Full Moon Sagittarius – June 2022 – Overoptimism

Full Moon Sagittarius 2022

Certainly not the easiest lunar cycle we’ve been in. Lots of unrest, lots of changes. It’s been one to remember so far, and this culmination point definitely denotes a great deal going on.

The Full Moon Itself

The Full Moon goes exact at 23 Sag 25’22” on June 14th, 2022 at 4:51:43 AM PDT (11:51:43 AM UTC). The main aspect of Sun opposite Moon put the moon in Sagittarius, giving this a normally optimistic vibe and putting some emphasis on foreign and long-distance travel. Essentially, we’re looking at 9th house-style matters with the Full Moon here. Philosophy and articulating beliefs also come into play, given Sagittarius being ruled by expansive Jupiter.

The Sun in Gemini puts some of the give and take on local and short-distance travel and obligations, as well as how we communicate and come across to others.

Other Aspects to the Full Moon

Wishful Thinking

The big aspect we’ve got going on for this Full Moon is Neptune in Pisces squaring the Full Moon, forming a T-Square between itself and the Sun and Moon. Neptune is enhanced in Pisces, as it rules that sign. Dreaminess, illusions, wishful thinking are all denoted with this placement.

With the T-Square involving Neptune and the Full Moon, harsh realities have this way of getting in the way of our loftier aspirations. We have some thoughts of what we could do to have fun, or to get ahead. The reality just doesn’t mesh well with the hopes we had here. Our challenge will be to keep our head out of the clouds, and our feet on the ground so we don’t trip.

Will to Succeed

Saturn retrograde in Aquarius sextile the Full Moon in Sagittarius demands of us to look within and see where we’ve been sabotaging ourselves. We want to get ahead, and of course there’s that desire for the easier path. We’d be looking at this the wrong way though. We do need some inner discipline to get through our trials here, and what will work may just be a small tweak.

We have to look within now and figure out where we’ve been lax in our follow through. The good news is, given this aspect, we can invoke some self-discipline now and establish better habits.

Is This Where We Really Want to Go?

North Node in Taurus Quincunx Full Moon Sagittarius is an awkward position. We need to build a more stable future for ourselves, yet we may be dwelling on the past (given Full Moon semisextile South Node in Scorpio). We need to focus. Whatever held us back in the past, we can deal with it, reflect on it, and leave it in the past. Sometimes easier said than done, especially if we’re talking about traumatic events. We have to deal with it though if we’re going to build that better future.

Other Noteworthy Aspects During the Full Moon

Knowing When to Save Face

Mercury at 0 Gemini (in post-retrograde shadow) trine Pluto retrograde in Capricorn seems like a softer aspect, but it can also be a challenge. We haven’t been able to bring ourselves to have a difficult conversation. That time is coming, and it may go over more smoothly than we fear.

This kind of conversation has been a long time coming, and it could be the end or pause of a friendship, a relationship, or some aspect of our public persona just needs to go. Conversely, perhaps we’ve been holding back because we’re afraid of forging or rekindling a linkage.

It’s time to have that conversation, perhaps. If you’re ready. If not, you may find yourself having that conversation outside of your own terms when Mercury opposes Pluto later on this year. Better to clear the air now when this is more favorable. Just don’t lose yourself in wishful thinking.

Rethinking What We Value

Venus conjunct both Uranus and North Node in Taurus brings a lot of change when it comes to our finances, our relationships, and what we thought we wanted.

Uranus is rebellion, surprise, sudden changes. Venus denotes what we value, who we value, money, romance, relationships. And the North Node is our greater destiny, the goal for which we strive.

As we’ve seen recently, financial stability isn’t guaranteed, and perhaps we should be rethinking what we look at as “wealth”. The cryptocurrency markets and tech stocks especially have been hard hit. (As I write this, Ethereum has halved in the past month since the last Lunar Eclipse).

It does not help that Saturn retrograde in Aquarius loosely squares Venus and the North Node during this aspect. Our long-term planning can be plagued by doubts within ourselves, and the overall technical mishaps and poor planning of other actors. One example of this is Celsius freezing the withdrawals and transfers outside of its service to its users, causing a massive selloff of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrency assets as it is forced to liquidate its positions.

Don’t overpromise anything, especially now.


Mars conjunct Chiron in Aries during the Full Moon culmination. Enough said.

Mars is action, passion, fury, rage, anger, male bravado, and at worst, violence. Chiron is the wounded healer, where we hurt, and where we can heal.

Whatever hurt us forcefully in the past will come up. New hurts will come up. Perhaps you haven’t been assertive enough in the past, or you’re trying to make up for it by being aggressive now. Neither will be very helpful when being assertive is what is needed.

The other danger here is this: People’s egos are being bruised quite hard right now. And chances are, its in conjunction with the unexpected events of Uranus-Venus linking up in Taurus, challenging stability. Money problems bring lots of self-doubt and heavy discomfort. We’re seeing this all around, globally. Gas prices, food prices, inflation… and of course, it’s affecting our own sense of identity. Some of us are probably feeling disempowered right now. Don’t.

This too will pass.

At What Price Optimism?

Jupiter in Aries square Black Moon Lilith in Cancer is another contentious aspect. Jupiter is, of course, optimism, expansion, philosophy, and can also represent exploring the foreign and far-off.

Black Moon Lilith is the hidden mystery, the occult, and the darker, shadowy side of the feminine. It’s the inner truth, the inner secret. The inner power if you will.

With the square here, we’re facing hidden truths that are at odds with our preferred outlook of the world. What we think we know, we find that we do not know. Or we’ve been taught the wrong things.

We are challenged, for the next couple weeks, to unlearn. And then we must relearn, the right way this time.

Breaking Cycles

Neptune in Pisces sextile Pluto retrograde in Capricorn is more of a generational aspect here, as both are pretty slow movers. Neptune is dreamy, illusory, and can also denote addictions. Pluto retrograde is the inner manifestation of death, rebirth. In Capricorn, Pluto retrograde can also represent the self-destruction of institutions.

We find now that governments are forced to ask the long, hard questions. The soul-searching, assuming an institution is even bothering to have a soul. There are some signs of hope, yet there are also signs of a major domestic crisis inside many nations. Especially true for the United States, as we are now less than a month away from the Second Impact of the U.S. Pluto Return (the retrograde portion of the Pluto Return cycle).

On our own personal levels, we can use this energy to draw insights from our subconscious, higher selves, the universe, etc. Use these insights to deal with what needs to be done away with that is afflicting your career and reputation.

To Sum it Up

There’s still a potential to keep building towards what we want in our lives, even with the ongoing aspects right now. The challenge is to keep a clear head and not given in to delusions and fear. We also need to be more realistic with what we can do right now. At the same time, there’s nothing wrong with the appropriate leap of faith.

Don’t lose hope. Things have a tendency of coming through. We just need to weather the storm until they do. And we have to work at it to get those things to come through. Can’t just lie on our backs and expect things to fall into place. We’ve got to position our pieces on the board, after all.