New Moon Cancer – July 2021 – Crisis of the Heart

New Moon Cancer

Leading up to this New Moon, there’s been quite a bit of turmoil and chaotic events, and we’ve been collectively on edge over the last week or so. This New Moon cycle is about to start a new four-week period where some of these elements will continue to be in play, though some of the effect may diminish by the next New Moon. This could be an interesting month or so.

This New Moon’s Basics

This New Moon takes place at 18 Can 01’40” on July 9th, 2021 18:16:35 PDT (July 10th 01:16:35 UTC). As this lunar cycle takes place in the Moon’s home sign of Cancer, there’s going to be a major emotional influence on event for the next few weeks. Matters of home, family, and our private lives, as well as how we handle our hopes and fears in private, these will play out now. With the primary aspect of Sun conjunct Moon notating new beginnings and fresh starts, this could be the time where we start thinking and rethinking about how our expectations in our private lives will play out. It’s a good time to set intentions all the same to carry us through.

Other Aspects to the New Moon

There’s a couple aspects to the New Moon itself, with two of them creating a sort of special aspect. It’s quite muted though due to the larger orbs. New Moon Cancer making a wide trine to Neptune retrograde in Pisces and a wide sextile to Uranus in Taurus does help stabilize things a little. The New Moon trine to Neptune does allow for some inner intuition to help ease some of our greater misgivings right now, though it’s not as noticeable due to the 5 degree difference, and thus is at the outer edge of influence. The New Moon also sextiling Uranus, at a 4 degree orb and also at the outer edge of influence, but still allows us to weather some of the incoming storms with a little more ease. Expecting the unexpected and trusting our intuition won’t be foolproof, but it may keep us out of bigger trouble than otherwise.

New Moon Cancer will also semisextile Mars in Leo (itself conjunct Venus, which is outside the semisextile range to the Moon). There’s quite a few emotional moments that will be triggered, whether by our own actions and aggressions, or that coming from others. Some of these outbursts could be coming from a place of ego or from a general frustration of our fun being “spoiled”. Try to keep a cool head with this aspect, and remember the Neptune-Uranus links to the New Moon, as some meditation or breathing exercises will undoubtedly be needed. Recenter as needed.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the New Moon

This is where it gets crazy.

The massive elephant in the room would be the T-Square with Saturn retrograde in Aquarius opposing the Venus-Mars conjunction in Leo, both squaring Uranus in Taurus. Saturn square Uranus is already rough enough and long-lasting enough, as we’ve got the planet of changing things up in a sign it already doesn’t do well in (Uranus in Taurus), and it wants to go and get things done. Saturn is over here in Aquarius, one of its home signs I might add and thus boosting it a bit, saying “no, gotta hold back, timing’s not right” and being all disciplinarian on us. And its retrograde, so we’ve got even more of a karmic vibe going on. Now, on the other side we have Venus and Mars conjunct in Leo, so there’s an element of regality and this is normally a good combination for romantic encounters and hot sex. However, those are being opposed by Saturn, and thus the more amorous longings are getting held back by something restricting our movements or holding us back, and they’re also squaring Uranus. Basically, we really want to get frisky, or open our heart to someone close to us, or even land that awesome job, but something is throwing a monkey wrench into the machinery and just making life more difficult than they need to be. The serious amounts of delays, frustrations, and explosive outbursts is just astronomical. Speaking of explosions, this combination is also extremely volatile when it comes to natural disasters and violent action, some violent acts being random and others being a long time coming in pent-up fashion. This can even be earthshaking when it comes to seismic events and perhaps volcanic ones as well, I’m not so sure about tsunamis though. Don’t rule anything out and be extra cautious.

Now, Venus in Leo (with the Mars energy blending into it) trine Chiron in Aries, this does allow for some good healing to take place. It could even be sexual healing for some, but more likely it’s a moderating influence in keeping the faith and working towards our goals and ambitions while the T-Square mucks everything up. It’s possible we get a new valuable possession, or perhaps even make some headway in a relationship that may have been in troubled waters, but it will take a lot of work to make sure the repairs aren’t undone.

Chiron sextile both Saturn retrograde and the North Node on Aldebaran in Gemini is fortunate on both fronts, and this forms a Minor Grand Trine (two bodies or points trine one another, and both sextile a third object or point as a focus). Saturn trine North Node allows us to use some internal discipline and ability to focus on work we need to get done, and this should allow us to grow and evolve into a better life for ourselves. Both of these sextile Chiron allows this hard work to pay off in terms of healing some of the woundings we’ve suffered in the past. Perhaps we’ve got a complex from a previous bad boss having told us our work wasn’t good enough, and now we find ourselves in a different job or profession where we have a boss that actually recognizes the value you bring as one example. Another possibility could very well be leaving an unsatisfying career to take up our own dream life and pursue our ambitions as a musician or artist, or writer even. The trine to Venus from Chiron does allow for that possibility for sure.

There’s also the matter of Mercury in Gemini (now out of its post-retrograde shadow and at full speed in one of its home signs) squaring Neptune retrograde. Miscommunications, missed messages, and misunderstandings are definitely possibilities. Make sure you’re being absolutely clear when communicating with others right now and for the duration of this lunar cycle. This can also feed into the fears of inadequacy and feeling like we’re being ignored or not being heard. This will pass, and I have to stress patience (especially with that Saturn-Uranus-Mars/Venus T-Square still active). Even I’ve been recently paralyzed by suspicions and misgivings, and that’s just not cool. It can happen to any of us, and this may be influencing some of the violent potentials and crimes of passion that are more likely with the Devil’s T-Square (as I’m going to call it now just to shorten how I describe it). And whatever you do, don’t bullshit anyone right now, least of all yourself. It won’t end well and will be found out later.

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn sextile Neptune retrograde in Pisces is another beneficial aspect. We’re recognizing what isn’t working in our careers and our public personas anymore, and we’re making the changes to get that settled. Neptune retrograde indicates a time where we’re drawing upon our inner wisdom and intuition, and combined with the sextile to Pluto, we’re prone to using our gut feelings more now to figure out what no longer serves us and make plans to do away with it. This can also be a time where we can go deep within and root out the core of what has been tormenting us for so long.

Finally, we’ve got Jupiter retrograde in Pisces trine Mercury in Gemini, so it’s an off-sign trine (off-element?). This is a time where we can pick up “messages from above” that will help guide us and let us know that we’re on the right path (or direct us to a better solution if we’re not). Don’t be surprised if you see a lot of seemingly random numbers now like 11:11 when looking at a clock, or some other significant repeating numbers or sequences that are personally meaningful to you. You won’t even have to go out of your way, you’ll just glance at a clock or an entry on a sheet of paper, and there it’ll be. Others may feel they’re getting “messages from god” or something similar.

To Sum it All Up

This lunar cycle is going to be something else. That Devil’s T-Square is going to lead us into the valley of temptation for sure, and many frustrations will still be vexing us for the lunar cycle. But there’s also plenty of help with the softer aspects we touched on in this article. We’re going to be called upon to react with a lot of patience, and trust in our intuitive and spiritual guidance to get us through the next few weeks.

Don’t lose hope and don’t give in to fear. It’s definitely a time we have to face our inner shadow and do that deep shadow work now. Myself included. Myself especially. Considering that the Devil’s T-Square, in interaction with my own natal Moon-Chiron conjunction in Taurus and natal Uranus in Scorpio, it’s more like a Devil’s Grand Cross by transit in my case. And it’s taking forever. But enough about me. We all have that inner shadow work to do now. Snap to it.