Lunar Eclipse Taurus – October 2023

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This Eclipse Cycle is playing out with a lot of fire, so to speak. As we hit the culmination of the cycle with this Lunar Eclipse, let’s see how things play out.

The Lunar Eclipse Itself

The Lunar Eclipse hits peak intensity at 05 Tau 09’05” on October 28th, 2023 1:24:00 PM PDT / 8:24:00 PM UTC. As this is a Full Moon eclipse, this functions as a culmination cycle for the Solar Eclipse Libra cycle from two weeks ago. However, the effects are longer-lasting, for about several months to a year after this point, rather than the remainder of the lunar cycle that usually lasts for a couple of weeks.

This Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Taurus brings our mental focus to our stability, making money, and protecting our property and assets. As it’s a North Node eclipse as well (despite North Node being well into Aries), the focus is on where we’re going from here. With the preceding Libra Solar Eclipse happening in the sign of alliances, relationships, partnerships, and so forth, I would say that business and monetary partnerships and alliances, as well as alliances associated with territories will be the foremost theme for awhile.

Given current events, I think borders, land holdings, and battle lines involving multiple entities will be greatly highlighted.

Sun opposite Moon as the primary aspect indicates a completion cycle. Now, with the Sun currently in Scorpio, the darker, and deeper aspects of property (in this case, other people’s property), as well as magickal workings, sex, death, the hidden, and debts will be highlighted. Much upheaval can be expected in all of these areas.

The Moon in Taurus is in an exalted position, and in the first decan of Taurus is fully in Taurus/Venusian mode.

Regarding the Eclipse, those with placements from 0-10 degrees inside the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius will feel the themes of this Lunar Eclipse more acutely.

Other Aspects to the Lunar Eclipse

Make Some Magic(k) Happen

Lunar Eclipse Taurus is in a Mystic Rectangle formation with 8543 Tsunemi/307 Nike and Jupiter retrograde (weakly) in Taurus, Black Moon Lilith/Juno/2598 Merlin/5325 Silver in Virgo, Saturn retrograde/3811 Karma in Pisces, and the Sun/37117 Narcissus/3412 Kafka in Scorpio.

The conjunctions first. Jupiter is at a very wide orb at slightly over 6 degrees from the Moon at the peak, but it’s applying (moving closer), so I will count it. It’s a marginal influence, and shows a subtle expansion of the themes of this Eclipse. Jupiter is optimism, luck, and foreign matters such as learning abroad, travel, and so on. Retrograde though, it is muted and drawn inward. We’ll need to exercise self-discipline and control and make our own luck.

The conjunction to asteroid Tsunemi is much tighter, as is the conjunction to asteroid Nike. Tsunemi is phonetically similar to “tsunami”, so expect a tidal wave of emotions and general sentiment regarding money, markets, and resources. Nike is named for the goddess of victory, and thus we may feel assured of some level of success. So we may feel that we just need to just go for it.

The oppositions tell a different story in this configuration. The Sun, of course, completes a Full Moon as we discussed up above. With the Sun are asteroids Narcissus and Kafka.

Narcissus brings to mind narcissism and narcissists, and as we have quite a few of these running the show now, expect further manipulations and backroom deals going on.

Kafka invokes the works of Franz Kafka, and brings to mind one of his stories (The Trial) where someone was arrested, and ultimately executed in an alley for a crime they did not commit. Miscarriages of justice are likely with this configuration, so be alert for corruption and collective punishment.

The trine to Black Moon Lilith, Juno, Merlin, and Silver are interesting in and of themselves. Black Moon Lilith is the more defiant and autonomous feminine, as well as what’s beneath the surface, coming to light later on. Juno is commitment, contracts, marriage.

Merlin is an occult asteroid, bringing to mind Merlin, who used his powers during the time of King Arthur and Camelot, and was said to age in reverse in some legends.

Silver I see as a financial and career asteroid. It brings to mind silver. A reminder that not all that glitters is gold, as silver also shines and is valuable in its own right.

This trine leg of the Mystic Rectangle shows a great deal happening beneath the surface and some diligent work happening behind the scenes. Again, back room deals.

The sextile to Saturn retrograde and Karma in Pisces continues to give us a double-dose of karma and reaping what we’ve sown. In the twelfth sign ruled by Neptune, things are still not entirely clear. But with the sextile, we can smooth over where we’re holding ourselves back and sow some new seeds to grow a better future. But we have to do the work and not repeat previous mistakes.

There’s a great potential to make some magic happen, but we have to be wise about it and watch out for people working against us in the dark. This includes institutions like governments, corrupt authorities, and those who would light the planet on fire for their own gain at the expense of the rest of us. Be wise, careful, and diligent.

Wrap “It” Up

Lunar Eclipse Taurus also makes a Thor’s Hammer with a sesquiquadrate to Venus and 55555 DNA in Virgo, and 19 Fortuna in Sagittarius.

The fun one first. Venus in Virgo is somewhat weakened, and more transactional and analytical when it comes to relationships, romance, and money in Virgo. With asteroid DNA here, there’s an implication of diligent work with genetics, viral research, and with Venus together? Conceiving new life. Pregnancies, abortion, miscarriages, births, paternity, these themes are highlighted with this combination.

Fortuna in Sagittarius I also see as a fortune and career asteroid. Sagittarius is more optimistic and free-wheeling, being ruled by Jupiter. In third decan Sagittarius, there’s also the subtle Leo influence of having some fun. With the wide square to Venus/DNA, there could be some child support cases and other issues regarding paternity, genetics, and genetic damage (cancer, vaccine injury (supposedly a rare or low-probability occurrence, I must point out), environmental changes, radiation-induced, etc.).

With their sesquiquadrates to the Lunar Eclipse in the sign of resources, we can expect some medical and family-related courtroom and inheritance drama, as well as progeny speaking against their elders.

At What Price Gain?

Lunar Eclipse Taurus Square 4955 Gold and 85047 Krakatau in Aquarius, and 5239 Reiki and 128 Nemesis in Leo form an asteroid Grand Cross with the aforementioned Sun/Kafka/Narcissus link. As these squares are strictly smaller bodies, this is muted.

Krakatau is named for Krakatoa, the infamous volcano that unleashed a massive volcanic eruption long ago. It’s effects were far reaching and felt for years. Gold is, of course, gold. A career and money asteroid, the square of both of these to the Lunar Eclipse indicates some explosive events regarding money and wealth.

Reiki brings to mind the energy healing practice of Reiki, and with the square to the Eclipse, we need to keep our energies strengthened and protected against destructive influences more than ever. Nemesis is the asteroid of retribution, enemies, and revenge. This combination squaring the Eclipse warns us to be on high alert for psychic attack for the next several months. This includes what’s over the airwaves, so you may need to turn the news off often to protect your peace.

Combined, this asteroid grand cross tells us that psychic landmines and a lot of fear and uncertainty and disinfo/misinfo is going to be something we need to not drown ourselves in. Keep your guard up and protect your peace and your own well-being.

Attraction as a Lure

Lunar Eclipse Taurus trine 1388 Aphrodite and Pholus in Capricorn makes an asteroid/point Grand Trine with Black Moon Lilith/Juno/Merlin/Silver in Virgo. We already covered Lilith and the rest in Virgo.

Aphrodite is the Greek Name for Venus, and is a romance asteroid that draws us to what we find attractive, and this is less about money, but there could be an element of fine and other art here?

Pholus is an intoxication asteroid. Think of the centaur Pholus and his wine that drove the other centaurs mad. We could find someone new and attractive now, almost definitely in public, who strikes our fancy and drives us mad with attraction. But it could lead to some good things if you play your cards right.

Be aware of the Dark Side of the Grand Trine: By not pursuing the better leads that are there, you risk snatching defeat from the jaws of victory through inaction. Things may go a little easier, even if not initially to plan, so be open to possibilities. But don’t just coast to the finish line, lest another racer take the gold in front of you.

Watch Out For Cults

Lunar Eclipse Taurus apexes an asteroid Yod from 7328 Casanova, 99942 Apophis, 16089 Lamb, and 8690 Swindle in Libra, and 1924 Horus in Sagittarius. Again, as these are all minor asteroids, this complex aspect is somewhat muted in influence.

The Libra side of quincunxes to the Eclipse first. Casanova brings to mind someone who is flirtatious, and is more of a romance/seduction asteroid. Be aware of the Don Juan types who are whispering sweet nothings in your ear even after (or especially after) noticing a wedding ring on the finger.

Apophis is destruction. Think demolitions and tearing things down, swallowing the sun kind of thing. Murder of the gods and cutting up the pieces. Apophis isn’t pleasant.

Lamb brings to mind a lamb to the slaughter in this instance. Lambs also grow to be sheep, able to be herded and their wool harvested, but also can be dangerous as videos of them headbutting people into a creek do exist on YouTube. But mostly a sacrificial animal in old times too.

Swindle is just that, swindling and lying, cheating, etc. All four of these together on this leg of the Yod warn us to be careful of new and existing contacts that seek to lure us in and gobble us up on the altar.

Horus on the other side I see as an occult asteroid, adding an element of false hope and working some magic to convince us of philosophies that may not be to our best interest (in the context of the Yod). Now, there is also the element of well-meaning people who could try to bring people together for a cause, but they have to be careful to vet their assistance carefully lest they lose control and the cult situation ends up happening anyways.

There’s a human sacrifice vibe to this. Of course, that’s what war is, but it’s very loud and clear here.

Other Notable Aspects During the Lunar Eclipse

All Hail Discordia

North Node tightly conjunct Eris retrograde and 2878 Panacea retrograde in Aries, with South Node conjunct 666 Desdemona, 6583 Destinn, and 6157 Prey in Libra, form a T-square to asteroid 5180 Ohno in Capricorn.

This is not pleasant.

North Node and Eris together alone brings us a destiny and what we’re heading towards energy towards discord. Panacea with them both, and with both Eris and Panacea retrograde, indicates a couple things here. A calm before the storm regarding the Eris variant perhaps, or perhaps enough precautions and advancements are in play here to prevent this from actually taking off. As the exact conjunction of Eris and the North Node happens shortly after Thanksgiving in the U.S. (near the end of November), and with vaccine/booster fatigue, as well as restriction fatigue, I think we’re going to see a spike in cases. Keep your health up and stay home if at all possible if you’re sick. Very common sense prevention by keeping to ourselves if not feeling well or if there’s question may help mitigate the more dire possibilities of this conjunction as far as that’s concerned.

As far as the other implications of North Node and Eris in Aries? Look at the news headlines lately, and the discord and chaos explains itself. Mass shooting after a mental health failure, the Gaza war, Ukraine, yeah, it’s all a mess. And a lot of it is in a way self-inflicted, or was permitted to happen either for questionable gain or due to sheer incompetence.

The South Node with Desdemona (innocent victim), Destinn (destiny), and Prey (victim, prey, etc.), we keep playing the same story of innocents in the crossfire and useless sacrifices. Destinn opposite North Node seems to play out as us continuing the cycle of problem-reaction-solution-nothing changing-rinse/wash/repeat.

Ohno square both of these points? Ohno is just that, “oh no”, as in “oh no not this shit again.”

Want change? Make it happen. Or watch the cycle repeat and stop complaining.

Harsh Words

Mercury conjuncts Mars and 564 Dudu in Scorpio, as well as a weak conjunction to the Sun. Technically, this opposes the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus as well, further adding power, though barely.

Mercury and Mars together, in Mars other domain of Scorpio, brings forth more forceful messages, words of war, but also an element of assertion. With asteroid Dudu in the mix, people will be proudly and loudly proclaiming a lot of bullsh*t, so don’t take anything anyone says at face value. Use your best judgment.

Mercury/Mars also opposes Jupiter retrograde and 447 Valentine retrograde in Taurus. Be realistic in your expectations right now, and exercise some self-love before you profess your love (or hate) to someone else, especially if they’re in a position to give or demand things in return. Don’t be pissed that you took out a loan you can’t repay now, unless you had utter crap terms to begin with or some other predatory term hit you. (In that case, you have a right to be firm but fair, and read the fine print the next time).

Mercury/Mars square 4386 Lust, 11911 Angel, and 8813 Leviathan in Leo warns us not to hop into the bed with fallen angels. If they’re too good to be true, they probably are. Don’t bed monsters. Take this figuratively and literally. Don’t accept deals that you know are bad deals, especially now, as the price just isn’t worth it. (Bad deals are never worth the price, but this is a really bad time to knowingly enter such Devil’s Bargains).

To Sum It Up

There’s some potential to regain our footing during the next several months following this Lunar Eclipse period. There’s also a great potential for more division, falling for propaganda, and more costs in human lives.

Use some common sense and don’t say “I’m going to do it anyways” when you know it’s not a good deal. The higher the F around level, the higher the “find out” score you’re going to get. And if you know it was a bad deal now and you go for it anyways? That’s on you.

I need to keep this all in mind for myself, as I’m prone to impulsive decisions. It’s bitten me before, I’ll probably be bitten again, and I’m probably going to do it again. Of course, now that I write this, I might not do that this time. And how many of you are the same way, and don’t want to admit it?

I was a bit more raw with this one. You needed to hear it. Now go and do some good out there. And stop falling for cults, especially the cult of personality thing. There’s a major psyop war going on out there, especially in social media land, and it’s time to shut the propagandists up. Trust your gut and your intuition. It knows what’s up, even if you want to consciously think otherwise.

Trust in the Force. Be safe, all.