Lunar Eclipse Taurus 2021 – Weighing the Heart


What do the Cards Say?

Tarot Spread for Lunar Eclipse Taurus 2021.
The tarot spread for the Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 2021.

As far as what the cards say for this Lunar Eclipse… ouch.

We’ve got the Five of Pentacles upright, a real “dark night of the soul” card. There’s help available, but we may be oblivious or blind to it. There does seem to be a sense of hopelessness among some of us, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

Next we have the Queen of Cups reversed. There’s some not-really-nurturing energy going on, like a mother withdrawing into herself. There’s a chance of some emotional support not being provided. Alternatively, we could be provided that support, but we’re just not seeing it, just like with the Five of Pentacles.

Third, we have the Moon reversed. Our collective intuition is overloaded right now. With the holiday season coming up and the pandemic not having ended yet (officially), it’s even more intense. Lots of questions as to which way to go, and lots of illusions still out there. For some, this represents illusions being dispelled before they can do any more damage, so it’s not all doom and gloom here.

Next, Temperance reversed comes up. There is a ton of impatience out there right now. This impatience in not getting things done and wanting to get it done, it’s going to intensify. The next several months, we’ll be seeing more rushing, and less waiting.

Queen of Wands reversed as the fifth card denotes another maternal or feminine aspect, this one energy and drive, not being harmonious. Wanting to get things done, not caring who gets stepped on to do it. This also represents an inability to temper the more nurturing aspects of guiding action and vitality.

Finally, Six of Swords reversed. No or little escape from circumstances. It could also represent, along with the other cards, trying to get out of a sticky situation. Instead of escaping, you wind up going around in circles and end up back where you started.

This is not an easy spread. Given the T-Squares and the Yod from earlier in this article, I’d say this is congruent. We do have some opportunities, but we need to open our eyes and recognize them. There is not a lot of nurturing going on, as people don’t feel nurturing when they’re under high stress themselves. Impatience and not seeing past the illusions, or misinterpreting the signs and going off on a wrong path… definitely all potentials.

We are well-advised to heed the warnings and harness the harmonious aspects for this Lunar Eclipse period.

To Sum it Up

Quite frankly, this is one of the most intense Lunar Eclipse cycles I’ve seen come up yet. I’ve yet to check the Solar Eclipse aspects for December, but I don’t think we’re going to see an easier time of that one either.

There’s plenty of opportunities, this is true. We just need to recognize them and capitalize on them to our benefit. Don’t pass up obviously good opportunities, as they may be what we need to get to where we’re going. There’s a real risk of sticking ourselves in a bad or unsatisfying situation otherwise.

We could have used better aspects going into a lengthy Venus retrograde cycle and the U.S. Pluto Return. This is the hand we are dealt. We’ll have to deal the best we can. We can still build our better futures. Snap to it.

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