Basic Natal Chart Plus Asteroids and Twelve Months Ahead and Solar Return – Basic Plus Asteroids – $500.00 USD



The bundled readings allow you to get multiple readings for a discount, and thus is a better value for first-time customers. The bundled readings are also ideal as gifts for your loved ones!

This is the Basic Natal Chart Plus Asteroids, and the Basic Twelve Months Ahead Plus Asteroids Reading. (Save $150.00 USD!)

For new clients, this is the best value overall as you receive your natal chart, the solar return, and a twelve month forecast including all of the asteroids I normally use.

In “Special instructions” on the checkout page, notate where you expect your Solar Return to be, and when to start the transits for. Also notate which birthday you’d like to chart the Solar Return from. Charting the year ahead from your birthday is usually a good choice.


  • If a birth time is not specified, no angle or house information will be able to be provided, but the rest of the chart can be generated. Moon placement information will be approximate in this case.
  • Unknown birthtime charts will be charted for local time at noon.
  • This is the most time-intensive reading to create due to the asteroid checks. Please allow up to three weeks for this when placing your order if you wish to receive this in time for your birthday.

What You Get

  • The generated charts.
  • A PDF of the interpretation of the natal chart and transits/progressions.

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