Lunar Eclipse Taurus 2021 – Weighing the Heart


Other Noteworthy Aspects During the Lunar Eclipse

Mercury’s Influence – The Communication Factor

Mercury in Scorpio trine Neptune retrograde in Pisces is a nice aspect to have. We’ll be diving deep within our subconscious and get to some inner truths about ourselves. We’ll be able to better articulate some of our deeper desires to others, and may even find ourselves finishing others’ sentences. This can also manifest as some of us harnessing our inner muses and writing some rather provocative works over the next several months.

Mercury square Jupiter is a bit of a harder aspect to deal with, where we’ll be more hard-pressed to explain our philosophical difference to our peers. We can be speaking from the heart about what’s meaningful to us, but it’s not going to be well-received by some of our friends. That’s alright if we’re confident of our inner truth. However, the sense of isolation that can come from being misunderstood can have us wondering if we’re even with the right tribe. Keeping some of our hopes alive may also be a challenge given some of the more contentious messages we’re likely to receive for the next several months.

Mercury sextile Pluto can help overcome the Mercury-Jupiter link somewhat. We can better describe to others what needs to be changed in our lives. This can be the need for a new job or career, as one example. There’s also the factor of having the confidence to go ahead and start some new ventures.

Do be warned that as we get deeper into Venus’ pre-retrograde shadow, we can expect some bumps in the road on the way. Mercury’s harmonious aspects to Neptune and Pluto will allow for a deeper level of overriding the hurdles somewhat. We can take this in stride, in spite of the Mercury-Jupiter square.

Mars-Venus-Black Moon Lilith Yod

Another aspect we’ve got to watch out for is Scorpio Mars sextile Capricorn Venus. This forms the basis of a Yod apexing at Black Moon Lilith in Gemini, powerful stuff. Mars sextile Venus in this configuration is powerful enough, giving us the drive to pursue our deeper desires and the confidence to go for the gold.

Both planets focusing on Black Moon Lilith in the sign of the twins, that’s where things get a bit contentious. We know there’s hidden desires we’re looking to get out into the open. Hidden desires that we wish to manifest. We’ll need to balance the needs of our loved ones and our own drive and ego to pursue these longings. Doing this haphazardly can open up a Pandora’s box around now, so make sure you’re focused on what truly matters as you drive towards your desires.

Mars-Uranus-Saturn T-Square

Mars is pretty active, given it also participates in a powerful T-Square, slightly reduced in intensity due to the wider orb to Saturn. Mars opposite Uranus retrograde in Taurus is already heady enough. Uranus doesn’t like being in Taurus, and it’s even more debilitated being retrograde there. Our notions of stability, money, income, these are being disrupted by the retrograde Uranian influence now.

Mars in Scorpio is empowered and wants to go go go. There’s an element of hurry up and wait just with that opposition to Uranus already. This can also manifest in wanting to acquire new goods or get some ventures off the ground, but some other forces get in the way pretty forcefully.

Saturn making a weak apex in this T-Square in Aquarius denotes some unexpected events getting in the way. This T-Square indicates disruptions between us wanting to go and the factors holding us back. The current inflationary price increases we’re seeing in many goods right now are one manifestation of this aspect. Expect more frustrations at the gas pumps and checkout lines, and less buying power is my prediction.

Finances Concerning the Mars-Uranus-Saturn T-Square

Even with wages and starting bonuses increasing, this T-Square at Eclipse time just doesn’t bode well for our buying power. Given the Lunar Eclipse-Jupiter T-Square, consumer optimism is not likely to improve soon. Not a good omen for the upcoming 2022 election year here in the U.S. I haven’t paid attention to other countries’ politics regarding economics as much, so I’m not sure what the experience outside the U.S. will be.

As far as stock market and cryptocurrency markets? I myself am not a day-trader, or even a stock trader, so I’m not qualified to give that advice. I’d think about the long-term beyond next Spring for any holdings you have or are going to make, personally.

Venus to Uranus Retrograde

With Venus and Uranus retrograde in a trine together, this will prove to be somewhat insulating from the chaos. Venus in Capricorn is helpful in building our reputation and some gains with our career lives. The harmonious trine to Uranus retrograde should help alleviate some uncertainties that we have regarding rewarding careers now. You’ll have to take some chances, especially with the T-Squares. However, unexpected blessings from within are likely now. A definite sign to believe in yourself and make your own changes.

Saturn to Chiron Retrograde

Saturn, fortunately, has a positive influence coming from Chiron retrograde in Aries. We’re identifying our inner hurts right now and taking steps to heal those. Combined with this flowing trine between the disciplinarian of the cosmos and the wounded healer, we have an opportunity. We must take hold of this energy and apply the fixes needed to improve our situations. Otherwise, we face the certain destruction and failure in our lives from not acting.

There’s a possibility we’ll be tasked with helping someone in our inner circles who need that boost to get going too. This is potentially mutually beneficial, so don’t discount the opportunity.

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