New Moon Aquarius – February 2024

New Moon Aquarius 2024

Stability, or instability? That is the question.

The New Moon Itself

New Moon Aquarius peaked at 20 Aqu 40’56” on February 9th, 2024 at 2:59:07 PM PST / 10:59:07 PM UTC. This puts the New Moon in the third decan of Aquarius, bringing a decidedly Venusian feel. Embrace the unconventional among your relations with others, as orthodoxy will be questioned.

As this New Moon is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus, and is in the 11th sign of innovation, the unconventional, and bucking traditions, we will be embracing our own paths now.

With the Libran/Venus influence in third decan Aquarius involved here, we may find ourselves at odds with the expectations of others’ now. In some way, we’ll also be reforging our own expectations in our relations with others as well. Expect social media to play a big part in this for the next few weeks.

Sun conjunct Moon, being the primary aspect of any New Moon, denotes new beginnings, partaking in new challenges, and starting new projects. Technological and innovative projects begun now will prove to move the foundations of society and our world down the road.

Other Aspects to the New Moon

Paying the Piper With Interest?

New Moon Aquarius square Uranus and 1981 Midas in Taurus brings some shakeups in our resources, possessions, and how that translates to our social status and the circles we run with.

Uranus is sudden surprises, rebellion, and shake-ups. With it squaring the New Moon, this lunar cycle will be filled with some unexpected events when it comes to money and what we own, as well as what we value.

Asteroid Midas here furthers this along, and asks if what we touch will become gold or not. Tech stocks, cryptocurrencies, and the digital collectibles markets will likely see some major ups and downs for the next few weeks. (Not financial advice! Seek an accredited advisor and exercise due diligence.)

Cupid’s Arrow

New Moon Aquarius conjunct 763 Cupido is somehow fitting, as this falls less than a week before St. Hallmark’s Day err Valentine’s Day.

Cupido denotes an element of attraction. With Aquarius, quite a few of these meetings could take place online. However, be wary of glittering prizes, as Cupido also joins the square with the New Moon to Uranus-Midas. Bribery will get you chaos.

And with New Moon Aquarius-Cupido quincunx to Juno and 9770 Discovery (both retrograde) in Virgo, you could think you’ve found “the one,” but you really haven’t found much except maybe a fling or a phantom. Consider a background check on this new beau, as there’s more to discover. On the flip side, how much of a “honeymoon face” are you going to show to the other right now? We’ve all got our scars to hide when looking for fun.

Some of these events could be fated too, with Venus in Capricorn semisextile the New Moon. Semisextiles tend to trigger events, and maybe this attraction is in the line of work or furthering your reputation and standing. Marriages and new partnerships based on status will end up being way more than one bargains for, and probably not in the pleasant surprise kind of way.

Holding to What We Believe In

New Moon Aquarius trine Vesta in Gemini is beneficial in that we are more able to hold to our convictions and what is meaningful to us in how we approach offers and insights now. If something doesn’t fit your core values, trust your gut and intuition and let that shit go.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the New Moon

All That Glitters Ain’t Gold

Mercury in Aquarius square Jupiter in Taurus and 14827 Hypnos in Scorpio tells a cautionary tale here.

Mercury in Aquarius has a lot more to do with more technical and online communications than in other placements, from what I see here intuitively. Email, texts, other forms of comms over the airwaves, these are highlighted now.

Square Jupiter to Taurus, this could temper or dash some hopes in terms of major gains. It’s easy to act on bad information and think you’re going to get an investment to shoot to the moon, but instead you crash back down to earth. Or, you miss that rocket thinking things weren’t going to go well and it winds up shooting past the stars. Not the time for lottery mentality.

Will Update More Later

I keep getting interrupted and this is already late. I’ll see what else I find for this lunar cycle before the end of the weekend. Not my best work at the moment but it’s what we’ve got.