Solar Eclipse Aquarius – February 2018 – Soul Storm

Solar Eclipse

It’s time for another Solar Eclipse! Again, no charts uploaded for this one, so we’re going with descriptions once again. The commute is taking a lot out of me. The sheer amount of rage I was feeling this whole day before writing this, and later hearing about the shooting in Florida, it makes sense. I seem to get these rage spells before something major happens. I don’t know if this is an Eclipse effect on myself (as this Eclipse is 3 degree orb opposite my own Sun, and the previous Solar Eclipse was 2 degrees conjunct my sun, in time for my solar return… I am heavily amped on eclipse energies right now). Let’s begin while I still can get at least 5 hours of sleep.

The Solar Eclipse itself takes peaks at 13:05:08 PST on February 15th, 2018. I intend to look at the aspects from Solar Eclipse to other bodies first, and then some of the more exact positions afterwards. This will be solely a Southern Hemisphere eclipse as well, so us northerners won’t see anything. A Solar Eclipse can be thought of as a supercharged New Moon, and its effects are generally felt for several months after it passes. Given the sheer intensity of the preceding Lunar Eclipse, this Solar one will be felt I feel for an entire year, so consider this as a sort of transit snapshot to consider in your dealings.

And… All planets are still direct during this Solar Eclipse. This is very rare for all planets to be direct during both a Lunar and Solar eclipse cycle, much less all planets direct for two months or more. I don’t have figures as to the last time this has happened. I’m not even sure if it’s in the last century or two, to be honest.

Primarily, the Solar Eclipse conjuncts Mercury, greatly amplifying communications and travel matters. Given that both are in Aquarius, basically, a lot is going to be in the air, frankly. Both Solar Eclipse and Mercury square Jupiter in Scorpio as well, putting us at odds with some major dark energies. We’re going to be feeling at odds with where we’re going, how we’re getting there, and we are just going to be diving deep into our belief systems trying to figure out just how the hell we’re supposed to pull all of this off. Solar Eclipse conjunct Juno also puts our families and loved ones into focus, and this is a time where we need to figure out where they stand with us, and us with them. Are we being upfront with them, or are we hiding something for our own ulterior motives?

Further aspecting the Solar Eclipse is a semisextile to Chiron and Narcissus in Pisces. What this tells me is that we’ve got some event that’s triggering our emotions in a big way, and whether its the ego and conceit of ourselves or someone else we know, it’s causing us some unneeded pain right now, and we’ve got this urge to confront it and do something about it. How we handle this is entirely up to us.

Solar Eclipse sextile Ixion (itself on Galactic Center) and trine Leviathan in Gemini gives us a minor boost in confronting those who would take advantage of us and swallow us whole.

Mercury conjunct Juno and sextile Uranus points to some sudden and unexpected messages and travels regarding family and relationships. Uranus in Aries makes this hot hot hot, and the sextile is an easier aspect to deal with, so these unexpected developments should be quite positive actually. Mercury and Juno trine Lust in Gemini, while Lust sextiles Uranus also supports this. This could be a time period where some nice honeymoon travels take place.

We do have some cautionary tales to consider too, as Venus conjuncts Nessus and Silver in Pisces during this Eclipse. This has to do with what we value, what we find attractive, relationships, perhaps some job details as well. And this conjuncts the asteorid of obsession and potential abuse in the sign of free-flowing emotion. We run a risk of getting overly attached to someone or something that may not necessarily be the best thing for us right now, and Silver in the mix suggests this will have to do with money or precious objects or metals. Venus opposite Medusa retrograde in Virgo and quincunx Nymphe and Ceres (both also retrograde in Leo), while also semisextiling Eros in Aquarius warns us to be very careful with who we open our hearts (among other parts of our bodies) to at this time as well. We need to make sure we’re not betraying ourselves for something that’s not going to ultimately be of value to us, after all. Fortunately, Venus sextile Saturn in Capricorn and Cupido in Taurus should give us a little bit of stability and discipline so we don’t completely go off of the deep end.

During this eclipse season, we do also have a potentially troublesome aspect with Mars in Sagittarius square Neptune in Pisces. Mars wants to go and it wants to go now!. Trouble is, it’s at odds with Neptune, the planet of illusions and daydreaming, and pretty much what this tells me is that we want to go, but we have no solid idea where we should be going, and it’s pretty much going to go all over the place! As Mars semisextiles Pandora and Black Moon Lilith at the same time, we could be going into a world of trouble if we don’t take a step back and have a solid plan in place. I mean, we could just go down the rabbit hole and see where we end up, but who knows what that’ll give us… Given the other aspects, that’s just trouble brewing! Build a solid plan, Mars trining North Node will help us find our way and point us in the right direction, thankfully!

Now, given that Neptune would be semisextile South Node at this same time, what that means for us is that if we let ourselves get lost in the shuffle, we’ll likely retreat back to the same illusory places that aren’t advancing us anywhere. Neptune and South Node in this configuration can also mean retreating back into habits of addiction, such as drugs and alcohol, and with all the goings on right now, that is a very strong temptation right now. It’s even a strong indicator of the opioid crisis, in my humble opinion, and that Mars square to Neptune definitely makes this a priority. Granted, it would be even more of a problem if Neptune were conjunct the South Node, but the semisextile (and thus quincunx to North Node) suggests further that we need a clear path forward.

I’m going to end with notating that Uranus and Pluto are still squaring at a wide orb. While that can be a bit problematic for us in general and can upend our world a bit, it’s much more subtle now than it was before during the 2010-2015 period. But it’s still there slightly, albeit in its death throes. Uranus being sextile the Solar Eclipse does give us a degree of insulation from the carnage, so it’s not all doom and gloom. Pluto sextile Jupiter also helps us along with some growth in our lives, and with knowing what we must cast away and give up to God or Creator or whoever you believe in (if you’re into that), we should trust that some things will work out the way they should. The rest, we need to pay attention and help that working-out along, and intelligently.

That is all I have time for, and believe me, it’s a powerful Eclipse time for us all. I’m way short on sleep as I finish this up, so pretty much just be careful, and be vigilant. Good things will come, we just need to be ready for them, recognize when they’re in front of us, and if you have a strong sixth sense telling you of danger, pay attention to it. General advice, but very pertinent for this time. I’ve got to cut and run now. Until next time.