Time For a Rebirth!

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After quite a bit of time contemplating it, and a couple false starts, I’ve finally implemented a facelift to Phoenixia Astrology. Of course with any major changes comes some growing pains. In short, there will be some missing links for a short time until I finish migrating the other articles.

I’ve migrated the most recent published articles (to the June Solar Eclipse), as well as a few older articles. Some of these are interesting reading. Others are reminiscent of when I was starting this out and didn’t get to finish multipart articles. Not much point now for most of those.

Fortunately, the new system should allow me to do more rapid updates, rather than the system I was using before (which also included a flavor of BBCode for my data entry, of all things. It was a homebrewed site, so I took many liberties, some of which in hindsight hamstrung me).

This newer version of the site will also allow me to more easily put up images, so expect more charts to be posted with the pertinent articles. This is something I’ve been meaning to get back to, and something that was sorely needed given the crazy transits we’ve been seeing!

Anyways, I’m off to bed. Long work week, and I wasn’t about to allow this weekend to pass without pulling the trigger on the blog changeover.