an injury. Bologna, representing “baloney”, suggests that we make sure we’re following sound health and fitness advice and not some snake oil or fads. That includes those “miracle weight loss” drugs on the market now that I see as anything but miraculous. Remember chips made with “Olean” and the associated, um, effects on “intestinal fortitude”? Yeah.

Besides that, though, Venus squares 149 Medusa, 258 Tyche, and Vesta in Cancer, while also squaring Ixion in Capricorn. This screams betrayal and infidelity to me. And given the health and “oh no” link in Aries, I’d also wager that there’s some health impacts via sexually-transmitted diseases and infections that can come about via unfaithful partners. There’s also the matter of complications from betrayed trust by health fads and substances (supplements and drugs).

Not All Ugly Though

Venus does sextile Pluto and 564 Dudu in Aquarius. This can be pretty constructive, actually. Venus sextile Pluto alone, especially in these more active air and fire signs, allows for some innovation and can lead to some out-of-the-box solutions.

Venus sextile Dudu should allow us to also see through some of the BS. Some more creative liars might be able to get away with some deceptions right now too, so be careful.

Venux sextile 10961 Buysballot, 4581 Asclepius, 1981 Midas, and 307 Nike in Gemini also looks like a positive. We may find ourselves able to talk ourselves up to get the job, or even talk ourselves up enough to get moving and get on a better, more stable health plan or regimen going. But do be mindful of absolute limits. After all, if you’re just starting a routine, best not to try to run a marathon on day one. Remember the squares to Venus and it being Mercury retrograde during this Eclipse, after all.

Slow and steady might have to win the race.

Stop Daydreaming

Mars conjunct Saturn in Pisces alone is a major splash of reality we need to face. When together, Saturn forces a moderation of Mars’ inherent drive and passion. And in Pisces, that means taking off the rose-colored glasses and facing the facts.

Mars and Saturn conjunct 1388 Aphrodite goes a step further and forces us to realize that the “man or woman of our dreams” isn’t who we thought they were. This goes along with the South Node in Libra vibe, as well as the North Node and Solar Eclipse having been with Chiron thing. If you dreamed of being with someone exciting and it didn’t work out, maybe you dodged a bullet. Or, perhaps someone you didn’t want to be with lost interest in you, in which case, you might be glad.

Mars/Saturn opposite 5325 Silver retrograde and 3402 Wisdom retrograde in Virgo also adds to the reality ripple. Some people may have “aped into” some questionable investments lately, or held back on similar investments or opportunities that could have been beneficial. Nothing wrong with being properly cautious if you missed out, and sometimes going into the wrong play can be more costly than missing an opportunity.

Personal example: Tried four times to get a piece of those recent billion-dollar (US) jackpots in Mega Millions and Powerball lotteries. Got nothing back, not even a “lowest possible prize without being empty handed.” NOTHING. In four attempts I would normally get at least a few dollars back. I probably could have put that money in sh*tcoins (cryptocurrency memecoins) and gotten more to show for it.

*** CLEARLY you should NOT take anything I say as financial advice. Consult a financial professional!!!

Speaking of Shake-ups

Jupiter and Uranus conjunct in Taurus indicates some major shakeups when it comes to our resources, stability, and comfort levels.

Jupiter expands what it touches. Uranus is sudden change, rebellion, surprises (both pleasant and unpleasant). These two are moving into position to be tight soon, and they exactly conjunct on April 20th, 2024 at 7:25 PM PDT. Yes, I had to look that up.

Jupiter sextile Nessus in Pisces does help a bit. With some luck, we can avoid some dangerous situations that can come from the shadows. Would be attackers and abusers may fail in their bullshit.

Uranus conjunct 2878 Panacea could indicate some surprising discoveries or helps with a cure or treatment, though Uranus and Jupiter opposite 16089 Lamb retrograde in Scorpio adds a wrinkle to this. Be careful of unethical experiments on animals is my thought on this. This could also indicate something to do with illnesses that can jump from animals to humans or vice-versa, so be careful of any avian flu or anything like that.

Caution Against Hubris

I don’t normally look at asteroid-only aspects unless it’s the major asteroids plus Nessus and Dejanira. I’m noticing an interesting pattern though.

1930 Lucifer and 55 Pandora in Taurus, 37117 Narcissus retrograde and 2247 Hiroshima retrograde in Scorpio, 1912 Anubis in Aquarius, and 5790 Nagasaki and 2031 BAM in Leo form a semi-weak Asteroid Grand Cross.

Lucifer is pride, particularly pride before a fall when afflicted, in my view. Pandora is “opening the Pandora’s box”, and both are in the sign of resources and stability.

Narcissus is just that, narcissists and narcissism, and with the asteroid named after the city hit by the first atomic bomb dropped in war? Seems explosive. In the sign of sex, death, and occult matters? Dangerous abuse is a possibility.

Anubis in the sign of the waterbearer… an occult asteroid, this relates to the weighing of the heart. In this unorthodox sign, and with Anubis weakly conjunct 1924 Horus, there’s definitely an esoteric theme playing out here. I almost figure some sort of cult or “secret brotherhood” kind of activity here. Both of these are ancient Egyptian deities, so pay attention to mythology in plain sight.

Meanwhile, we have BAM (which itself sounds explosive), and an asteroid named after the second city targeted by atomic weapons in war.

All of this together points to an explosive situation in which a narcissist comes undone and unleashes a Pandora’s box of back room contingency plans, mainly via discrete channels and previous agreements. A sort of kill switch.

I wonder who that could be? (Truth be told, this could represent a fair number of movers and shakers in power structures).

I don’t like this. With that recent “terror chatter” thing going on, the recent ISIS attack in Moscow, and the Israel-Hamas war (and recent escalation with the Iranian embassy in Lebanon getting hit), there’s any number of self-serving bureaucrats and heads of state that could trigger a bigger avalanche.

Exercise caution.

Not the Time for Letting Your Guard Down

Neptune in Pisces conjuncts 157 Dejanira, 2629 Rudra, and… fixed star Scheat. Neptune also opposes 55555 DNA retrograde in Virgo, and squares 407 Arachne in Gemini. Time to break this one down.

Neptune is the planet of illusions, delusions, higher mysticism, and addictions. It’s in Pisces, its home sign, and thus has been in greater strength for the last several years.

With Dejanira, we may not realize we’re victims, or we may conversely think we’re victims when we’re not. There’s also the element of being genetic guinea pigs, given the opposition to the asteroid named after, well, DNA. At worst, this could indicate a sort of genetic profiling or bioterror.

Fixed star Scheat is a pretty damn unfortunate star to add to this mix. While the orb to Neptune is a little high at just over a degree and a half, it is one of the “Behenian stars” and thus has more weight. Scheat is associated with poisonings, drownings, and addictions itself. The potential for overdoses is very high for the foreseeable future. Now, on the plus side, this could also be a time where different individuals break addictions.

The square to Arachne (which brings to mind spider webs) indicates some snares and webs that we need to not get entrapped by. Addictions will be difficult to break now, but it’s worth the attempt.

The other downside of this set of aspects would be the delusion of some thinking their race or genetic lineage is superior to others. Given the other aspects, the potential for race-based violence I would argue is elevated now. It’s the twenty-first century, and you’d think we’d be past this by now, but clearly humanity has some major work to do on this front.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some other rogue scientific “research” comes to a head in the next several months, be it an unethical experiment, or other genetic research that is not in our best interests. “Cloning” came to mind, but it was just a word that popped in my head. We’ll see if anything comes of that before the next Eclipse season.

In Closing

This Solar Eclipse (and thus New Moon cycle) opens up a cycle for the next several months of some major changes and upheaval. The odd thing is: Other than the square to Ceres and the opposition to the South Node, there weren’t any major bodies that squared or opposed the Solar Eclipse. You’d think that would mean that this is a rather easy-going period, but I don’t see that at all. If anything, the mostly “softer” aspects should be a warning: do not get complacent.

I think we should expect more contentious rulings and shakeups in governments. Escalations in conflicts are also a very strong possibility. Tensions boiling over are another possibility, as I found out a day before this Eclipse when I delivered a grocery order to a place that was at that moment going through a security incident (I’m okay. I’m now tripling my efforts to get a tech job and/or more freelance projects so I do not put myself in that situation again).

Timeliness is another thing we’ll have to consider for the next several months. If you’ve got important tasks, don’t put them off. Now, if a strong gut feeling or psychic impulse directs you to hold up a bit, pay attention. I didn’t get a “warning” during the delivery incident, but wound up ok. But I’m paying attention more now.

Take care of yourselves. It’s going to be a wild next several months.