Uranus Square Black Moon Lilith

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Unexpected events are a part of life. Sometimes we can plan for them, and sometimes they come seemingly out of nowhere. Often times, these sudden changes and events have been brewing beneath the surface for some time. One aspect that embodies this dynamic is Uranus square Black Moon Lilith.

The Basics on Uranus Square Black Moon Lilith

Uranus is the planet of rebellion and surprises. As a co-ruler of Aquarius, it embodies the unconventional and shakes things up in a chart or horoscope. It’s also a slow-moving planet, taking about 84 years to complete a cycle around the zodiac.

Black Moon Lilith represents many things, one of which is the assertive and empowered feminine. It also represents the occult, the hidden, and also delves into deeper sexual desires and the deeper subconscious. In legend, Lilith was the first wife of Adam (not Eve), but refused to be “on the bottom”, if you catch my meaning.

The Square aspect is a roughly 90 degree aspect. This denotes conflict, struggle, roadblocks, and trials to overcome. Things are seldom simple or straightforward when a square is involved between two bodies.

Uranus square Black Moon Lilith, therefore, denotes a time when things get upended from seemingly out of nowhere. The truth is, these occurrences of sudden impacts and disruptions have been long brewing beneath the surface, and will explosively come to the surface. Once the events are looked at in retrospect and the chain of events fleshed out, we can then see what led to the sudden upheaval.

I count up to a three degree orb when it comes to a square between Uranus and Black Moon Lilith. Arguably there’s a marginal influence up to three and a half degrees, but that’s pushing it.

Keywords and Types of Events

  • Job disruptions
  • Disasters
  • Terrorism and/or war crimes
  • Political upheaval
  • Financial and market instability
  • Hubris being met with harsh reality
  • Assassinations/assassination attempts
  • Illnesses taking a turn for the worse
  • Mass murder events/attempts
  • Coups, mutinies, and other rebellious/seditious activity

Current/Most Recent Uranus-Lilith Square

The current (as of the time of this writing) square between Uranus and Lilith is taking place from June 19th, 2023 10:34 PM UTC and will continue until August 29th, 2023 9:45 AM UTC, with the exact square happening on July 30th, 2023 at 7:04 UTC. Uranus is in Taurus during this square, and Lilith is in Leo, so we have a dynamic of our notions of stability and monetary security being disrupted by hidden and/or back room events. There’s also levels of scheming, strategizing, and pushing the envelope that are playing out.

Unfortunately for some, these plans are likely to go awry, or cause more disruption than planned. For some, we also can see catastrophic ends come on quite quickly.

Transits During This Uranus/Lilith Square

As I type this, we’ve already gone past a major point where Mars, Venus, and the Moon all in Leo interacted along with Black Moon Lilith, all in square to Uranus in Taurus. The Moon didn’t stick around long for this conjunction/square, and has already moved on.

Mars will be along for the ride with Black Moon Lilith in its square to Uranus until it breaks off on July 7th, 2023, when it continues on to Virgo a short time later.

Venus will continue on and largely be in range of the Uranus-Lilith square until July 19th. This break will be short-lived, however, as Venus will enter its retrograde cycle, and reenters the Uranus-Lilith square from July 24th to August 19th, 2023.

The Sun will join Venus in its square to Uranus from August 14th to August 21st, 2023. A New Moon in Leo on August 16th at 9:38:09 AM UTC will also join with Lilith and square Uranus. This will set a tone for an entire lunar cycle, and also plays into the Venus retrograde period.

Do not expect stability in finances, vacation plans, relationships, flings, or other desires you have during this 2023 Uranus-Lilith Square cycle.

Events So Far During The Current Uranus-Lilith Square

This Uranus-Lilith square coincided with the time period where the Titan, intended for a deep-sea dive to scope out the Titanic’s final resting place in the North Atlantic, was lost, along with five people. The CEO of OceanGate was among those who perished.

The safety issues regarding this sub, and the apparently cavalier disregard for adequate safety features, I feel, led to this unfortunate outcome. This would be an example of long-brewing buildups to the rapid conclusion of his story. There were other astrological factors that, in hindsight, should have been a series of very bright red flags to not go on this journey at this time. I won’t touch on all of those in this article. The Lilith-Mars-Venus-Moon to Uranus square? Very big sign that this wasn’t a good time for this trip.

Another notable event that has occurred was the mutiny/march towards Moscow that took place briefly with the Wagner Group taking a couple key cities in southern Russia, sparking a crisis and a lot of confusion. For now, it seems the head of Wagner has been exiled to Belarus, and Putin seemingly maintains control, but the public image has got to be shaken now.

Another event unfolding during this Uranus-Lilith square has been SAG-AFTRA joining the WGA on the picket lines in the first joint writers’ and actors’ strike in Hollywood since 1960. There has been word of some studio executives planning on holding off on resuming negotiations until writers (and now actors) begin running out of money and even facing evictions from apartments and other housing. This has incurred the ire of those on the picket lines, with at least one short video (now deleted, but was copied and has gone viral) of a prominent actor stating that there’s numerous ways for people to lose homes. I don’t believe the intent was a threat, but as a warning of how things tend to play out when parties do not attempt to compromise in good faith.

More updates to come as this transit plays out.

Previous Uranus-Black Moon Lilith Squares

August 2nd to September 9th, 2018 – Peak Square August 27th, 2018

The following events occurred during or right around the 2018 Uranus-Lilith square, as an example of what kind of events occurs with this aspect between these two players.

  • The natural gas pipeline explosion in Texas, which occurred right before the three degree orb of the square began.
  • The death of Senator John McCain, who was 81 at the time of his passing. (August 26th, 2018).
  • The Madden Tournament mass shooting, also on August 26th, 2018.
  • Australian former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was replaced on August 24th, 2018. He would later resign from Australia’s Parliament on August 31st, 2018.
  • Multiple mass shootings in September 2018 during this period.
  • Multiple gas explosions in Massachusetts on September 15th, 2018.
  • The Brett Kavanaugh confirmation and witness testimony hearings that largely took place from September 4th-7th, 2018.
    • Brett Kavanaugh was nominated for the U.S. Supreme Court on July 9th, 2018 (before the Uranus-Lilith square).
    • Christine Blasey Ford’s allegations regarding misconduct by Brett would be made public around September 16th, 2018.
    • Deborah Ramirez then stepped forward on September 23rd, 2018 (after Uranus and Lilith’s square went beyond the three degree orb).
    • Brett Kavanaugh confirmed to the Supreme Court on October 6th, 2018 (after the Uranus-Lilith square ended).
  • Brazilian president Jair Bosonaro stabbed, but survives on September 7th, 2018. So assassination attempt on a prominent leader.
  • The Paris knife attacks of September 9th, 2018.

August 27th, 2013 to October 7th, 2013 – Peak Square September 17th, 2013

More upheavals and events during the 2013 Uranus-Lilith square:

  • The Washington D.C. Navy Yard shooting, with the gunman and 12 victims killed on September 16th, 2013 (near the peak of the Uranus-Lilith square).
  • The UN confirms use of chemical weapons in Syria September 16th, 2013. A major example of disruptive danger from this square.
  • Somalian Militants attack a luxury mall, killing nearly 70 and wounding 175 on September 21st, 2013.
  • Bo Xilai, a Chinese politician, is sentenced to life in prison for corruption on September 22nd, 2013.
  • Balochistan, Pakistan magnitude 7.7 earthquake, which kills 515 people on September 24th, 2013.
  • Finally, the U.S. Government’s partial shutdown stemming from budget negotiations. This has the effect of furloughing 800,000 US federal workers from October 1st through 17th, 2013, when a resolution finally passes.

In Closing

To sum this up, Uranus and Black Moon Lilith, when in square to one another, brings conflicts and sudden events to the forefront, and usually in a decidedly spectacular fashion. It’s not easy to know which way the wind will blow with some of these events.

For other events taking place during the Uranus-Lilith square times, a great deal of previous sins can come back to haunt people. Some will survive those sins and still get a place at the table, but not without intense scrutiny and controversy. Even if hubris is survived, the damage to reputation will remain.

I have not noticed a concrete example of this, but false accusations that upend careers can also crop up during this contentious transit.

Notable People With Natal Uranus Square Black Moon Lilith

NameProfession/Known ForBirthdayAspect Orb
Joe DimaggioMLB Baseball Player (New York Yankees)November 25th, 19142°13’49”
Yasser ArafatChairman of Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO)
Co-founder of Fatah
First President of Palestinian Authority
August 24th, 1929 (?)
Assumed Cairo, Egypt birthplace
Diana RossSinger with The Supremes
Later solo career
Super Bowl XXX Halftime Show
March 26th, 19441°30’10”
Justin BieberSinger/SongwriterMarch 1st, 19941°03’05”

Uranus Square Black Moon Lilith Table

All date/times in this table are in YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm UTC format for simplification and standardization. Table is currently from the years 1850 to 2049.

Uranus Square Black Moon Lilith StartUranus Square Black Moon Lilith EndExact Square Date/Time (approx.)
1850-05-13 05:00 UTC1850-07-29 10:00 UTC1850-06-26 20:00 UTC
1855-03-06 21:00 UTC1855-06-15 12:00 UTC1855-04-23 03:00 UTC
1860-02-06 02:00 UTC1860-04-15 06:00 UTC1860-03-06 09:00 UTC
1865-01-24 10:00 UTC1865-03-14 04:00 UTC1865-02-15 19:00 UTC
1870-01-24 19:00 UTC1870-03-07 18:00 UTC1870-02-13 20:00 UTC
1875-01-30 10:00 UTC1875-03-11 04:00 UTC1875-02-18 21:00 UTC
1880-02-06 18:00 UTC1880-03-16 17:00 UTC1880-02-26 06:00 UTC
1885-02-16 04:00 UTC1885-03-27 11:00 UTC1885-03-08 04:00 UTC
1890-02-23 21:00 UTC1890-04-06 06:00 UTC1890-03-17 08:00 UTC
1895-02-22 16:00 UTC1895-04-09 20:00 UTC1895-03-19 08:00 UTC
1900-02-11 07:00 UTC1900-04-08 16:00 UTC1900-03-14 17:00 UTC
1904-12-30 20:00 UTC1905-03-26 21:00 UTC1905-02-19 17:00 UTC
1909-11-02 02:00 UTC1910-02-10 05:00 UTC1909-12-16 09:00 UTC
1914-10-05 01:00 UTC1914-12-05 14:00 UTC1914-10-31 22:00 UTC
1919-09-13 17:00 UTC1919-10-28 01:00 UTC1919-10-04 18:00 UTC
1924-08-24 13:00 UTC1924-10-03 07:00 UTC1924-09-13 10:00 UTC
1929-08-04 09:00 UTC1929-09-16 09:00 UTC1929-08-26 19:00 UTC
1934-06-29 13:00 UTC1934-08-26 16:00 UTC1934-07-31 21:00 UTC
1939-04-26 01:00 UTC1939-07-28 22:00 UTC1939-06-18 06:00 UTC
1944-03-08 21:00 UTC1944-06-11 12:00 UTC1944-04-18 03:00 UTC
1949-02-17 19:00 UTC1949-04-19 23:00 UTC1949-03-16 08:00 UTC
1954-02-15 18:00 UTC1954-04-04 10:00 UTC1954-03-09 17:00 UTC
1959-02-20 18:00 UTC1959-04-04 10:00 UTC1959-03-13 01:00 UTC
1964-02-27 23:00 UTC1964-04-07 23:00 UTC1964-03-18 11:00 UTC
1969-03-09 19:00 UTC1969-04-17 18:00 UTC1969-03-29 03:00 UTC
1974-03-19 00:00 UTC1974-04-27 10:00 UTC1974-04-07 22:00 UTC
1979-03-21 02:00 UTC1979-05-01 14:00 UTC1979-04-11 13:00 UTC
1984-03-15 15:00 UTC1984-05-01 05:00 UTC1984-04-09 12:00 UTC
1989-02-21 03:00 UTC1989-04-23 18:00 UTC1989-03-28 00:00 UTC
1993-12-18 04:00 UTC1994-03-27 16:00 UTC1994-02-12 02:00 UTC
1998-11-02 07:00 UTC1999-01-25 07:00 UTC1998-12-07 07:00 UTC
2003-10-06 01:00 UTC2003-11-26 07:00 UTC2003-10-29 10:00 UTC
2008-09-14 14:00 UTC2008-10-25 11:00 UTC2008-10-04 12:00 UTC
2013-08-28 00:00 UTC2013-10-07 07:00 UTC2013-09-17 12:00 UTC
2018-08-02 06:00 UTC2018-09-19 04:00 UTC2018-08-27 22:00 UTC
2023-06-19 23:00 UTC2023-08-29 09:00 UTC2023-07-30 07:00 UTC
2028-04-19 19:00 UTC2028-08-01 02:00 UTC2028-06-13 07:00 UTC
2033-03-17 11:00 UTC2033-06-10 06:00 UTC2033-04-21 08:00 UTC
2038-03-10 15:00 UTC2038-05-08 14:00 UTC2038-04-05 11:00 UTC
2043-03-14 00:00 UTC2043-05-01 23:00 UTC2043-04-05 11:00 UTC
2048-03-19 12:00 UTC2048-05-01 22:00 UTC2048-04-09 01:00 UTC