Daily Report – Friday, December 28th, 2018

Daily Report

This has been a bit of a long week. Let’s see how far the rabbit hole goes with Friday’s aspects, as there’s a good deal of moon action going on, with it starting in Virgo and crossing over into Libra by midday.

To begin Friday, 42355 Typhon in Scorpio quincunx 3412 Kafka in Aries pretty much has us likely having some unusual or bizarre dreams, and this is likely to be setting the tone for the rest of the day. Saturn in Capricorn semisextile 149 Medusa in Sagittarius does warn us to watch for betrayals that hold us back from achieving the life we want, and 8690 Swindle in Aries conjunct 4227 Kaali in Aries also goes along with this theme. We need to be on our toes right now and make sure everything is aboveboard and our blind spots visible. Pallas in Libra quincunx Juno in Taurus also points to some unusual concerns regarding boundaries when it comes to loved ones and colleagues, and what we know needs to happen to move us forward. Neptune in Pisces semisextile 1388 Aphrodite in Aquarius also points to some mystery when it comes to what we find attractive, or those we want to be affectionate with. There could be some crossed signals, so do try to be clear. 763 Cupido conjunct 151 Abundantia in Libra does allow for some good romance to perk up the night though, so there is that at least. Moon in Virgo quincunx Eris retrograde in Aries could also be filling us with some anxieties with regards to how we see ourselves and the duties and obligations that can feel overwhelming right now.

Later on in the morning, 407 Arachne in Pisces sextiles 37117 Narcissus retrograde in Taurus, freeing us of some of the bonds that are tying us down and influencing us to question our self worth. Moon sextile 4179 Toutatis in Scorpio also fits into this theme, and this is where we may have some revelations come by in the dreamworld which can point us to some good solutions to problems.

Still early in the morning, Moon quincunx 1981 Midas and 307 Nike in Aries fills us with some more questions in our minds as to whether or not we’re doing everything we can to pursue the life we want, or doing enough to get where we need to be. Pluto square Pallas does point to some possible problems brewing as well when it comes to established structures and the tearing down and renewal of what needs to happen.

Later on in the early morning hours, Moon sextile 7470 Jabberwock in Scorpio could lead us to some notions of taking on monsters or demons that are tormenting us, while Jupiter conjunct 149 Medusa in Sagittarius points to some greater potentials for betrayal. Make sure your back is guarded. 433 Eros retrograde in Gemini quincunx 114 Kassandra in Scorpio also points to some uncomfortable revelations when it comes to advice unheeded and when it comes to how we come across to those we dare to impress. Moon quincunx 55 Pandora in Aquarius also points to a bit of an awkward notion or feeling that we may have rubbed the lamp of a genie we may not have wanted to ask wishes of.

As the early risers start to get up, Moon semisextile 4386 Lust in Libra could point to some early morning romps before heading off to get started with the day. Just make sure that romp doesn’t make you miss the bus or train to work. Moon trine Sedna retrograde also allows us to take a breath and perhaps we aren’t feeling that we’re betraying ourselves quite so much at this time. Sun in Capricorn sextile Nessus in Pisces could also allow us to breathe easier and relax some of our obsessive-compulsive tendencies when it comes to shining in our own truth. This can be a day where we can put to rest some grievances.

As the sun is getting ready to rise on the West Coast, North Node in Cancer sextile Moon allows us to feel a little more confident in advancing with our life’s missions, and we should be able to take advantage of this energy to feel a little bit at peace for a moment.

As the morning commute gets underway for some, Moon square Ixion in Sagittarius rears its ugly head and warns us not to be too trusting of those we’ve allowed into our lives, for a betrayal could be waiting in the mists. 9951 Tyrannosaurus opposite 5225 Silver also points to some potential for expenditures that are pretty dominating, almost tyrannical in nature. Moon opposing Mars/Chiron in Pisces is going to be a big one, where we feel like we have to fight for what is ours, for what we’ve worked hard to achieve and gain. Mars/Chiron itself is a tricky one where it’s very easy to get into some major arguments or the potential for a major disaster could come to pass as well. Before you hit send on that angry missive, know that there could be some angry missives heading your way as well. Moon semisextile 16089 Lamb retrograde in Leo also points to some potential for feeling like we’re being hunted by the hungry wolves out there. Be on your guard and try to keep a cool head today.

Uranus retrograde quincunx the Moon is also a major one, where we feel that something inside ourselves absolutely must change and it’s likely going to be a forced change as well, and this is something that’s going to throw a lot of us for a loop when it hits us.

Around lunchtime on the West Coast, Venus in Scorpio opposing Juno in Taurus points to some potential problems on the homefront and it could have to do with finances as well, especially if people are relying a little too much on the “bank of Dad” or something of the sorts. Domestic squabbles are likely to happen with this aspect. Mercury in Sagittarius semisextile 10961 Buysballot warns us to watch out for charlatans and hucksters as well, and to read and reread the fine print on anything you do right now. Moon opposite 389 Industria and 2601 Bologna also points to a point where we’re looking at what’s being presented to us, and we need to filter out the dreck from the good stuff. We’re likely to be looking at what’s too good to be true and realize what’s not serving us to work at our full potential. Sun quincunx 128 Nemesis retrograde in Gemini indicates that we need to be wary of the enemy without, but also the enemy within. This is an easy time to sabotage yourself if you’re not careful, so choose your next actions wisely.

As the afternoon comes into play, Venus sextile Pluto should give us some edge when it comes to laying down some structures to rebuild what we may have been lost or in danger of losing, and we should be able to recover from some solid messes a little easier around this time. Pholus in Capricorn square Moon, now having crossed over into airy Libra, warns us to not be too trusting and to make sure you know what you’re getting into. You don’t want to go into some hard choices impaired or unprepared at this time.

Moon conjunct 100 Hekate in Libra in mid-afternoon gives us a subtle psychic impulse that we’re at a decision point and that we need to pick a path that’s ahead of us. This will be very important very soon as the next couple aspects are pivotal for this.

As the afternoon is winding down and the sun is setting, Moon makes a conjunction to 6583 Destinn, 763 Cupido, and 151 Abundantia all in Libra. This is where the destiny gate comes into play, and we have some hard and some actually rewarding decisions to make about how we’re going to move forward regarding where we are with partnerships and relationships. This is a time where we will need to recognize what isn’t working anymore, and make the decision to move forward into a better life that awaits us.

As the evening begins, this further comes into focus when Moon conjuncts 666 Desdemona and this indicates the time where the devils among us gets into the details and will be attempting to draw us back into the old ways that no longer serve us. Venus semisextile Pallas also points to the need to confront the structures that may be blocking us, and we need to see how we’re going to be able to pursue our best life. Moon semisextile 875 Nymphe in Scorpio also indicates where our thoughts and feelings could start being tempted to turn to more lustful ends and seeking gratification. It is around the Happy Hour times on the West Coast, so this could be a part of it.

As the evening progresses, Moon in Libra semisextile 564 Dudu in Scorpio warns us to be wary of smooth talkers and to use our best judgment to not trip up into the BS. Moon sextile 829 Academia is auspicious for learning something new, like maybe a new hobby or a new game at a social gathering. Also a good time to look up something that’ll help us learn some skills that will propel us forward into our goals.

Now that we enter Friday night, Moon quincunx 5325 Silver in Taurus points to a bit of a quandary in how we feel about relationships and money, and we may want to double check and make sure we’re not spending more than we need to. Moon semisextile 9951 Tyrannosaurus also gives us that feeling that we may want to be wary of imposing figures and try not to let them frighten us.

Into the night, we things start to get a little more dicey. Mars and Chiron’s conjunction tightens to its exact point and this will be a time we could either make great efforts into overcoming some past issues, or this could wind up being a time where we get into some explosive arguments or otherwise hurt ourselves. We need to be very watchful for potential accidents around this time. Mars also quincunx 16089 Lamb retrograde in Leo which further reinforces the fact that we need to check ourselves before we wreck ourselves. Moon opposing 1930 Lucifer in Aries indicates that, with Mars/Chiron in the mix, some of the greater potentials for pitfalls are probably going to come from foolish bravado and feeling that we’re being threatened, even if its just our egos getting bruised.

As the night progresses… OK, there is some serious potential for unnecessary fights and drama breaking out, as I see Moon square 157 Dejanira in Capricorn. There is a high likelihood of fights, unnecessary drama, a lot of avoidable crap going on, and this is also a night to be very aware of your surroundings and don’t let your guard down for a moment is what I’d recommend. Do not expect people to be acting rationally Friday night.

Finally, as we end Friday, we leave off with several other aspects, with Mercury semisextile Ceres in Scorpio leading to some interesting or needed conversations in the homestead. Chiron more exactly quincunxes 16089 Lamb retrograde in Leo and this again points to some bruised egos, and probably at this point, some people are likely limping home and licking their wounds (if not winding up in emergency rooms for god knows whatever reason). Sedna still conjuncting Algol so keep your head on straight, and if that’s not possible, just keep it on. 8813 Leviathan (station retrograde) quincunx 1388 Aphrodite also warns for the potential of predators in the night and in the mists, so keep your eyes out. Sedna retrograde quincunx 4386 Lust in Libra further bolsters the notion of making sure you know what you’re getting into, and some romps and affairs are not likely to go unnoticed or be all that pleasant afterwards wither. 433 Eros retrograde in Gemini opposing 149 Medusa in Sagittarius again warns us to be careful of getting more than you bargained for in a lustful encounter, and finally 389 Industria conjunct 2601 Bologna in Aries really is pointing to some general baloney going on when it comes to our hard work and payoffs.

Quite frankly, Friday is not a day to be pulling the wool over anyone’s eyes, and at this point when it comes to Friday night, I would certainly not advise initiating any one-night stands with anyone as I do not see the energies being all that good for it on this evening. Exercise some caution today as things are really a bit dicey with the most exact aspects, and let’s just hope the weekend is a good one for recovering from the madness of the last day of a short workweek for some. Stay safe and be alert. Later.