Lunar Eclipse Leo - January 2018 - Hyperactive Soul

Lunar Eclipse Leo - January 2018 - Hyperactive Soul

Once again, we are entering Eclipse Season, and it's going to be a blast! For this one, I don't have charts uploaded, so we'll be relying on me doing descriptions for this one. This may change if I get time to create the chart files and upload them. For this Lunar Eclipse, we'll be focusing more on the most exact aspects during the Eclipse.

The Lunar Eclipse itself will take place around 5:26:40 on January 31, 2018. This gives us the most exact Lunar Eclipse aspects at peak intensity, when the eclipse itself should be in its penumbral phase. Keep in mind that a Lunar Eclipse is basically a supercharged Full Moon... and with this being a Blue Moon (More a calendar thing, second Full Moon in a calendar month), and a Super Moon (closest point to Earth, so bigger than normal), this is a rare Lunar Eclipse combination. Honestly, whatever happens with this one, I'm going to say it's going to aspect us for a full year. It's going to be that potent.

Also, a reminder: all planets are direct during this Lunar Eclipse! So this Lunar Eclipse is at even higher intensity for that reason alone. All Direct Planets-Supermoon-Blue Moon-Blood Moon. Wednesday is going to be a blast. Make the most of it!

The primary Lunar Eclipse aspects within the tightest orbs appears to be Lunar Eclipse conjunct Nymphe retrograde and Ceres retrograde, and opposite Industria, itself conjunct the Sun. A weak opposition between the Lunar Eclipse and Venus also exists by about a 5 degree orb. This is going to be an emotionally intense period where we reflect on our home situations, as well as our inner sexual desires, and how our outward industriousness or career aspects play into this.

On a personal note for myself, I just started a new job and am commuting quite a ways to get to and from it, which does not leave me much time at all to deal with any "home" matters or any relationship matters, sexual or otherwise. As eclipse energies are active some ways before the actual event of the eclipse, I've been feeling this build up. This is one brief example how Eclipses can impact us. In my case, the Moon part of the eclipse is in the tail end of my 8th house (Placidus system), and squares my Moon/Chiron in Taurus and my Uranus in Scorpio (effectively a Grand Cross by transit). I'm already feeling the heavy emotional toll from everything and also, frankly, I have no idea where all of this is going to need. Preparing myself to be able to expect the unexpected, as it were. More like, "Expect nothing, be ready for anything. Anything will happen." But enough about me.

As far as the messenger of the gods during this Eclipse... Mercury is literally in the last minute of the last degree of Capricorn, about to enter Aquarius, and that is going to shift our communications and travel heavily. Last degree of Capricorn tells me that we will be impacted emotionally and psychically by news about markets, money, our net worth, our careers (as Capricorn is the 10th sign of the Zodiac and ruled by Saturn, and Aquarius, being the 11th sign, is co-ruled by Saturn and Uranus). Enjoy whatever stability you may have, as I think we are going to see dramatic changes soon.

Beyond the last degree implications of Saturn during this Lunar Eclipse, Mercury conjuncts Kafka (off-sign in Aquarius), quincunxes Kassandra retrograde in Cancer, squares Cupido in Taurus, and semisextiles Pholus. This is a tricky combination. Kafka tells me that we are going to be hearing some interesting and offbeat news for the next several months, and we may not know how that makes us feel. Kassandra in quincunx, we're going to be feeling a nagging feeling that we know something wasn't right, or is about to happen, and yet we keep it to ourselves, not believing that anyone will believe us. Cupido square Mercury? That's a whole other can of worms, where our more lustful desires may hoist us by our own petards if we're not careful. We're not likely to be communicating all that clearly when it comes to said lustful ambitions. And Pholus? Intoxication could lead to some pretty awkward combinations of issues, and likely will be a trigger for some of the incidences that come from Mercury, Kafka, and Cupido. Use your head a bit and you should be OK.

Venus during the Eclipse culmination semisextiles Messalina in Pisces, and quincunxes Buysballot retrograde in Cancer. So Venus has a bit of a water sign interaction here, and we may be feeling a bit hot to trot. the quincunx to Buysballot retrograde seems to indicate that we'll need to "bribe ourselves" to feel like we have something to offer potential suitors. It's very likely more scandals about famous figures buying lust will come to light. (With the Sedna on Algol years happening right now, it's a given). Don't spend more than you feel you should on something that may be just a passing fling. Unless you're into that, then in that case, don't spend too much.

Mars carries quite a bit of interesting energies this Lunar Eclipse cycle. Mars conjuncts Lie and Sphinx, sextiles Swindle, Midas and Academia retrograde, trines Bambi retrograde, and is quincunx Pallas. Forceful deception is going to come to the forefront. I'm going to just say that right now. But with the other aspects, this isn't a bad thing entirely. Swindle, Bambi, and Academia retrograde could bring to a conclusion some form of higher education sex scandal (which we have going on right now with the U.S. Gymnastics fiasco!), and the trine to Bambi suggests that some resolution will come to those who are unable to defend themselves or have been victimized in some way. The quincunx to Pallas, that's the dicey one. Justice may or may not be served, or there could be some miscarriage of justice that doesn't last too terribly long (though any length of time is not good). Make sure all legal paperwork and proceedings are in order, and expect some high impact court cases involving the themes of victimization, compensation, and deception.

Jupiter... not much to say here. Jupiter square Bologna, opposite Lamb, and trine Tyrannosaurus retrograde... This is going to be one of those rough ones where we see deceptions among the more ecclesiastical organizations come out, or among some prestigious companies or institutions. More fleecing of the general public I believe is coming about, but it's not all doom and gloom as Tyrannosaurus retrograde may bring about a retreat of said tyrants from the spiritual and corporate worlds. More downfalls will come, which won't be a bad thing as tyrants don't need to be ruling us, frankly.

Saturn is a fun one for this cycle. Saturn, of course in its home sign of Capricorn, has three sextiles, to Apophis in Pisces, and Toutatis and Typhon in Scorpio. Saturn squares Midas in Libra, and semisextiles Lie and Karma in Sagittarius. Ok, let's start with the good news, the sextiles. Basically, Saturn is apexing a Minor Grand Trine, a more spiritual or introspective version of a Grand Trine, more intellectual, and it's doing this to the asteroids of Destruction on one side, and some major amplification on the other. Saturn in this case may be mitigating some damage from the goings on, and this also means that Toutatis/Typhon are trine Apophis. I would venture to say... don't expect World War III in the next several months or a total financial collapse. That Saturn-Midas square says its not going to be a major picnic regarding our economics, however. Some are going to be judged and found wanting, and I'm going to project that cryptocurrencies will not be the fast fix for a lot of people. Just my initial thought on this. (If I'm wrong, so be it). Lie and Karma in a semisextile tells me that a scandal of some kind, likely related to the abuse of funds, is going to come about. Could be a stock scandal, or insider trading scandal. Maybe a bribery/kickback scandal. Be aboveboard with your financial dealings, and I think you'll be alright. But don 't expect an easy time of it.

Rebellious Uranus has its hands full for the next several months as well, emotionally. Uranus sextiles Nike in Aquarius and Lust retrograde in Gemini, but also quincunxes Dejanira in Scorpio and semisextiles Desdemona and Sedna retrograde (itself on Algol) in Taurus, and semisextiles Chiron in Pisces.. Uranus will bring a flow where we can have some sudden progress in getting goals done, just do those and get those out of the way when you can. Lust retrograde, well, not sure if we're going to see people suddenly join monasteries and convents, but I think some will be turning the more lustful vibes inward in unexpected ways. Maybe sudden Fifty Shades-style kinks? ...Never read the book. No plans to either. Anyways... Uranus quincunx Dejanira is going to bring some sudden and awkward situations where we could find ourselves the target of some unwanted attention, so do be very careful and be aware of your surroundings and who you are around. Not everyone will act predictably, especially in the next few weeks after this eclipse. The semisextiles could bring some sudden wounding or sudden healing, and... Look, I'm going to be honest. It's more likely wounding, so shield yourselves and do not let yourselves get into a position to be betrayed. Desdemona has asteroid number 666, and can symbolize some diabolical energies. Sedna, we are in a dangerous point where we could ultimately betray ourselves and lose our own heads, especially with that dwarf planet on malicious Algol. Be aware and be in control. That's how you can get through this period as far as that's in concerned. And embrace the chaos if you have to. Order is nice, but it doesn't always get the job done.

Neptune, while not directly aspecting a whole lot, could bring trouble. Neptune quincunx both Fortuna retrograde (not to be confused with the Part of Fortune) and Dudu retrograde in Leo, and by a slightly larger orb, the Lunar Eclipse itself!. Dot your I's, cross your T's, and make sure you have all of the facts before going towards major financial ventures. Fortuna and Dudu together suggests some trouble brewing with fortune, and some unscrupulous BS going on. If it's too good to be true, it is. Don't fall for it.

Pluto, thankfully, is a bit low-key as far as number of exact aspects, but still could trigger something interesting. Pluto in Capricorn (yes, same time as Saturn, I know...) semisextiles Bologna and Juno in Aquarius,, which strikes me as deception in partnerships leading to the demise or restructuring of those partnerships. If you've had some problems or some suspicions regarding a partner, you may want to get aboveboard and figure out what's going on... like, now.

Can't forget Chiron. Chiron sextiles Abundantia/Eros/Sedna retrograde, trines Dejanira, squares Lust retrograde, and semisextiles Nike and Uranus. We already covered Uranus-Chiron a bit, but the others bear mentioning. Chiron sextile the Abundantia/Eros/Sedna retrograde forms a minor grand trine (Eros on one side, Abundantia/Sedna on the other), so if you're careful, there could be a small degree of sexual healing. Or at the very least, you may avoid falling victim to a trap. The Chiron-Dejanira trine supports this as well, though as I should point out, human free will can override astrological aspects, whether easy or hard. Be alert. Lust retrograde and Chiron could derail things, so don't let your libido rip you a new one.

That's pretty much where we're at with the Lunar Eclipse. It's a big one. It's intense, it's... I'd go as far as to call it a Hypermoon eclipse, with the all-direct planets and the other qualities of the Full Moon itself, Supermoon and all. This will be one for the record books, and I think we're going to see some significant drama unfold in the next few weeks. I'm not saying head for the hills, but maybe have some popcorn ready (or brace for impact, depending on what side of the movie screen of life you're on). Until next time, cheers.