Lunar Eclipse Sagittarius – May 2021 – Hard Truths Part 2 – Asteroids

Lunar Eclipse

As I stated in part 1 of the May 2021 Lunar Eclipse article, I was going to try to get the asteroid aspects up in a separate article. After taking a quick look, it’s a good thing I’m getting to this.

Lunar Eclipse Recap

The Lunar Eclipse goes exact at 05 Sag 25’46” on May 26th, 2021 at 04:13:51 PST (11:13:51 UTC). With the Sun opposing Moon, whatever asteroids aspect the Moon itself will also aspect the Sun. Any asteroids conjunct the Lunar Eclipse will be especially potent for the duration of the eclipse cycle, and the tighter the orb to an exact conjunction, the stronger the influence will be.

Asteroids Aspecting the Lunar Eclipse

There aren’t as many asteroids as I usually see among my usual setlists aspecting this Lunar Eclipse, but those that do are rather interesting…

Lunar Eclipse Sagittarius Conjunct 128 Nemesis Retrograde and 8813 Leviathan Retrograde

This asteroid conjunction is rather telling, and a bit unsettling. Nemesis, to me, means just that: a nemesis, a potential enemy, or a rival. Leviathan, going along with this, is a massive sea monster in many legends, whether biblical or otherwise. Essentially, we’ve got some serious threat or enemy vibes brewing beneath the surface here. Given the optimistic nature of Sagittarius, I’m going to say a great amount of trouble and worst enemies are going to be of our own making, or already have been of our own making. The phrase “you are your own worst enemy” comes to mind with this, and this would certainly be a time to see where you’re getting in your own way. It will be painfully apparent for some more than others.

Lunar Eclipse Sagittarius Square 390 Alma in Pisces and 4955 Gold in Virgo

This pair of squares effectively creates an asteroid Grand Cross, and is about a degree from being exact in both directions. Alma sounds to me like ‘alms,” as in “alms for the poor,” and thus we’ll be seeing some themes of charity popping up during this eclipse cycle. Gold, on the other side, is a money or financial asteroid, and means just that: gold and what we hold as precious or valuable to us. Given the square aspects to both, we can expect that charity and what some would consider “hand outs” will be of great prominence right now, while money matters will also be a bit testy in other ways, particularly when it comes to what we earn ourselves. I would wager that the prospect of more government assistance for those still not able to find work, or not willing to return to certain types of work (whether that be for health and safety reasons, or other factors), that’s something that will be a point of contention for much of the rest of this year. There’s going to be some hard conversations, I’m sure.

Asteroid Yod: Lunar Eclipse Sagittarius Quincunx 14827 Hypnos in Cancer, and Quincunx 13897 Vesuvius, 3063 Makhaon, and Ceres in Taurus

This blend of aspects is putting a solid focus on the Lunar Eclipse itself, and given the Nemesis-Leviathan link, this is going to be a bit of a ride. Hypnos suggests hypnosis, being put under a spell, mind control, and given the position in Cancer, it’s likely going to be some pretty emotional triggers that will be most played upon when it comes to “whispering campaigns,” propaganda, and other calls to action.

On the other side of this asteroid Yod, we’ve got Vesuvius, Makhaon, and Ceres. Vesuvius is named for Mount Vesuvius, the volcano that came back to life and obliterated Pompeii and Herculaneum so long ago, and thus is a rather volcanic asteroid in astrology. Explosive, even. Mixing it up with this is Makhaon, which to me is an occult asteroid, and one I would associate with making magic. Ceres, of course, denotes hearth and home. Put all three together, and there’s some fiery vibes being generated inside our homesteads right now.

Putting this all together as a full asteroid Yod, and including Nemesis-Leviathan, I would say that this is a time where we need to keep an eye out for homestead repairs being needed, and also to make sure we are keeping our home spaces free of negative influences, especially when it comes to subliminal or subtle messaging. News and media broadcasts would be one attack vector for this, but also newsprint, magazines, fliers, and even neighborly gossip.

Lunar Eclipse Sagittarius Sextile 258 Tyche Retrograde and 58534 Logos Retrograde in Libra

On the softer side of things, we have a more gentle sextile from the Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius to these two asteroids in the sign of relationships and partnerships. Tyche is what some would consider a career asteroid, and I think we’ll be able to work our magic a bit better when it comes to how we see ourselves building and maintaining important relationships. Logos stands for truth, and this is a time where we will be able to more readily see and recognize the truth in how we approach partnerships. Both of these asteroids are retrograde, so a good bit of this work will be inside ourselves. This could also denote some deconstruction of relationships, but given the sextile, such discontinuations will be more for our benefit in the long run.

Lunar Eclipse Sagittarius Trine 100 Hekate in Aries

Hekate, in legend, is the goddess of crossroads and witchcraft. What we have here with this Lunar Eclipse is an opportunity to take decisive action and work our magick when it comes to determining our course ahead of us. We’re at a decision point in our lives, all of us, and being in Aries, we need to act in our own best interests at this time. Given that Mercury is about to enter its retrograde period, and Saturn retrograde has already begun, we may not be able to make these decisions and movements right away, but the time will come. Start your planning now if you haven’t already done so. Definitely recognize your boundaries, and make sure no malicious magicks are acting upon yourself right now, especially any spells or mantras you unintentionally place upon yourself (so be mindful of your thoughts!).

Lunar Eclipse Sagittarius Semisextile Pholus Retrograde, 2598 Merlin Retrograde, and 433 Eros Retrograde in Capricorn

Finally, we have a few asteroids making what I’d consider a “triggering” aspect to this Lunar Eclipse. Pholus is a centaur (both in mythology and in terms of celestial object classification), and denotes intoxication. Merlin, of course, is named for the wizard of legend in King Arthur’s tales (to put it very simply), and Eros embodies erotic love and lust. Altogether, this combination suggests that themes of lust, love, the intoxicating feelings thereof, and the magic that can be made from this and working towards this end will be quite strong right now. As these three asteroids are in Capricorn, our reputations and careers will definitely be in focus when it comes to such romantic and lustful themes. We could find ourselves breaking off a relationship or pursuing a new relationship in regards to career or for status, for example.

In Closing

Given the asteroid aspects to this Lunar Eclipse, there’s plenty of opportunity for hidden threats and dangers to come to light. We also need to make sure that we’re not being our own worst enemies right now, as we certainly do not need to engage in self-sabotage in this highly energetic moment. If you are sabotaging yourself, recognize how, and take whatever steps are necessary to put an end to it. It certainly won’t be an overnight process, but one that is most certainly worth engaging in. There’s also the very strong possibility of relationship shifts, so do make sure you do the work necessary to maintain those bonds that are still meaningful to you. Those bonds that are not in your best interest will be more likely to fade away or dissolve completely during this eclipse cycle. Don’t dwell on them if they do end now. After all, many endings lead to new beginnings.

Dividing the article in this way seems to work well, I think, and I may write this way in the future. I think this will work better overall.