Lunar Eclipse Gemini – November 2020 – Changing of the Guard

Lunar Eclipse

Here it is, Eclipse Season once again. More changes in store for us, and a changing of the guard is at hand for certain. This is actually looking like an easier Lunar Eclipse we’re dealing with overall when looking at major body aspects, but it’s still a potent Full Moon. It’s in progress as I type this… again. Lots going on personally, so don’t mind me.

The Lunar Eclipse Itself

The Lunar Eclipse goes exact at 08 Gem 38’01” on November 30th, 2020 at 01:29:38 PST (09:29:38 UTC). The Sun opposes Moon as with all Lunar Eclipses, as this is a supercharged Full Moon. This Lunar Eclipse, being in the sign of Gemini, has Mercurial qualities, and this will be dealing more overall with our local environment, how we come across to others, messages, and other communiques. The Sun, being in Sagittarius, also lends a Jovial element to things, and this will also play into our sense of optimism for the future. Those with aspects from 3 to 13 degrees Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces (the mutable signs) will be feeling a much larger impact from this eclipse.

Other Aspects to the Lunar Eclipse

Not a whole lot directly aspecting this Lunar Eclipse, believe it or not. What does aspect is quite significant though.

Lunar Eclipse Gemini Conjunct Fixed Star Aldebaran

This is generally a fortunate combination, at least as far as Moon and Aldebaran goes. This should be a good time for business affairs to start picking up again (pandemic notwithstanding), and public and religious matters can benefit now. However, there is the danger of some sort of disaster or calamity, which COVID-19 would certainly qualify as. Those able to take advantage of this energy will do well.

Lunar Eclipse Gemini Semisextile Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

The other aspect to the Lunar Eclipse itself is a triggering aspect to the planet of rebellion in the fixed sign of the bull. Stability seems to be in question right now, and given the changing political environment here in the U.S., this is certainly the question of the day. The markets seem to be liking the current direction, but will it last? I don’t think we’re quite at the “running of the bulls” phase quite yet. Stabilize what you can, and weather the storms to come, as I think there’s a devil in the details that’s being obscured right now.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the Lunar Eclipse

There’s a few other aspects going on during this eclipse that are adding their own sets of colors to this cycle.

Sun in Sagittarius Conjunct Fixed Star Antares

This is where we have the barbarians at the gates. Antares is quite an incendiary star, and the Sun here does point to deceptions, false sincerity, and treachery. Some gains to be had, but one should watch their back in this case. This is the counterpoint to the Moon-Aldebaran link we have going on right now. Don’t believe everything that you read, and do be careful not to be too trusting of certain parties who are out for their own agendas.

Sun in Sagittarius Quincunx Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

This is another element we have to consider in addition to the semisextile mentioned before. We’ve got some uncertainty in our resources and possessions right now, and this is a time where we would expect some optimism and luck to shine, it’s just that we’re having some trouble seeing how we can reconcile any sort of optimism with what’s going on with the uncertainty we’re seeing overall now. We’ll be hard-pressed to come up with any sort of stable answers, so concern yourselves with what you can control, and consider contingency planning for if the situation suddenly destabilizes further. We’re not quite out of the change in power season quite yet.

Mercury in Scorpio Sextile Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn in Capricorn

This is a rather potent sextile here. Jupiter, Pluto, and Saturn together brings quite a powerful punch, especially in a sign associated with markets, governmental institutions, and overall societal structures. What’s been hidden beneath the surface is coming to light however, with Mercury announcing changes to come. Debts are certainly coming due, and it would seem some will be paid at least, while others will have their day in the public eye. Other governing and societal changes are certainly coming, so expect announcements very soon.

Venus in Scorpio Opposite Uranus Retrograde in Taurus

This plays into the triggering by the Lunar Eclipse. We’ve got the upstart and rebel in a place it’s not happy to be in, and the planet of relationships, beauty, and what we value is in the sign of the scorpion. Deep meaning here as what we owe others is coming into play during this Lunar Eclipse cycle, and there could be some unexpected bills coming due. Others may be finding some untimely job loss hitting just in time for the holidays (like I am, with the last day being… well, right after this Eclipse! If I had a nickel every time this happened…) We may find ourselves just over and done with the annoyances and ready to shake things up and try something new. Just make sure you’re not building on a foundation of sand.

Mars in Aries Sextile North Node in Gemini

Wasn’t Mars in Aries during the last Lunar Eclipse? Yes, it was! IF that tells you how long this retrograde cycle in its own home sign has gone. Mars is passion, drive, anger, and can represent raw sexuality. The sextile to the North Node points to some inroads in advancing towards getting things done and underway towards our greater destinies. The stronger flip-side to this is going to be the trine to the South Node in Sagittarius, however, where our pasts and foundations will be playing into this fiery energy boost from the god of war. We can see where the past has gotten us, and we can use this time to build better.

Mars in Aries Semisextile Neptune in Pisces

Neptune, the illusory planet of deep mystery, is no longer retrograde in its home sign. We’re finding ourselves spurred to action to harness the visions from beyond and to invoke our creativity in ways that we weren’t ready to act on before. Epiphanies and visions coming from meditation and dreams should be quite intense during this Eclipse cycle.

Neptune in Pisces Square North Node in Gemini

As Neptune is now shifted towards a forward motion (though it will take awhile to get going), we’re finding ourselves at a crossroads with what we’ve expected to materialize in our visions for the year, and what is actually going on. This isn’t going to be an easy time, but it’s one we have to delve deep into our psyche and subconscious to figure out. We’ve still got stumbling blocks stemming from past regrets and fears of previous mistakes, and we need to reconcile that with what we know to be a better path forward. Sometimes we’ve got to learn to trust that intuition a bit more, and not dismiss everything out of hand. We’ve also got to not take everything at face value, as that’s probably how we got into some of the pickles we’ve been in up to this point as well. Do be aware of malicious entities and forces trying to steer you wrong at this time.

Asteroids Aspecting the Lunar Eclipse

There’s certainly some interesting pictures being painted by the asteroids for this Lunar Eclipse too.

Lunar Eclipse Gemini Conjunct 1912 Anubis Retrograde

Anubis, the guardian of the underworld in Egyptian mythology, being with the Lunar Eclipse right now urges us to be watchful of those which would seek to corrupt our memory of the dead. Certainly some spiritual goings on, as I swear I’ve been seeing more shadows out of the corner of my eye over the last couple of days. If you feel like you’ve been communicating with the dead or departed ancestors, check your feelings and make sure that’s actually your departed loved ones or ancestors you’re dealing with.

Lunar Eclipse Gemini Opposite 55555 DNA and 3412 Kafka in Sagittarius

This combination is a bit concerning, but not surprising. DNA means just that, DNA and genetics. The coronavirus vaccines are getting close to emergency authorization, but this entire saga has seemed rather, well, Kafkaesque in nature. Expect more surprises before we actually see viable vaccines hit the market. I’m expecting a snare looking at this, whether from regulatory hurdles or from some unforeseen side effects. Use caution.

Lunar Eclipse Gemini Square 7066 Nessus in Pisces

This isn’t very friendly. Nessus, the ever-present centaur, is associated with obsessions at best, and outright abuse at worst. I’d even argue gaslighting at this point, which is what we’re seeing from some individuals in the public eye. Trust your own gut, and be on guard for those who would use and abuse your trust, much less yourselves. Psychological abuse can be just as horrible, if not more so, than physical abuse, after all: the wounds are not immediately visible.

Lunar Eclipse Gemini Quincunx 85047 Krakatau in Capricorn

Given the emotional nature of this eclipse, Krakatau seems like a fitting thing to have an awkward quincunx (or inconjunct) aspect to it. In the public eye, we can expect some sort of outburst to occur. A terror incident could be indicated at worst, but let’s hope not.

Lunar Eclipse Gemini Semisextile 8543 Tsunemi Retrograde in Cancer

Tsunemi sounds awfully close to “tsunami”, and right now we’ve got a tsunami of emotions that have been flowing through the psychic atmosphere as of late. I’m not expecting an actual tsunami to hit some shoreline anywhere at this time.

Lunar Eclipse Gemini Sextile 5180 Ohno and 3063 Makhaon Retrograde in Aries, and 26 Proserpina and 149 Medusa in Leo

This is an interesting matchup. I think we can expect some sort of softening of the blow from apparent occult interests on one hand, perhaps the offending parties experiencing blowback from their ill-crafted, umm, craft. On the other side, we have a bit of an underworld vibe coming to the surface, and I think a realization of betrayal being uncovered. We should probably be able to navigate deceptions before they ensnare us a little better now, given what I’m seeing here.

Lunar Eclipse Gemini Trine 151 Abundantia in Aquarius, and 58534 Logos, 1027 Aesculapia, and 258 Tyche in Libra

We’ll end on this asteroid Grand Trine. Abundantia just means that, abundance, and a trine to the Lunar Eclipse does point to some abundance on the technological and unconventional side coming from Aquarius. On the other side of this, Logos is essentially “the Word,” and with a healing asteroid and what I usually consider a career asteroid, we could see some breakthrough in health and vaccine research right now. I wonder how the Kafkaesque part from earlier comes into play, but perhaps it’s a regulatory hurdle? This asteroid grand trine is definitely giving me a ray of hope for the future where it pertains to getting this virus under control.

In Closing

This Lunar Eclipse is not as intense as the last one, but definitely has enough going on to warrant caution. There’s a ray of cautious optimism going on here too, we just need to get through this Eclipse Season, and I haven’t yet looked at the upcoming Solar Eclipse coming in a couple weeks to see just how this is all going to play out. Again, be safe about things, and try to keep fears and uncertainty in check. Until next time.


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