Weekly Report - September 4th Through 10th, 2017

Weekly Report - September 4th Through 10th, 2017

This is my first attempt at maintaining a weekly report of sorts, and I think based on what I'm seeing, we're going to have some interesting energies going on this week, especially considering we have Mercury stationing on Monday, ready to go direct Tuesday, as well as a Full Moon this week. Let's dive in...

I'll be clear on one thing: For my weekly report formats, I'll largely be looking at my standard set asteroids (if I see that they're relevant), and also will be making my charts for 12:00 noon Seattle time (UTC-7 during Daylight Savings Time). So now that that's out of the way, let's proceed. And given how this goes as I write this, I may opt to also do daily reports or switch over to dailies exclusively? I haven't decided. Currently Mercury's still stationing and still technically retrograde as I write this, so maybe I shouldn't be initiating this quite yet. But I'm doing it anyways. Alright, enough of the ADHD moment (Yes, I do have it), and let's get on with it!

Monday, we have a big aspect with Mercury stationing conjunct Mars, and on the Solar Eclipse degree or very close to it, with Mars itself crossing onto fixed star Regulus, itself largely positive as Mars and Regulus represents:

"Honor, fame, strong character public prominence, high military command."[1]

Very high intensity energy day just with this combination alone. Later on in the week, Mercury also slides up to Regulus, representing:

"Honorable, just, popular, generosity abused by opponents, fame, gain through high position."[1]

Anyways, the Moon will cross opposite both bodies over that 24 hour period into Tuesday, so we're going to be feeling some high emotional energy, like we want to get going, get up and go, and yet it's not going to go. Also, from initial appearances for this week, we can expect some high-position people to initiate some high-profile efforts to advance their agendas. This is also a plus for anyone seeking a promotion this week, or some other honor. Monday's a holiday in the US anyways, so try to relax! Fortunately, Mercury and Mars will be trining Uranus Retrograde. The Mercury/Mars combo will trine this revolutionary planet for the entire week, with Mars tapering off by Sunday as the trine's orb increases. The sudden impact of advancing agendas should be somewhat subdued this week and bring some much-needed internal growth.

We must be careful not to chase too many windmills unlike Don Quixote, however, as we also begin this week with Sun opposite Neptune retrograde. We need to make sure at the same time that we advance our agendas and chase our goals that we don't wind up going for the Holy Grail when a nice coffee mug is much more attainable. Aim high, but don't fall to your demise. Or, keep a hand on the ladder to steady yourself. But by all means, reach! Sun moves off this opposition by the week's end, thankfully.

Tuesday, we experience Moon conjunct Nessus, so be aware of emotional obsessions in general this day. This will be relatively short-lived as fast as the Moon goes, but it could be enough to upset the apple cart. Mars will also cross over into Virgo and hit its tightest conjunction to Regulus, so expect high energy shifts in how we go about with our day, how we express our drive this day. Venus will also be forming its quincunx to Neptune, so we may not even know exactly what we want, or may be chasing illusions thinking they're gold and jewels when really they're just fool's gold that day. Try to keep a level head.

Wednesday, Asteroid-wise, we have 99942 Apophis catch up to and conjunct 157 Dejanira by week's end, and this will begin to be emphasized on this day as the Moon opposes both after it hits the Full Moon point, so this will be somewhat amplified. Don't go off on a tirade and destroy your chances, and try to not say or do something you'll regret as it will be much easier to do so... especially as they're going to square Black Moon Lilith and Ixion, and one after the other through the week, they will also square Saturn. Cool the loins and watch for infidelity and other dubious encounters. Expect a high-profile encounter to be reported somewhere. At worst, we could even see something akin to a human sacrifice scandal (as a worst-case WTF scandal) as Dejanira and Apophis are also catching up to Vesta, the sacred flame. Fortunately, we should be somewhat insulated from seeing that as the conjunction orb won't be exact as far ahead as Sunday.

Later on in the day going into Thursday, we could see more hurts come to light and maybe some cathartic healing as Moon will conjunct Chiron retrograde, and it could be in ways we don't quite expect as that conjunction will also semisextile Uranus retrograde. Expect a surprise to trigger this catharsis, and it could even come about as a message out of the blue as Moon/Chiron will quincunx Mercury overnight then too. Expect miscommunication, despite Mercury now being forward in motion, but it's still in its post-retrograde shadow period so we still have some bumps ahead for travel and communications. Also, on Thursday we have Moon cross over into Aries and quincunx Mars as well, at the same time Mars exactly sesquiquadrates Pluto. (Think of a somewhat weaker square). Keep a cool head. Try and keep a cool head. Sun will begin its trine to Pluto retrograde and also will be seperating a trine to Pallas, forming a grand trine as well. Do note that Pluto is beginning to slow down, preparing for it's station to direct motion later on this month. At the same time, Pluto retro will quincunx Venus on Thursday, with Sun and Venus semisextile, and Venus square Pallas. Pallas could introduce a spark of wisdom or war, as it is more formally known as Pallas Athene, meaning the Greek goddess Athena (goddess of War and Wisdom). We could see some off-kilter energies smooth and yet ruffle the war drums that are going on lately. Could see some high-profile incident, but enough behind the scenes action to keep it from blowing up into a major blunder. At least, not quite yet.

Truth be told, Friday, the Sun semisextile Venus and both the Sun Trine Pluto and Venus Quincunx Pluto aspects become exact. And, we also have Ceres conjunct 100 Hekate and the aforementioned Apophis-Dejanira square Black Moon Lilith-Ixion squares also become pretty tight this day. And!!! Jupiter opposition Eris, and later on in the day Friday, the Moon joins Eris. We have the potential for an elevated level of chaos and a major news story this day. I think it'll be another shake-up somewhere, a scandal that will bring down yet another US government official (now whether this actually happens, well, we'll see. If I'm wrong, I'll keep it up anyways as an analysis on predictions and accuracy). For everyone else, there could be some upsetting news with a ray of hope regarding business, such as an early earnings rating not going so well, but something else filling in the gaps. Moon will trine Venus early in the day, so earlier on Friday is when we'll probably see the better news. But as Moon squares Pluto at the same time, there will be that "but...". The TL;DR; version of Friday is: Something potentially positive in the early part of the day, and later on, chaos!

Saturday, some calm returns as the Moon will enter Taurus and give some fixed, stable, earthy emotion to us and temper some of our more aggressive impulses from the previous day as it trines Mercury (offsign, of course as it's still in Leo here) and Mars. Venus begins to move off the quincunx to Pluto a bit, so things start to clear up as well when it comes to relationships and may even be an ok day for bargain hunting (assuming there are yard sales to go to). However, let's be careful as Dejanira and Apophis conjunct more tightly, and this is where they are quincunx Eris. Not a good day to have an affair, trust me. (Actually, no day really is if you want to be traditional about it). But, some people may be liable to cheat and feel they can get away with it when we have 1930 Lucifer (pride) square Nessus (obsessions and at worst, abuse). And Jupiter opposes Eris exactly this day too for a T-square to Hekate-Ceres, so basically we could potentially see some homewrecking recklessness come to the fore this day. Now, if you and your partner are into swinging, then maybe a little chaos is a good thing? I guess it's all up to you, and if that's your thing, well... awesome? One final warning for Saturday, and it's that Chiron starts approaching its tighter square to Pholus (an intoxication asteroid), so do try to slow down on the drinking a little bit that day, lest you wind up in an uncomfortable position or a ditch somewhere.

By Sunday, we get a bit of a grand trine between Sun, Moon-Pallas, and Pluto retrograde. A good day to wake up, wonder what the hell this week brought, and try to sort it all out before going back into the office Monday or whatever you may be doing professionally. Maybe even a good day to let bygones be bygones somewhat. By this point, Mercury has also crossed over into Virgo (one of its signs that it rules, and exalted here too), so... yeah. this is definitely a good day to clear the air about some grievances I think. With Apophis-Dejanira sextile Hekate-Ceres and both quincunx the South Node (where we feel comfortable), try not to dwell on the past too much when burying hatchets.

So as you can see, we have some major energy going on this week. Frankly, this entire month is going to be intense, but this first full week of September is quite a doozy. The life-changing events this month brings will be reverberating for awhile, I think.

[1]: Constellation of Words: Regulus. http://www.constellationsofwords.com/stars/Regulus.html