Mercury Retrograde – June-July 2020 – Reforging Fate

Mercury Retrograde

This year has been one intense hit after another after another, and we’re already riding the wave of a Venus retrograde going into… you guessed it. Mercury Retrograde. That’s an interesting overlap we’ve got going here, but we may yet be able to take advantage of this particular retrograde period. From the initial look at the major aspects, there’s actually a bit of promise if we can take into account what Venus retrograde has been showing us. On top of that, we have a special guest star (literally) for this particular Mercury station. Jumping right into this one.

Mercury Retrograde Period

Mercury Retrograde begins June 17th, 2020 at 21:58:51 PDT (June 18th, 04:58:51 UTC), and starts at 14 Can 45’50” RX, and will last until July 12th, 2020 at 01:26:22 PDT (08:26:22 UTC) when it hits 05 Can 29’34”. This retrograde takes place entirely within Cancer, and this will be taking on an entirely lunar, emotional and intuitive feel. Home, private matters, where we lay our head, these will be focal points, as well as our feelings on a great many matters. This particular retrograde will be quite intense as this is coming in the final week or so of an already-active Venus retrograde in Gemini, so technological mishaps, travel disruptions, and crossed wires in communications will be more likely to occur with this one. Thankfully, Venus stations direct about a week after this Mercury retrograde period begins. This does indicate that what revisions and review we’ve done with Venus themes (romance, relationships, jobs, projects, hobbies, etc) will be further scrutinized now, and how we feel about the conclusions we’ve come to will be much more involved.

Aspects to Mercury Station Retrograde

Mercury retrograde does not have a whole lot directly to itself, but what is active… this is a major one just from these alignments alone.

Mercury Station Retrograde in Cancer Conjunct Fixed Star Sirius

This doesn’t happen very often, and it’s the tightest of the aspects I initially see to Mercury as it stations, so this is of great importance. Fixed star Sirius is, well, serious business. It’s got the qualities of Jupiter and Mars combined, so we can see some big impacts coming and big actions. Mercury and Sirius together have an effect on business matters, primarily successful ones, and there’s also a high degree of interactions with influential people that we can expect with this combination as well[1] There’s also a heightened degree of worry, maybe needlessly, though with current events going on right now the concerns we have are totally justified. Expect big news throughout the entire Mercury retrograde cycle!

Mercury Station Retrograde in Cancer Square Black Moon Lilith in Aries

Another tight aspect, again not a major body but one of great importance, we have the potential for conflict and misunderstandings when it comes to matters of deeper mystery, our hidden shadow, and our deeper desires. Black Moon Lilith in Aries brings these buried feelings and concerns to the surface quite forcibly, and with Mercury going into its review, revision, and reexamination mode, we are looking back at the deep underbelly of what makes us tick. The recent LGBTQ+ discrimination ruling (6-3 ruling in favor of protections against employment terminations due to sexual identity or orientation) is definitely a sign of this, though this ruling came in the days before the retrograde proper begins. Many other hidden away issues will be confronted during this time if this is any indication. What is within yourself that you need to bring to the surface and expose to the light now?

Other Active Aspects During the Retrograde Station

There’s a bit of other aspects active during the Mercury station that are worth mentioning. Combined, they could offer a glimpse of deal-making and hope, so long as we approach them wisely.

Chiron in Aries sextile Venus Retrograde in Gemini

Chiron, the wounded healer is in the sign most associated with self-identity and personal power. Venus retrograde is indicating a period where we are reviewing and revisiting relationships both past and present, and in the sign ruled by Mercury (now about to backtrack from Earth’s perspective), there’s a good chance of miscommunication here, but also a chance to clear up misunderstandings and recover our footing as well. We may find that damage to our jobs and relationships with both loved ones and colleagues may not be as pronounced as it was, provided there’s an open dialog towards reconciliation and fixing issues. Other harms and woundings concerning these topics may be somewhat mitigated or not as harsh for some as they could be right now, with more possibility of repairing or weathering the damage than normal.

Minor Grand Trine: Jupiter Retrograde and Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn Trine Moon in Taurus, Apex Mars in Pisces (Itself Conjunct Neptune)

Mars in the watery domain of Pisces is being bolstered by Neptune, bringing forth forceful visions and images regarding what we need to confront and concerns that we’ve left in our deeper subconscious. On one side of the Minor Grand Trine (given that the “legs” are sextiles and not trines), we have the Moon in fixed, earthy Taurus, pointing to the necessity of stabilized emotions to help us foresee and visualize some stable solutions to what’s been vexing us. Also fortunate is the Moon not being in range of conjuncting fixed star Algol quite yet (it will enter range of this a few hours after Mercury stations, so this is not a factor).

On the other side of the formation is Jupiter and Pluto, both retrograde, in Capricorn. Jupiter is not in its best sign here, and combined with Pluto, there’s a great deal of inner restructuring we are all going through right now. As its in Capricorn, our reputation and careers are very much likely to be restructured now, whether through job loss or gain, or both in the case of jumping ship to new opportunities. The devil will be in the details, so do monitor your agreements quite well and make sure to scan for errors and unfavorable terms in any contracts now.

Combined all together, we are confronting some deeper mental blocks and issues, and we have a good handle on what it is that needs changed right now. We will also be able to better identify what is salvageable, and what isn’t right now. Definitely pray and meditate on these matters, as the added insight will be of much benefit right now. This is a major opportunity to deal with what needs to be changed for the better, and to find something that betters suits us right now, even if starting new ventures is counterintuitive with all of the retrogrades going on. Sometimes you can’t wait and your hand is forced. Still your mind and listen to the wind.

Mars in Pisces Square the Sun in Gemini, with Neptune in Pisces in Wide Square

This is a retrograde cycle where we will be forced to deal with mental issues and hidden regrets, fears, and insecurities. The Sun is in late Gemini at this point and is beginning to approach the Summer Solstice point where a Solar Eclipse will be happening in a couple days after Mercury shifts gears. Confrontations and arguments are highly likely, though they may be a little more muted as the square isn’t as strong at three and a half degrees of orb. It’s still there though. There can be a great deal of confusion if we aren’t careful, and misunderstandings can lead to burnt bridges (among other things). Defuse explosive situations as best as you can now.

Sun in Gemini Quincunx Jupiter Retrograde in Capricorn

This pattern could find us having a crisis of faith somewhat, in that we know there’s a reason behind some of the events going on, but we may be feeling like we just don’t understand the why behind it. This could also be calling us to question what we’ve learned in our philosophy and if we need to make some adjustments now. Take this as a learning experience to get closer to what matters.

Uranus in Taurus Semisextile Chiron in Aries

This aspect’s been very tight for over a month now, and here it is as tight as ever. Instability and sudden changes have been uprooting what we’ve considered the bedrock of our lives now, and some of us have likely been having to nurse the proverbial sprained ankle in trying to stay upright. This Mercury retrograde cycle will be colored with this triggering of continuous upheavals and shifting conditions, and it will be up to us to decide if we’ll let this hurt us more, or if we can use this to heal some damage through whatever opportunities come up. Certainly won’t be easy, and there could be some false starts too, considering that Uranus is at its weakest in Taurus. Revolution for the hell of it isn’t the wisest move right now. Rebellion of any kind will need focus, and will need to address something worth rebelling against. There’s plenty of that around now, though, so pick your poison. Just don’t get poisoned by it.

Asteroids to the Retrograde Station

I’m going to try to get through these quickly as I’m running out of time here.

Mercury Station Retrograde Conjunct 1862 Apollo in Cancer

Apollo is, of course, the Greek God of the sun, and shines his light rather brightly. Given the Sirius link to Mercury as it stations, the business opportunities and chances of influential help will be slightly amplified with the sun god here. Some beautiful works of creation should prove to be fruitful, if not in money, then in personal satisfaction or aesthetics. Definitely work on something meaningful during this time.

Mercury Station Retrograde in Cancer Opposite 1924 Horus Retrograde in Capricorn

Horus, in mythology, was the son of Isis and Osiris, is usually depicted as a falcon-headed man, and was said to have defeated the god Set (who had killed Osiris) in battle. Interestingly, he is also said to have lost an eye in the battle (but this was healed by Thoth in one tradition).[2] With this opposing the Mercury retrograde point, we are cautioned to be wary of those who would rule over us with ill intent, and to not be harsh rulers in our own lives, especially during this tumultuous period.

Asteroid Water Grand Trine: Mercury Station Retrograde in Cancer Trine 6157 Prey Retrograde in Scorpio and 7066 Nessus Retrograde in Pisces

This is a rather interesting combination, as we have both an asteroid associated with prey and victimhood (in a sense), and another asteroid (Nessus) associated with obsessions and abuse at worst. With everything in this configuration being retrograde, and in a beneficial pattern, this is a time where we will learn to balance our identity and our strengths. In short, we’ll be able to stop being a prey animal if we do the inner work we need, and we’ll also learn to not obsess and force our will on others. Or perhaps that’s what we’ve been doing to ourselves: abusing ourselves and hunting ourselves. It’s time to put a stop to this, and we can calm this cycle now.

Mercury Station Retrograde in Cancer Sextile 1912 Anubis Retrograde and 433 Eros Retrograde in Taurus

Another interesting combination, this could point to a time some couples could engage in some esoteric, tantric, or magickal sex rituals, or at the very least we could experience some lusty or romantic encounters that seem downright magical. On the other hand, this could be a time of inner reflection on what we desire, and how that plays out in the overarching spirituality we see in ourselves. As Anubis is a guardian of the underworld and afterlife, perhaps some abstaining for spiritual clarity could be done now too. It depends on your school of thought and traditions.

Mercury Station Retrograde in Cancer Square 15845 Bambi Retrograde, 3063 Makhaon Retrograde, and 875 Nymphe Retrograde in Aries (With Black Moon Lilith)

This is a tricky combination… there is the danger of giving in to our more lustful impulses right now, and this could be a spiritual or psychic trap to lure us into a false sense of complacency. Also keep in mind that there’s a pandemic still in effect right now, so you have to ask yourself if the risk of a little excitement is worth it in the long run. Not a time to let the guard down.

Mercury Station Retrograde in Cancer Quincunx 1488 Aura Retrograde and 100 Hekate Retrograde in Sagittarius

This retrograde period could seem a bit otherworldly, and we will experience some crossroads in our internal lives (Hekate being a goddess of crossroads), and we will need to keep our auras and energies strong however we can (positively, of course). This is a warning to keep your spiritual and psychic defenses up, and mental defenses (if you’re not into the spiritual/psychic thing). Do consider your choices carefully during this retrograde period.

Mercury Station Retrograde in Cancer Semisextile 14827 Hypnos in Gemini

Finally, we have a triggering aspect with the Mercury retrograde station to an asteroid associated, at least by name, with hypnotism and hypnosis. We need to be cautious with what sources we get information of as there is a high degree of subliminal and manipulative media out there. This I believe also could indicate malicious networks of false information being spread, like from bot networks posting false information on social media. Triple-check your news sources now.

In Closing…

This Mercury retrograde cycle actually has some good opportunities for us to get through some issues that have been tearing at us for a while now. Still, we will need to be careful what information we trust, and we’ll also need to take advantage of the better opportunities that may avail themselves to us now. Do be cautious as there’s still a major powder keg still on fire (metaphorically at least with the demonstrations and movements going on now). It may not be the smoothest ride, but if we keep our wits about us, and fight the battles that are worth fighting wisely, we may yet see some overall positive change on the other side of this set of retrogrades. Time to repair and review some key elements in our lives. Peace.