Synastry/Composite Charts – $160.00-200.00 USD



These readings are intended to compare birth info for two people. These charts are normally used in romantic relationship compatibility, but is useful for other types of arrangements such as friends or potential business partners.

For an extra fee, I will also check the composite chart of the couple/partners, which is a chart of the relationship/partnership itself. I use the midpoint method for this.

This reading will check planets, angles, Parts of Fortune, Black Moon Lilith, Chiron, and the Romance/Deception/Career asteroids between the two people, as well as the relevant name asteroids as well (asteroids matching the partners’ names, or their closest reasonable equivalents in cases of no exact matches).


  • Birth Times for both parties are strongly recommended.
  • If a birth time is not specified, no angle or house information will be able to be provided, but the rest of the chart can be generated. Moon placement information will be approximate in this case.
  • Unknown birthtime charts will be charted for local time at noon. This will also impact the composite chart slightly, so be advised.

What You Get

  • The generated charts. There will be several in order to show all the asteroids, as well as key asteroid alignments.
  • A PDF of the interpretation of the synastry chart.

A copy of the report can also be sent to the prospective or actual partner as well, if desired. Let me know in the “Special Instructions” section on checkout. Otherwise, the chart will only be sent to the one ordering the report.

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Chart Types
Person #1 Info
* Birthplace/Date/Time. Format date as MM/DD/YYYY. May use 12 or 24 hour time.
Person #2 Info
* Birthplace/Date/Time. Format date as MM/DD/YYYY. May use 12 or 24 hour time.

Important Disclosure: Phoenixia Astrology and Jon Russell assume no responsibility for actions taken or not taken nor for decisions made or not made in regards to the information presented in these readings. Clients remain responsible for all personal, interpersonal, and business decisions. Clients are advised to exercise due diligence in all undertakings and affairs.