Lunar Eclipse Libra – March 2024

Lunar Eclipse Libra 2024

Here we are: Eclipse Season in Spring 2024, starting with this Libra Lunar Eclipse. How will this play out?

The Lunar Eclipse Itself

Lunar Eclipse Libra hits peak intensity at 05 Lib 07’14” on March 25th, 2024 at 12:00:15 AM PDT / 07:00:15 AM UTC. This Lunar Eclipse is, as all of these are, a Full Moon eclipse, and serves in this case as a culmination of the New Moon in Pisces that we experienced a couple weeks prior. That said, the effects of this eclipse will be with us for the next several months, and hits more on the emotional and mental side of things.

We are experiencing major completion cycles of what was set in motion before, also started during the previous Libra Solar Eclipse cycle back in 2023.

Being in Libra, this Lunar Eclipse brings a serious focus on our main partnerships, be it professional, romantic, or otherwise. With the South Node here in Libra, we are likely to be experiencing endings to the partnerships that have run their course. With these endings come the chance for new beginnings, which will play out in the next couple of weeks as we approach the next Solar Eclipse in Aries.

Sun opposite Moon is amplified right now, and is a point where we finish up these cycles, for good or ill. We may be feeling like we need to hold on, but know in our hearts we need to let things go. How we approach our relations to others, versus what we need to better our individual positions are in major focus now.

Those with personal planets (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars) or personal points (Ascendant/Descendant, Midheaven/IC, North/South Node) from 0-10 degrees in the cardinal signs of Libra, Capricorn, Aries, and Cancer will feel this quite profusely. Those with Vertex and Antivertex placements from 4-6 degrees in those aforementioned signs will very much feel this and experience fated events.

Other Aspects to the Lunar Eclipse

Time for Spring Cleaning

Lunar Eclipse Libra trine Pluto and 16 Psyche in Aquarius will be quite helpful during this eclipse cycle.

Pluto, the destroyer and renewer, is in the upstart and “marches to the beat of their own drum” sign of Aquarius. This is also associated with innovation and technology, particularly revolutionary tech such as AI.

Psyche, in my view, denotes mental and psychic ability, as well as general intuition. Think of things like ESP, telepathy, and the like. Also think of psychology. Is AI getting smarter? Is AI becoming self-aware or will it soon? We’ll see.

For the next several months, we must expect major strides and reactionary responses to technology advances. Online currencies, AI such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT, NVidia’s advancements in chipsets, these are all examples of the potential we’re looking at now. I’d even say someone with an eye for merging aesthetics and algorithms may come up with something quite eye-catching in the digital art realm soon.

Also expect some progress and debate over the next several months with artificial intelligence in regards to the creative fields of movie-making, writing, and art. There are issues, of course, that must be addressed such as respecting the rights of creatives to opt out of having their work cannibalized by unauthorized model training.

Don’t Fall for Gaslighting

Lunar Eclipse Libra effectively makes a minor grand cross to 3412 Kafka and Ixion in Capricorn, and 26955 Lie in Cancer.

Kafka denotes the Kafkaesque scenarios of life, such as an innocent man being executed, while Ixion denotes betrayal, such as someone betraying guest right (like when Ixion tried to get it on with a cloud that looked like Hera, which angered Zeus and sealed Ixion’s fate). Beware of backstabbing with the square to the eclipse.

Lie, on the other side of this, denotes deception and falsehoods in this case. With the placements of Kafka and Ixion opposing this, we need to be aware of deceptions from those in our home environments and/or private lives, and make sure that we’re not betrayed in a very public matter.

This includes betrayals of trust by institutions, such as allowing an attack to take place and then blaming a third party who is uninvolved, while the actual attackers claim responsibility (example: Putin blaming Ukraine for the attack on the concert hall while ISIS claims responsibility). One could also argue claiming that eliminating a threat that is not, in fact, eliminated, and this coming to light also falls into this scenario (like a certain candidate having previously declaring ISIS 100% defeated).

Other Notable Aspects During the Lunar Eclipse

Overcome the Waves and Make Your Fortune

Mars in Pisces conjunct 432 Pythia and 19 Fortuna is a fortunate combination by itself.

Mars is action, drive, passion, virility, libido, and can also be anger, rage, aggression, and war.

Mars in Pisces takes on a watery vibe, and we could see outbursts come out of the blue. This can also come as hidden enemies suddenly making themselves known and shattering the illusion of safety.

Mars in Pisces, on a better note, can indicate more energy in creative and intuitive matters, being in Neptune’s sign. Pythia with this adds more urgency to these feelings, and an urgency to act on these impulses and insights.

Fortuna is, of course, fortune. Good fortune can come if we take the initiative and act on good hunches.

Now, Mars/Pythia/Fortuna squares 1981 Midas in Gemini and 8543 Tsunemi in late Taurus. Both Midas and Tsunemi are in critical degrees, so let’s take those one at a time.

Midas is named after the king who turned everything he touched into gold. At the critical degree of 0 Gemini, we need to consider the ramifications that the news of glittering prizes will do for us. Square Mars, though, we definitely want to get that good news but it may not be coming to us yet. Given Mercury has slowed down for its pre-retrograde shadow period, this also will affect how word of gains and losses comes through. Don’t expect a sure thing without a fight.

Tsunemi in the critical degree of 29 Taurus, well… think “tsunami.” We’re certainly experiencing a tsunami of news regarding prices being up, markets also being up, and if you’re paying attention to “crypto Twitter”, another memecoin season has taken off, with some people making out very well, and others getting rug pulled yet again. (I didn’t invest in any cryptocurrencies in this last couple-week cycle as of the time of this writing.)

They’re Casting Spells on You (But Are You Theirs?)

Venus in Pisces conjucts 763 Cupido, 2696 Magion, 2629 Rudra… and Nessus… and Saturn. This is a messy combination that some other astrologers might think of as romantic magic. I disagree.

Venus in Pisces takes on a dreamy quality, and can boost some good creative impulses. Saturn splashes some cold reality and brings the daydreamers down to earth in some ways though. Discipline in creativity and seeing a project through is a potentiality that could be beneficial, so it’s not all doom.

Nessus with Venus, however… combined with Cupido? Beware of those who are obsessed with you, or you being obsessed with someone else. There’s a potential for stalking with this combination, yet Saturn’s influence could either restrict the stalker, or snare the stalked into a bad situation. You really need to trust your gut feeling and if something’s sketchy, pay attention.

Magion and Rudra adds a bit of magickal or psychic influence, in my view on this. I’d advise against love magick right now unless you are absolutely certain you are being respectful of your intended partner’s free will. And you should be aware of those also imposing their will on you right now, romantically or otherwise.

And with all of this in Pisces, you could have admirers and followers you never knew you had. Be aware.

This would be an excellent time to write some short stories or make progress on a murder mystery novel, now that I think of it.

Maybe Some Good Chances

Venus in Pisces does also sextile Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus. This makes things a bit more successful for creatives when considering the Venus conjunctions.

Jupiter is expansion, optimism, and luck. Uranus is the upstart, the rebel, sudden changes and surprises. Both of these being in Taurus denotes some major wild swings and changes in fortune when it comes to money, possessions, and stability.

Exercise some creative thought, harness the discipline (since Saturn also sextiles Jupiter), and make those dreams come a little closer to reality.

…But Beware of Not Heeding Good Advice

Venus also opposes Black Moon Liliht, 3402 Wisdom retrograde, and 5325 Silver retrograde in Virgo. We may be overlooking a key detail and not seeing things clearly. Or, perhaps others are questioning your decisions and intellect and thinking of you as a fool.

You’re going to need to trust your feelings on this one. Just be ready for hypercritical flak coming from those who don’t think you’re on their interpretation of the “right path”.

Consider wise advice as needed, of course, but just be watchful for the “well, actually…” types.

And if you’re giving advice at this time, do your damnedest not to come off as condescending, because that’s not going to get you results either. Unless you want someone to be stubborn as a mule. Or worse, they do the opposite out of spite.

Unpleasant Messages

Mercury in Aries (in pre-retrograde shadow) conjunct 545 Messalina and Eris in Aries, and square 128 Nemesis in Cancer is a shitstorm.

The conjunction first. Mercury in Aries is a time where we’re feeling more confident and forceful in what we’re saying. A little less diplomatic, a little more blunt.

With Eris, the goddess of discord, our commentary could hit a nerve and ruffle some feathers and sow some chaos. Maybe even launch some ships for a siege on a faraway land, in a mythological way of speaking (like the Trojan War). Messalina, named for a very promiscuous Roman noblewoman, further adds fuel to the suspicion-of-infidelity fire.

Nemesis squaring all of this? Nemesis is retribution and open adversaries. Square Mercury, this is unpleasant messaging regarding perceived or actual wrongdoings, in this case in the private or home sphere, or involving maternity.

I believe there’s another case regarding more restrictions on a woman’s right to choose (Mifepristone, or the “abortion pill”) that will hit the Supreme Court later in the week after this Lunar Eclipse. This asteroid and Mercury combination promises that this will be contentious and disastrous.

In Closing

How we approach the partnerships and relationships in our lives will transform over the next several months, of that there is no doubt. From business to personal, to national to international, everything shifts.

We’ll need to look at our links to others realistically and not as we wish them to be. Some links certainly should be ended. Others can be made stronger, and new ones are always a possibility, but don’t expect stable for awhile.

Get your mind together, make a plan, and work on yourself. That’s what I’m getting from the alignments here. And do not let anyone convince you that you’re the problem when you’re not. That said, if you need to improve in places, then by all means, work on that. This is the time to get to work on building yourself up stronger and smarter.

Now buckle up, because the Solar Eclipse in a couple weeks is going to be a different one. Just where it’s at (over North America) makes this different than many eclipses that took place over the last decade or so. Some of the alignments may surprise us all.

Do we build up or tear down? Let’s make the right call.