Full Moon Capricorn – June 2021 – Fractal Shift Part 2 – Asteroids

Full Moon Capricorn

This is a companion article to the Full Moon Capricorn 2021 article.

Full Moon Recap

The Full Moon goes exact at 03 Cap 27’44” on June 24, 2021 at 11:39:40 PST (18:39:40 UTC). The primary aspect of Sun opposite Moon puts the Moon in Capricorn this time around, as mentioned in the previous article. Any asteroids directly aspecting this Full Moon will have increased importance and potency.

Asteroids aspecting the Full Moon

Asteroid-wise, there’s only one conjunction to the Full Moon, and that would be Pholus. Pholus in legend was a centaur who had wine that drove the other centaurs crazy, and thus during this Full Moon cycle we’ll need to keep our temptations and inebriations in check. It will be easier to be addicted to substances, activities, or even people if we’re not careful. On the other hand, this can also denote the power to break such addictions and obsessions. It all depends on how you use this energy.

On a more awkward note, and this plays into the Full Moon-Pholus link, is the Quincunx the Full Moon in Capricorn makes to 8543 Tsunemi and 1388 Aphrodite in Leo. Tsunemi sounds similar enough to a tsunami, and with Aphrodite here, we’ve got the potential for a tidal wave of romantic and perhaps lustful feelings for someone we’ve had our eye on for awhile. These emotions can be rather sudden and a major rush, but we may not have a way to act on this constructively. Perhaps the feelings are based in ego, or perhaps career goals are getting in the way of one or both potential (or actual) partners getting together. This could also be a tsunami of feelings that we’ve developed over the idea of someone, rather than falling in love with the actual, true person. A good chance some of us may be struggling with this part.

On a lighter note, the Full Moon makes a nice sextile to 5325 Silver and 55555 DNA, both of which are also with Jupiter retrograde in Pisces. Silver I look at as a money and career asteroid, and DNA denotes just that, DNA and health, and perhaps genetic memory. There’s a chance we can look to our inherited traits, perhaps on our father’s side, to make some career and philosophic decisions regarding money and career right now. How has your father’s or father figure’s upbringing impacted how you approach making money? Does it even impact? Or perhaps, with Jupiter retrograde, you’re going the other direction away from this? Whatever the answer is, do know that health and money can go hand and hand right now too.

Back to the rougher aspects, there’s an asteroid T-Square to the Full Moon (or rather, a Grand Cross if we consider the Sun opposite Moon aspect). On one side, 666 Desdemona and 7328 Casanova in Aries square the Capricorn Full Moon, and this brings a struggle towards attempting to woo tragic figures, as Desdemona was a tragic figure who regrettably loses her life in a Shakespearean play (Othello, if memory serves correctly). Basically, Desdemona’s weakness may have been being too trusting to Othello, and thus we are warned to not allow ourselves to be sweet-talked into our own destruction.

On the other side of the asteroid T-Square/Grand Cross is 4581 Asclepius in Libra, a medical asteroid. We could find ourselves being injured in group activities as one possibility, or somehow sickened or injured because of the deceptive attempts to win our hearts on the other side of this. If you’re going to give in to the romantic or lustful callings of a suitor, make sure you don’t get sickened (be it a coronavirus, some other virus, or some other form of STD). Be careful, even though for some of us it’s been about a year, year and a half, or longer since something frisky.

We’re going to end this with an asteroid Earth Grand Trine to soften the blow of things. Capricorn Full Moon trines 151 Abundantia in Taurus (which sounds quite fortuitous), and 3811 Karma in Virgo (another seemingly-fitting position). Abundantia in the fixed, stable, material sign of Taurus sounds like a better omen than some of these other placements, actually. Abundantia denotes abundance, and if we still ourselves to see the opportunities, we can take advantage and perhaps improve our hold on money or other resources right now. Karma, on the other hand, in the mutable sign of service and analytical thinking, denotes a reaping of what we’ve sown. Have we invested our resources wisely? We may be making some good dividends now. If not, perhaps the losses will not be nearly as severe as they could have been otherwise. Or it could be that what we’ve invested will still make a return, but a smaller one.

As with all Grand Trines, there’s a danger of laziness and letting a tendency to inertia take over (or “resting on one’s laurels”). There’s still work to be done, so keep the distractions to a minimum and enjoy the slightly easier path towards making progress that this asteroid pattern can help us with. It doesn’t necessarily override the Mars-Saturn retro-Uranus T-Square’s harsh energies, but it’s a help.

In Closing

As the asteroids yield additional info to us, we can see that there’s a good possibility of some gain or mitigation of loss. We’ll have to be careful not to let our guard down too much and prevent ourselves from getting taken advantage of. We do need to be cautious given all of the major patterns going on, but at the very least the asteroids paint a not-so-catastrophic picture. Use your best sense, break some self-defeating patterns if you can, and you’ll be able to come out at least a little bit ahead during the rest of this lunar cycle.