Chiron Retrograde 2016 – Self-Regeneration

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We are entering a major period of inner reflection and healing, as Chiron has turned retrograde. The fact it’s doing this as Mars stations prior to it going direct should not be lost on us. Chiron, the wounded healer, brings us both wounding and healing. Whichever of the two happens is largely up to us and up to circumstance. As it goes backwards, we direct the healing (or wounding) within. It will be retrograde until December 1st, when it will turn direct around 20° 40′ Pisces (or 20 Pis 40′ as I usually write it), so we have several months to attend to our wounds. The upcoming Mars Direct movement won’t be much different from these charts, but there will be some key differences, particularly in moon placement, so these are in fact two different events.

Chiron square Mercury, and apexing a T-Square also with Pholus and Ixion reveals to us internal wounding that has happened in our past, by our words and our actions, or lack thereof. Pholus on Galactic Center amplifies this greatly and is bringing us to a point of internal soul searching. Perhaps in the past it was words or a message sent in anger. Perhaps someone wounded us without meaning to. This is a time where we must heal that pain.

Chiron is the focal point of a Yod from 389 Industria in Leo, and 763 Cupido and 545 Messalina in Libra at this time as well. That wounding that I mentioned before involves the asteroid of industriousness, of work… 389 Industria is a career asteroid after all. 763 Cupido and 545 Messalina on the other side of that Yod suggests it may have been a workplace romance gone sour, or perhaps someone you know got with someone who wasn’t what they seemed at work. Perhaps breaking your heart in the process. (Man if i Had a nickel…) Depending on what else Chiron may be aspecting in your chart, you may finally be able to begin the healing process, or it will be continuing to wound you heavily. As far as I could tell, there wasn’t a real opposition to Chiron so we do not have a Yod Kite at this time (unless you chart some other asteroid there, or if it opposes a personal point in your natal chart, but then it will be more personal to you).

Chiron also forms a Quindecile (165-degree link) to 8690 Swindle in Virgo and 4955 Gold in Libra as well. A Quindecile is an obsession aspect, and I’ll need to do an article on aspects themselves pretty soon here… There isn’t a name I’m aware of of this particular pattern, but it’s likely that whatever caused our previous wounding involved lying or misrepresentation… and Gold, being another career or money asteroid, would involve a workplace or some money or resource somehow. Perhaps you were helping someone out and they hid something important from you. Perhaps they hid another lover, if the Yod above was any indication.

Chiron trine Mars station direct, however, gives us a little boost in harnessing the inner drive to heal this wounding. Keep in mind that at this point in the game, Mars is still retrograde, so it’s going to be tough going at first. But it will move forward again, and you will too.

Chiron sextile 12927 Pinnochio, hmm… I have to say that perhaps we’ll be able to start working through some tall tales or whatever wounded us. Perhaps a good time to clear up some misunderstandings. But be sure you’re ready. Chiron’s quintile (a 72-degree or so link) to 26955 Lie could go either way: as a creative aspect, the quintile to Lie would either embolden someone to create a new lie, or would allow a way to create some healing from a previous lie.

Chiron also forms an apex of a Thor’s Hammer, another aspect like the Yod, to 3412 Kafka in Leo and to 307 Nike in Scorpio. A Thor’s Hammer is when two bodies square one another, and both create a sesquiquadrate (135-degree or so link) to a third body. It’s like a Yod but a bit harder. (A Yod is termed as a Finger of God, whereas the Thor’s Hammer is also known as a Fist of God). This particular Thor’s Hammer formed over the Yod, I’m going to have to say that the previous wounding that we’re now embarking on healing, seemed downright unbelievable. Like someone who you felt you could trust betrayed you. And some of us likely said to hell with it and just did it, in my personal case, that “Just did it” was me leaving the town in question in a very short time. (I had a very serious wounding emotionally several months ago, yes it involved a woman hence the noticing of the romantic asteroids in this as well. And yet, I feel the need to reach out again, not that I’ll be heard most likely… and friends have said why torture myself… yet… Enough about my particular wounding situation though).

The Moon’s placement can yield some clues as well as to what wounded us or may heal us during this time. Moon conjunct 114 Kassandra shows that we may have ignored some news, or plowed ahead despite what news or warning we received. (In my personal case, I was also encouraged to, in one case, “Don’t give up!”, and another counseled I should talk to the person in question. I did not get a direct answer until the fateful night… well, yeah. Lots of drama).

Moon also squares Sun and 99942 Apophis, so we’re hitting this in a third quarter moon (considering it’s a quarter moon and the New Moon is the next major moon cycle point). The lunar cycle is midway to winding down and concluding at the start of this internal healing phase, and our ego is likely in conflict with our emotions. Apophis is too wide to be considered conjunct the Sun in and of itself, so this emotional wounding wasn’t enough to completely destroy our egos or our sense of self, but it was a major pain in the ass.

Moon sextiles 1981 Midas in Gemini, and 4179 Toutatis and 6583 Destinn in Aquarius, forming a bit of a very loose minor grand trine (almost negligible, except for both asteroid sets aspecting the moon). We may be able to find some golden lining on those clouds, or silver lining (and with Moon trine 5325 Silver, this may be more likely) to whatever happened. Maybe we make use of whatever wounded us before to drive us to new heights. It may lead us to a greater destiny, but we’ve got a rough road ahead as healing isn’t without it’s kinks.

1388 Aphrodite in Leo opposes 37117 Narcissus, so we will need to likely fight our inner ego, our inner desire to be obstinate. As a saying I’ve seen somewhere went, “do you want to be right or alone?” If you wish to reconcile with someone, you’re going to have to put your own selfish desires aside. 4386 Lust sextile Narcissus and trine Aphrodite create a wedge aspect, which to me shows the root of the pain that has happened, or conversely may be the root of whatever healing may be happening now, or has been ongoing if you are fortunate! Narcissus semisquares the Moon and Kassandra, while Aphrodite sesquiquadrates that same Moon/Kassandra conjunction, which makes a different kind of “Hard Wedge”, I’m going to call that one. We have a hard choice to make if we’re chosing the side of ego. The side of love… well that’s also hard too. As I said, we all have a choice to make.

This won’t be an easy time of healing. Remember that Chiron will also be retrograde during the November Election here in the United States, so hopefully a more healing setup is voted in. Assuming enough fabrications are exposed before then, we just may yet see some sanity prevail. I’m not holding my breath, personally, but then again, these past few months I’ve become a bit of a cynic on that front.

Try to heal as best as you can though… we aren’t out of the more energetic aspects yet. Saturn will make one more direct square to Neptune in the next several months, and Mars going forward will start some balls rolling again.