Full Moon Aquarius – August 2023

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This hasn’t been the easiest lunar cycle, not with the Grand Cross that was in effect to kick off New Moon Cancer earlier in July. The lunar culmination point in this cycle doesn’t get much easier, though we don’t have a Grand Cross for the collective this time in terms of major planets and luminaries.

The Full Moon Itself

The Full Moon goes exact at 09 Aqu 15’48” on August 1st, 2023 at 11:31:37 AM PDT / 6:31:37 PM UTC. As always, the primary aspect of Sun opposite Moon culminates the current active lunar cycle. As of this time, the Moon finds itself in the first decan of airy Aquarius, co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus. Aquarius is the eleventh sign, and is rather unconventional. Aquarius is also associated with information technology and many things digital, so we can expect developments regarding AI, cryptocurrency, general tech news, and other innovations.

The Sun, meanwhile, sits in its home sign of Leo, and is thus at greater power than at other times of the year. Leo, being the fifth sign, indicates where we want to relax, chill out, have some fun in the sun and perhaps have some summer love. That’s easier said than done this year given the active Venus retrograde and the recent North Node Aries-South Node Libra ingress.

With this dichotomy, we’ve got creativity on our minds, and the tradition-breaking impulse of throwing caution to the wind with the Moon where it’s at. A sharp contrast to the emotional amplification that kicked off the lunar cycle from the New Moon point, what with the Grand Cross involving the Nodes and Pluto then.

But those emotional and home/family concerns are still active, and coming to a head now.

Other Aspects to this Full Moon

Jupiter in Taurus squares the Full Moon in Aquarius, in essence forming a weak (~4 degree orb) T-Square. Now, Jupiter in Taurus would normally get our hopes up in terms of gain, money, padding our savings, that sort of thing. Jupiter also conjuncts 10961 Buysballot, signifying “buying ballots” or bribery.

Buysballot, being a minor asteroid, doesn’t necessarily square the Full Moon itself. However, at that large orb, it still has influence due to the proximity to Jupiter.

With the square to the Full Moon, we’re seeing some problems cropping up in terms of e-commerce, digital currencies, digital art (blockchain and non-blockchain based), and I’d even wager some issues with online gaming. One example of this is the SEC’s apparent war escalating in the “altcoins are securities” drama still unfolding. Another example of this is the Fed raising rates by yet another quarter point before this Full Moon came into effect, putting the interest rates to the highest point in 22 years.

We can still make gains and reestablish some footing with money and resources, but we’ll have to be smart and innovative with how we do it.

That T-Square to Jupiter is weaker than it could be, so we may have a lesser impact, but we’ll still have some issues.

Other Noteworthy Transits During This Full Moon

Following the Money Trail

Jupiter/Buysballot in Taurus trines Mars in Virgo, and sextiles 3811 Karma retrograde in Pisces to make a wedge pattern. This is pretty busy so let’s take this one step at a time.

Jupiter and Buysballot together in Taurus, this is pretty self-explanatory. Much gain in terms of bribery and other ballot-box stuffing is highlighted, as well as back room deals. This can also indicate lobbying efforts to get beneficial rules passed or enacted.

Jupiter and Buysballot trine Mars, this furthers the theme of the grift somewhat. Mars in Virgo adds some additional influence and power to analyzing, calculating, and some increased energy to take on obligations and service. Think charity events, fundraising, scheduling.

Jupiter/Buysballot sextile Karma retrograde in Pisces is where it gets a little tricky. Karma is, of course, karma, but is a minor asteroid so not as pronounced as, say, Saturn. Karma retrograde in Pisces indicates some self-inflicted comeuppance or reaping what was sowed earlier. Not automatically a bad thing, as someone who is fighting addiction issues could check themselves into rehab to get their life back under control.

Mars opposite Karma retrograde? Now it gets fun. A loss of composure, or some ill-timed bravado could undo a grift or jeopardize some other plans with unintended consequences. Particularly self-inflicted blows to best-laid plans.

Put this all together, and you have the potential for a grifter bragging about something at the worst moment for themselves. That would put them in a tough spot, and maybe have the side effect of saving money in the long-run for those being conned by the grifter exposing themselves.

More positively, someone could use their connections and past work to raise some money for a good cause, and advocate for people or animals in need. An example is a pet foster getting some kittens into a forever home after much negotiation, awareness-boosting, and calls to attention.

Throw the Bums Out!

A little bit of ugliness here. Pluto retrograde conjunct 157 Dejanira retrograde apexes the T-Square from North Node Aries and South Node conjunct 37117 Narcissus in Libra.

Yeah, this one’s going to be fun.

Pluto retrograde and Dejanira retrograde is already a rough conjunction. Pluto is death, rebirth, destroyer and renewer. The Lord of the Underworld with the victim’s asteroid already indicates some serious victimhood. Sometimes this indicates self-victimization to a massive degree, whether through missteps in career and reputation, or perhaps betrayal in the same vein.

South Node and Narcissus… that’s also rough. South Node is where we’re coming from, the past, the comfort zone. We retreat to this when the going gets tough, but we really shouldn’t. We’re supposed to be working towards the North Node, our destiny and what we’re supposed to learn and accomplish.

Narcissus, that’s self-explanatory: narcissism, narcissists, those full of themselves. With the South Node in Libra, seventh sign of relationships and partnerships, some of us are coming from self-serving partners that are holding us back.

Now, that T-square to Pluto and Dejanira, both retrograde? Harbinger of abusive and karmic relationships hitting a head. Many of those in such situations (and perhaps situationships), they know they need to advocate for themselves. But the abuser and self-absorbed cretins? They’re not going to let go so easily.

Know your power, and take whatever steps you have to to extricate yourselves from supremely s***ty situations.

Untangle the Lies

Venus retrograde conjunct 8690 Swindle in Leo apexes a weak Yod from Pluto and Dejanira retrograde in Capricorn and Neptune retrograde in Pisces. Breaking this down will further show why it’s time to get out of velvet handcuffs.

Swindle represents just that: swindle, lies, deceit. With Venus retrograde, we’re looking back at what we’ve experienced in past and present relationships, and seeing the lies where they are. This also applies to money-making, art-selling, and the deceptions and fraud we’ve likely uncovered now too.

Pluto and Dejanira sextile Neptune, this indicates a period where we’re using our intuition more to figure out that some things just aren’t jiving. With both of these making that off-kilter quincunx to Venus retrograde and Swindle, we’re finally starting to see where we’ve been taken for a ride.

It may not yet be safe to break free, but we can certainly set the stage to start extricating ourselves from fraudsters and liars. If you’ve been deceptive, now’s a good time to start undoing that web of lies before you get snared. Some deceivers may even feel some genuine guilt over their past behavior, though this may be more wishful thinking with that Narcissus-South Node link.

However, it’s possible that a few leopards could shed some spots. Venus retrograde and Swindle trine the North Node in Aries, and sextile South Node-Narcissus in Libra. We can see some ways out of the snare of lies and start figuring out how to protect our resources and our hearts to invest in ourselves more. And, perhaps a few selfish people can consider going selfless. That, for sure, is not easy, but it’s doable. After all, free will does override some harsh fates.

Uncertain Marriages

Uranus in Taurus square Venus retrograde and Black Moon Lilith in Leo definitely challenges our links to others. Uranus is rebellion, surprises, and is an upstart. And it doesn’t like being in fixed, stable Taurus.

Venus retrograde square Uranus furthers the instability in already troubled relationships. Pair that with the Lilith square to Uranus, and some deep-rooted issues can suddenly come to the surface in a flash.

Uranus sextile Juno on fixed star Pollux in Cancer adds a different dimension to things. Juno is the marriage and commitment asteroid, and the feel I get is that it tends to do alright in home-and-family-oriented Cancer. However, with Pollux, there is a caution. Crossing a spouse or long-term partner is very much not advised with this configuration.

The sextile is a “softer” or “easier” aspect, however. Some pleasant surprises with Uranus sextile Juno could still bear fruit, such as a weekend trip to clear the air between committed partners.

Uranus sextile Neptune retrograde in Pisces on the other side of things indicates a time of insights from “out of the blue.” Be open to some unexpected opportunities. Do your due diligence for any “too good to be true” deals, however. Especially with the deception and darker relationship asteroids with Pluto, South Node, and Venus retrograde now.

Restrictive Covenants

Mercury in Virgo opposite Saturn retrograde in Pisces doesn’t bode well for signing documents without reading the fine print. Mercury, being in a home sign of Virgo, indicates that we can catch things in contracts and documents that we might ordinarily miss. Still, you have to go through things very well as the illusionary and deceptive sides of Saturn’s roadblocks in Pisces can still snare us. Watch for restrictive clauses and other unpleasant addendums to any agreements.

Saturn retrograde trine 128 Nemesis in Cancer does have the minor influence of uncovering certain roadblocks hiding beneath the surface. Especially if someone has a grievance against another right now, that grievance or retribution can be blocked or otherwise mitigated.

Pholus retrograde in Capricorn sextile Saturn retrograde enables overcoming distractions and inebriations in the workplace. Draw on your inner discipline and power through important tasks. Pholus retrograde trine Mercury makes it easier for us to consider the consequences and say no if needed.

Do, however, watch for consequences in the home if you’ve been neglecting your family. Pholus retrograde opposite Nemesis isn’t fun. Get your work and tasks to further career done, but don’t neglect your loved ones.

To Sum it Up

This Full Moon in Aquarius sets us on a path where we need to be more creative and flexible. Money and goods won’t be as easy to come by for the next couple of weeks minimum. Creativity can still be fruitful, but capitalizing on that will be delicate.

Bad relationships, which were already strained, get tested to the max. Expect splits and breakups to fill social media and celebrity gossip for a while. Good relationships will also be tested, but those should work out far better than the bad ones. Some couch-sleeping should still be expected in a few of those cases though.

As far as opportunists trying to pull wool over eyes? Call them out, but expect retaliation. Ongoing trials and casework will undoubtedly have some more delicious revelations soon.

The same-old same-old really isn’t going to work. Get creative, get working, get your s*** done. That is all.