Full Moon Capricorn – July 2023

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Full Moon Capricorn is the culmination point for the New Moon in Gemini lunar cycle. We’ve got a lot going on at this point, and current events certainly point to a not-so-boring time.

The Full Moon Itself

The Full Moon goes exact at 11 Cap 18’4″ on July 3rd, 2023 4:38:40 PM PDT (11:38:40 AM UTC). The primary aspect of Sun opposite Moon is the culmination point of any lunar cycle. This time, it’s in the 10th sign of Capricorn, where the Moon is in detriment, and thus weaker. It’s also in the second decan of Capricorn, giving some slight Venus/Taurus resonation. Our emotional states and thought processes are firmly on our legacy and our stability. Essentially, building up and leaving something behind to be remembered.

The Sun in Cancer, the fourth sign, points to themes of our home lives, private thoughts, and what we do outside the view of others. With the Sun in second decan of Cancer, we get some Mars/Pluto/Scorpio energy here. Work-life balance and our debts to others, as well as shared resources will be in focus for the remainder of this lunar cycle.

Full Moons are a time of completion, reaping what we sowed at the beginning of the New Moon cycle. Over the next couple of weeks, all these themes will play out.

Other Aspects to this Full Moon

Crossed Wires

Mercury in Cancer, conjunct the Sun and fixed star Sirius opposes New Moon Capricorn. This has a dual effect of Mercury being combust, or being “burnt up” by the Sun so slightly reducing its power in one aspect. Yet, being with Sirius adds some additional influence, this being:

With Mercury: Great business success, help through influential people, worries unnecessarily, associated with the Church, physical defect through accident.

Constellations of Words: Sirius

So there would normally be some level of success we can have in business matters, which hits home a bit with the New Moon in Capricorn. However, it’s not so simple. Venus entered pre-retrograde shadow before this Full Moon, so that planet’s slowing down and showing some slowdown on money matters. Also, again, Mercury is combust when this close to the Sun and weakened. So the worries are going to be kicking in. Neptune just entered retrograde on June 30th right before this Full Moon as well, also influencing this fear-factor.

As far as real-world examples already playing out? Twitter implementing a limit on tweets per day to be viewed by users (varying depending on “Verified” status and non-verified or new accounts), which is wreaking havoc on some users’ usage of that service. There’s also been some issues with some users being incorrectly limited further by tripping some false-positives on some anti-bot measures. The limits are “temporary,” though how temporary remains to be seen. Could be quick, could be lengthy. With these influences mentioned above,

Productivity Boost?

New Moon Capricorn sextiles Saturn retrograde in Pisces, and trines Jupiter in Taurus. This is a more fortunate set of influence, effectively making a Minor Grand Trine (two trine bodies both sextiling a third body, making an isosceles triangle when looking at a chart).

Full Moon sextile Saturn retrograde in Pisces helps things along a bit. While Saturn in Pisces, and retrograde, can be a bit of a wet blanket in terms of our loftier goals, we can make use of the energy to draw upon some inner discipline to bolster mental focus. This will be instrumental in pursuing our more career-oriented goals.

Full Moon trine Jupiter in Taurus further helps things along. Jupiter expands what it touches, and is also a planet associated with optimism (being Sagittarius’ ruler). There’s potential to increase gains, as mercurial as they may be. With Jupiter sextile Saturn retrograde, discipline and a measure of luck can work together. Now, gambling wantonly will not help here. What will help is planning out a course of attack, and working on tasks that need to be done such as job hunting or getting a key part of a project completed.

In fact, this set of aspects works with the Sun and Mercury in Cancer to finish creating a bowl aspect, given that Jupiter also apexes a Minor Grand Trine from Saturn and the Sun. While Mercury and Saturn are technically outside the trine range, the conjunction to the Sun which is trine Saturn should add the influence somewhat.

In short, we’ve got some good potential to shore up our more domestic concerns and balance it a bit with the work, career, and reputational arenas. Again, not through gambling, but through applied and steady effort. It’s just all of these retrogrades and other contentious aspects will make this a little more difficult than it needs to be.

Other Noteworthy Transits During this Full Moon

Chaos From Beneath the Surface Unleashed

This is a big one: Uranus in Taurus square Venus, Black Moon Lilith, and Mars in Leo. This is a pretty unstable mix that is proving to be quite explosive. Uranus is, of course, rebellion, surprises, unexpected events, and sudden changes. Uranus is also not happy in Taurus, where it’s in fall. It’s weaker here in fixed, stable Taurus. The shake-ups Uranus brings tend to be more unstable.

Uranus square Venus brings uncertainty in partnerships, money, and resources. We can see this with some of the market volatility in stocks, the job market, and the ongoing drama in cryptocurrency land.

Venus also represents what we find attractive, so art is highlighted. As an example of this, there were some mishaps recently in the NFT space. Two specific examples of this were the reveal of design choices in Meme Land’s Captainz reveal, and another being the Azuki Elementals art reveal being considered very similar to the original Azuki collection’s art, hence a concern of saturating a market and diluting the value of previous digital art. (The Elementals “mint” didn’t go smoothly either with technical issues and a very short (10 minute) window in which to claim, which didn’t help matters).

Uranus square Black Moon Lilith brings forth what’s been brewing under the surface to light, and sometimes with harsh consequences. The recent Titan submersible disaster is a prime example of this, with some brushing off of safety concerns leading to the loss of all five people aboard in a catastrophic implosion. The ongoing investigation into Donald Trump’s handling of classified information is another example of this bringing revelations to light.

Uranus square Mars is heavily explosive. This is rebellion, even revolution. Riots, chaos, people lighting things on fire, whether in response to perceived or actual injustices. The riots and chaos in France right now stemming from a young man being killed by a police officer in a use of excessive force is very much a prime example of this. Uranus square Mars also highlights excessive property destruction by acts of violence.

The recent Wagner mutiny and the partial march to Moscow, plus the sudden stop and the seeming exile of Yevgeny Prigozhin would be an example of Uranus square all three of Venus (money), Mars (violence, military action), and Black Moon Lilith (long-simmering grievances boiling over).

Make or Break

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn square the Nodes (North in Taurus, South in Scorpio) indicates a time where our reputations and marks on the world are at a crossroads. The North Node represents our goals and destinies, this being in the sign of money and stability. The South Node, meanwhile, is in Pluto’s domain of other people’s resources, death, sex, and the occult. Pluto, of course, is the destroyer and renewer.

We’re called to make some hard decisions during this Full Moon about what we need to eliminate. One set of choices gets you to more stability and resources. The other choice keeps you indebted to others and reaching back to previous comfort zones. What kind of legacy do you want to leave? Your actions will decide this.

Heed Your Subconscious

Neptune retrograde in Pisces sextile Pluto retrograde in Capricorn grants insights that will prove helpful in making that decision mentioned above. Neptune is mysticism, the subconscious, the dream world. We need to draw on our inner voice now, and determine how we’re going to advance our goals.

This combination also points to a time where some of us will sacrifice some addictions or bad habits to further our ambitions or change our lives. Some of us have been wondering what steps to take to kick bad habits and destructive behaviors, and some will be called to make a more public call for help or assistance. Those people just have to make that choice and pick up the phone.

There is the danger of sliding back into old addictions too, drawing inward to a more destructive comfort zone. The sextile is a “softer” aspect, but there is that ever slight, subtle hint of resting on one’s laurels. Don’t get complacent.

Take Some R and R

Chiron in Aries trine Venus and Black Moon Lilith in Leo tells me that a great many of us need to take a load off in some way. An overwhelming itch to let loose, go for a drive, relax, pursue a few hobbies. Venus and Lilith together like this can prove beneficial for some deep creative work, especially for those who make a living doing creative things like music, art, poetry, etc.

Chiron, of course being the wounded healer, both heals and wounds. The trine here allows for some creative input and some much-needed relaxation to recharge our batteries. Take time to rest, or your mind and body will make the time for you.

Don’t Lose Your Head

Mars quincunx Neptune retrograde can be a bit annoying. Mars is action, drive, passion, anger, rage. Neptune is more mental and free-flowing, more cerebral. With this awkward quincunx aspect, we could be rushing to conclusions or letting our worst fears run amok. Try to keep it together and try some relaxation techniques to help you cope. Doodle, write, meditate. All help get the clutter out of your head and make a little more sense of things.

Not a time to force arguments and stern discussions if you can help it. There’s an increased air of feeling nagged or having your toes stepped on with this aspect. Be civil.

To Sum It Up

This Full Moon in Capricorn shows that there’s some potential to put some discipline in and get some tasks out of the way, and also a need to take a break now and then. However, we need to keep in mind that bad habits die hard with this transit.

Things aren’t entirely clear right now and a lot is not going to plan now. Retreat and regroup, and reevaluate if you have to. Once you have a clearer picture, then you can help bolster your end goals.

Work-life balance and the march towards our legacies and destinies will be a bit more involved now. But we can get it done. Some of our previous goals may no longer be viable. The others will require adjustments.

Try to take the next couple weeks in stride. Peace.

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