Monthly Report – November 2021

November 2021

It’s been some time since I’ve done one of these. I may be a bit rusty with this, so let’s see what we have to deal with here. This will be an evolving work in progress as the month progresses, so check back repeatedly and see what else is in store!

We are also entering eclipse season, so be warned. This month is already looking to ramp up in intensity by the time we get to December.

Monthlong Aspects

One aspect that will be present for all of November will be Chiron retrograde in Aries sextile Saturn in Aquarius. Now, Saturn is in one of its ruling signs and will be quite powerful, especially in forward motion, and will definitely have the air of discipline and needing to control things, and being prepared for any sorts of unwanted surprises (given the rulership of Uranus also associated with Aquarius).

Chiron, being retrograde in Aries, does point to the healing and inner woundings of the ego, our self, and our core identities. The sextile aspect throughout this month indicates that we’ll need to use our discipline and some structuring regarding the unexpected to help heal some of these bruises to our pride.

Another aspect that is present for this entire month is Saturn in Aquarius square Uranus retrograde in Taurus. Now, we just mentioned the unexpected, and Uranus doesn’t like to be in Taurus very much. Uranus is more of an upstart energy, whereas Taurus is stability, our resources, our money, and I’d have to argue routine.

Routines are going to be upset even more as the month progresses, though it’ll be minor to start. Saturn and Uranus squaring off can also indicate where we’re trying to work hard to get things off of the ground, and some unpleasant surprises just don’t let us get our work done easily. This can manifest as network outages (given Aquarius and the Internet theme), unexpected surges or drops in the markets, timing of major planning with our friends being disrupted by economic or resource woes, and other events that disrupt our planning.

This will definitely affect our egos a bit, but given the sextile from Saturn to Chiron, we may have to look at these disruptions as potential blessings in disguise.

Neptune retrograde in Pisces sextile Pluto in Capricorn is another monthlong aspect that’s rather muted due to the wider orb, but still relevant. Neptune in Pisces has a dreamy quality, and can be quite illusory as we can attest to the last several years. With Neptune retrograde, we have to be watchful for self-deception now, but this will be shifting towards applying what we learn from our more intuitive sides as Neptune shifts forward on December 1st. Pluto in Capricorn tends to focus its destructive and renewing powers upon our institutions, our careers, our reputations, basically how we’d like to be remembered. The weaker sextile between these two powerhouses shows where we need to make some major changes in our public lives, our reputations, and our careers, and we will be able to tap into our more intuitive sides to make those changes happen.

While not purely monthlong, Mars sextile Venus will largely be active through most of this month. Mars will be in one of its home signs of Scorpio and will be quite amplified with the essence of deeper power, what lies beneath the surface, and how we approach matters like sex and power.

Venus starts off the month in Sagittarius, on Galactic Center no less, and shifts into Capricorn by the end of the first week of November. Themes regarding money in career, reputation, and I’d even argue governmental and institutional financial policy will be of great importance throughout the month.

Notable Shifts This Month

Date (PDT)Aspect
November 4thNew Moon Scorpio
November 5thVenus enters Capricorn
Mercury enters Scorpio
November 19thLunar Eclipse Taurus Conjunct Algol
November 21stSun enters Sagittarius
November 24thMercury enters Sagittarius

Throughout the Month

November 1st, Starting the Month Off

The Moon will be in analytical Virgo for much of the day before crossing over into airy Libra in the afternoon. This will be helpful in focusing our mind on technical and detailed matters earlier, whereas in the evening our thoughts and emotions will then dwell on the relationship and partnership side of things.

Scorpio Sun square Aquarius Saturn is not a pleasant aspect, and this will likely be impacting our self-confidence a bit. This also indicates blockages and difficult tasks we’ll have to deal with, as well as mundane concerns like morning meetings. We’ll be dealing with this for much of the day, though it’ll get weaker as the day goes on.

Moon trine Pluto in the morning hours should be helpful in showing where we need to make some changes in our routine. Perhaps getting that coffee before tackling email would be a good idea. Mercury in Libra trine Jupiter in Aquarius also portends some benefits in communicating, such as some good news regarding work matters.

Venus conjunct Galactic Center today is very powerful, and we may be feeling some sense of confidence in getting matters straightened out regarding our relationships and money situations. Of course, the Moon does square Venus here for several hours, so we do have that threat of overthinking things and possibly spoiling a wonderful venture.

Mercury square Pluto also threatens to upend some of the optimism we’re feeling from the Mercury-Jupiter link, but with Mercury also crossing fixed star Spica, we could see some sort of gains stemming from the death or demise of something. This could take the form of something like watching for a dip in stock or crypto markets to try to get a good deal on an obscure asset. Be careful if doing this, as the timing of these sorts of disruptions could also be upended by a network outage or a service hiccup. Probably not the best day to gamble unless you know for sure it’s going to work out.

Sun quincunx Chiron retrograde for the entire day also points to issues we are facing in healing our inner wounds. Some of us undoubtedly are facing a confidence crisis, and we may know what we have to change or fix in our lives, but we may be unsure how to fix it. Don’t let your fear win out on making the necessary changes.

11/01/2021 – 11/06/2021: T-Square From Sun-Uranus Retrograde to Saturn

There is the matter of the weak Sun-Uranus retrograde-Saturn T-Square that is present throughout first week of the month, but it’s pretty weak, so we’ll still be feeling some minor frustrations from that. Do make room for unexpected delays while this is going on. Discipline will be key.

Around November 4th, it will become even more intense as the New Moon will take place inside this T-Square aspect. Fortunately it won’t be as intense as it could have been, owing to the very wide orb the Sun is making to Saturn by this point.

11/01/2021 – 11/03/2021: Yod Kite: Black Moon Lilith-Chiron Retrograde to Sun, Empowered by Uranus Retrograde

The Sun’s influence in the T-Square is compounded by itself apexing a Yod Kite from Black Moon Lilith in Gemini and Chiron retrograde in Aries, with Uranus retrograde in Taurus pulling the bowstring. We’ve got some serious, serious under-the-surface matters we’re needing to address here over these couple of days. Whatever’s bothering you regarding your shadow issues, sex, power, occult matters, it’s all going to come up to the surface.

Psychic/astral attack is not outside the realm of possibility with this aspect, especially in this configuration, so keep your spiritual defenses high. Even more so if you’re prone to feeling out of sorts.

11/01/2021 – 11/11/2021: Sun Opposite Uranus Retrograde

Even without the Yod Kite mentioned above, the Sun in Scorpio opposing Uranus retrograde in Taurus is enough of a contentious aspect. We’re going through some of our deeper, shadow issues right now, which is intense enough. With the uncertainty and unexpected events in relation to wealth, possessions, and stability right now, we’re having to deal with a lot more anxiety than normal. This is in addition to the T-Square and Yod Kite aspects mentioned above.

In general, we’re going to have to dig deep into our internal fortitude to figure out just what we’re doing to maintain our cool and protect our valuables and property. Investing may be a bit of a roller coaster now too, so if you’re day-trading, exercise heavy caution.

11/01/2021 – 11/05/2021: Mercury Square Pluto

Another fun time we’re having from the beginning of the month to much of the week involves Mercury in late Libra squaring off against Pluto in Capricorn. The trends of contentious and/or lack of communication with partners (or potential partners), especially where reputation and career is concerned will be elevated.

As Mercury is preparing to enter Scorpio, there is the underlying current of hidden or deeper issues driving this disruption in communication. Another thing to watch out for is the potential for accidents, particularly in commuting to and from work. Best to be careful.

11/04/2021 – 11/16/2021: Mercury Conjunct Mars

The planet of travel and communication joining up with the god of war, this can be a two-edged sword. On one hand, we can expect some potential developments regarding opening up to partners, and on the other hand, we could have some heated or deeper arguments regarding what’s been held back and hidden for awhile.

There’s also the potential for some creative output that delves into the darker aspects of life. Gothic fiction, murder mysteries, and art relating to the more shadowy aspects of life can be quite revealing right now.

More to come…