Full Moon Cancer – January 2022 – Make or Break

Full Moon Cancer January 2022

This hasn’t exactly been the easiest of lunar cycles, has it? This Full Moon hitting right now is incredibly powerful for many reasons, and not just with a key placement aspecting this lunar culmination. Going into this quickly as I’m swamped with many tasks as of late.

The Full Moon Itself

The Full Moon goes exact at 27 Can 50’38” on January 17th, 2022 at 15:48:23 PST (23:47:23 UTC). The main aspect of Sun opposite Moon puts the Moon near the end of Cancer for this lunar cycle culmination. Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac, and the moon’s own domicile. The lunar themes of emotions, intuition, maternal and feminine issues are all amplified while the Moon is here. Our more private sides, our home lives, what we keep to ourselves, these are all highlighted now.

With the Sun in Capricorn, the 10th sign of the zodiac, we have a give and take with our public personas, our reputations, and career aspirations. The phrase “work-life balance” comes into play here as a gross generalization. Are we doing enough to maintain the balance? Or are we pushing one side away for the other? Or have we given up?

Sun With Devastator

This Full Moon is highlighted with Sun conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. It’s intense. We are seeing a cycle of death and rebirth, destruction and renewal. The volcano that just erupted near Tonga is a definite manifestation of this kind of energy. Other explosive events are likely, though the Sun is moving off of Pluto. The other impacts should be reduced slightly soon.

Other Aspects to the Full Moon

Letting Things Go That We Need To

Full Moon Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn is a heavy-hitting aspect, and we already covered this a little with the Sun with Devastator comment. For Moon opposite Pluto, we’ve got some heavy-hitting emotions we’re dealing with. Frustrations are absolutely mounting, and not something to take lightly. Walk away from these frustrations if you can. If you can’t, find some constructive way of dealing with them, or they will certainly deal with you.

Some Solace From the Past

Full Moon Cancer sextile North Node in Gemini at 0 Gem 08’52” calls to us to take heart in what we’ve managed to accomplish despite all of the craziness going on. Given that the South Node is at 0 Sag 08’52” and that trines the Full Moon, we can look to how we’ve remained true to ourselves over the past year and a half or so, and we can take comfort in the fact that we can move forward into better things.

The North Node is about to shift into Taurus as well, which will be bringing up themes of stability in many ways. This Full Moon, therefore, is a glimpse into what is to come as we close out this lunar cycle over the next couple of weeks. Many themes of knowing our worth and pursuing our greatest goals will begin playing out now, if they haven’t already.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the Full Moon

Inner Retrogrades

During this Full Moon, both Venus and Mercury are retrograde. This doesn’t happen that often, but it’s definitely being felt by all of us.

Venusian Requiem

Venus retrograde is weakly conjunct fixed star Vega in Capricorn during this Full Moon. It’s almost out of range, but we’re still feeling it. And Venus with Vega?

With Venus: Hard-hearted, cold, miserly, ill-health, ugliness or deformity. [Robson, p.217.]

Constellations of Words: Vega

That doesn’t sound very pleasant. Given the Omicron surge currently still going on, and the general pandemic still upon us two years in now, we’ve all been feeling this. I’ve received news from my old circle back in my home state relating to ill-health and a passing, actually, so I’m acutely aware of the impact of this alignment.

Until Valhalla, Calvin.

Venus makes no other major aspects during this Full Moon.

Mercurial Reflux

Mercury retrograde in Aquarius square Uranus retrograde in Taurus is another aspect we get to have fun with. Uranus isn’t even going to be retrograde for much longer in its least-favorite sign. We’re in full hurry-up-and-wait mode with this pattern. We want to get going on our projects, but Uranus keeps throwing up change-ups while Mercury is backtracking.

We’re seeing messages not going through, getting left on “read,” getting replies hours later if at all. We have plans we’re trying to get going, but obstacles just seem to keep popping up. Don’t even get me started on crypto markets right now if you’re into that. Remember: long-term.

Knee-jerk reactions now are not going to get us where we need to go. Plan things out and stick to the plan! Allow for revisions because we’re going to need to revise. A lot.

Mercury retrograde sextile Chiron in Aries does allow for us to look within and see where we’ve been hurting ourselves, though. This is actually good in that we can see where we’ve been sabotaging ourselves. Once we see where we’ve been hurting ourselves, we can do something about it.

Walking away from situations, and avoiding triggers, that’s pretty much what we need to do now. Back away into that bush if you need to, just watch out for the thorns.

Mercury retrograde conjunct Saturn in Aquarius is also active, though almost at the outer edge of influence. We might be seeing some other impediments to moving forward with our long-term goals now. There should be some relief though as they move further apart in the next few days. For now, we need to watch our footing and be prepared for other instability.

Consider that Uranus retrograde also squares Saturn, but that’s also beginning to separate as well. Have backup plans ready if all else fails.

Intensity Rising

Mars conjunct Galactic Center in Sagittarius boosts the energy of the red planet pretty hard, and it’s going to get even more energetic in the days after the Full Moon as it will get closer to the center point. Mars in Sagittarius is pretty optimistic in general, being in Jupiter’s domicile. It has high hopes for passion, drive, energy. On the downside, it can expand rage, anger, and in the worst circumstances, violence. Right now, I think it’s more in tune with natural disasters such as the volcano.

Mars square Neptune in Pisces opens up its own can of worms when it comes to contentious disagreements. A lot can get lost in translation now, and misunderstandings are more likely now. There’s also the danger of ideological aggression, such as between political and religious fundamentalist groups with this configuration. Not a good time to argue politics with loved ones.

Intentional falsehoods and lies for gain and power are highlighted with that square. Make sure whoever you’re following is someone you really want and need to deal with.

On the plus side, some intense creative work can be applied now. Just remember to balance the creative juices with the other aspects of your life. It’s easy to get obsessed now. Dark art can really pop now.

Mars semisextile Pluto triggers all sorts of intense feelings and anxieties with all the other energies flowing around us. Sudden arguments are a possibility, as are accidents due to rushing and anxiety. Try to leave some extra time to get to places if you can, especially with Mercury retrograde active now too. Some deep transformative work is also possible now.

Changes in Store

Uranus retrograde in Taurus trine Venus retrograde in Capricorn does present an opportunity for us. There’s a potential for gain, though it’ll be more from our inner reserves than from anything new. Novel creative projects could prove to be lucrative, though the gain from this may not be seen right away. This may be more of a planning period for some. Be ready to go once Venus goes forward on January 29th if you can.

Deep, Dark Mysteries

Neptune square Black Moon Lilith in Gemini definitely is bringing the shadows to life now. Black Moon Lilith deals with our darker, deeper, more secret sides. It also delves into the divine feminine (though some would dispute that based on the Lilith archetype). Neptune governs the mystic, mental clarity, and illusions. Our inner illusions and deeper parts of ourselves are on a collision course right now. Given Neptune’s other square to Mars, this could manifest as some real dark side stuff coming out. Perhaps there’s language you thought you stopped using that just slips (or pours) out in a fit of rage.

We all really need to pause, reflect, and meditate before we say or do something damning.

Neptune sextile Pluto does allow us to use some of this darker influence to confront that inner turmoil. Figure out what’s triggering you, and use Pluto’s influence of death and rebirth to torch it on the phoenix’s pyre, so to speak. Use your inner connection with the divine and don’t rely on other soothsayers to guide you if they’re not resonating with you. And if they are resonating? Take whatever advice they give with a grain of salt and make sure it truly resonates with you. Your gut feeling needs fine-tuned and needs to be open now.

Pluto trine North Node does point to the endings we’re experiencing now opening the door to new beginnings. Especially as the Nodes are about to change signs, we have a major opportunity here. Many of us are coming out of events in life that have not been serving us well, or perhaps just hasn’t been making our collective souls sing. This is the chance to build into a new life where you have meaning. It may not be the fastest process, as Taurus (where the North Node is heading) isn’t known as the fastest sign. But, the stability you’ll be able to build for yourself will make it worth it.

To Sum it All Up

The next couple weeks of this lunar cycle are an opportunity for growth, change, and getting rid of what no longer serves us. While we won’t be able to go fast-forward or skip ahead, we can build up for future growth. Temper the frustrations and bend that energy to constructive ends.

And for all that is holy, stay safe and stay healthy. Take all the precautions you need, but do live your life as fully as you can. You never know when it’ll be over.