Weekly Report - September 11th Through 17th, 2017

Weekly Report - September 11th Through 17th, 2017

Last week was a rough one, given that Hurricane Irma approached Florida and, well, I hope that the damage will be as minimal as can be. The wildfires in the Pacific Northwest were also intense (smokewise anyways where I was at, though there were definitely worse-off areas), and hopefully we will see some relief and little more in the way of disasters.

Let's start. Monday, the principal aspect that will be forming and proceeding through the next few days will be Sun square Saturn. We'll be wanting to continue getting things going, and considering Mercury is still in post-retrograde shadow, we can expect some more hiccups there as well. We have an idea of what we want to do, what we want to fix up and organize in our lives, and the square to Saturn beginning to coalesce will be a bit of a dampener on this. We can expect some delays and frustrations, and maybe also see where our own inner discipline is breaking down. On the same day, we'll also see Moon square Mercury, and a little later on, Moon square Mars. We're going to feel like we're not proceeding as fast as we need to, and later on we could get increasingly frustrated with it. As this will form as close to a T-square with Nessus opposite Mars, we could even get a little self-abusive about it (maybe by hitting a couple more drinks than needed in happy hour, or perhaps pushing ourselves a bit too far and getting injured in a gym). Exercise some caution, as this frustration will pass. Not all doom and gloom, as Venus is also strengthening its trine to Saturn, which may make for a possible easier night with a significant other, or maybe we find the energy to get a task done that we can be proud of, especially if creative.

Asteroid-wise, this will also be the strongest day this week with Pholus apex a T-square between Chiron retrograde in Pisces and Dejanira-Apophis-Vesta in Virgo. Again, take it easy with happy hour. More likely we're going to be reviewing and seeing where we can pick up the pieces, especially after the natural disasters of last week (that are still ongoing, minus the earthquake in Mexico... I think, unless there are strong aftershocks later this week. I don't know if that will happen for sure, however). Honestly, I think the recovery from the disasters overall, including from the flooding in Asia, will be the focus for this asteroid T-square. There may be other things that we're recovering from a major hit. For me, personally, pinkeye hit over the weekend and kept me out of work Friday (that and a major accident on the Seattle Eastside 405... but I shouldn't have attempted going to work anyways. Interesting how the universe works).

Tuesday, the Sun square Saturn intensifies more, and it becomes apparent that this won't necessarily be the smoothest week for discipline and getting things done. Mercury also tightens its conjunction to Mars, which may give us a little oomph for getting over a couple hurdles. Again, Mars tightens its opposition to Nessus, so let's not get too obsessed about the details and let's remember not to take it out on other people either. Another good note we should note for tuesday is Venus trining Saturn at the strongest this day, so we can take some advantage in seeing the silver lining in whatever clouds Saturn sends our way. Let's focus on thise silver clouds as later in the day Moon will oppose Saturn, and this may add to the frustration level just a bit. This will effectively form a T-Square during the first quarter moon with Sun apexing, and Chiron is arguably opposing Sun at this point as well, so a very weak Grand Cross effect may be present as well. It won't be overwhelming as the orb is wide to Chiron so we should be able to push on through.

Wednesday gives us the strongest point of Sun square Saturn, so again, we need to watch our egos just a little bit and just roll with the delays that may come. Mercury also gets closer to its conjunction with Mars, and is now in range of Mars opposite Nessus, which tightens further. This entire week just seems to be about learning to deal with frustrations, delays, and not blowing our top with abuses and obsessions, frankly. And there's a lot to be frustrated about given current events. This too shall pass. Regardless, Venus begins to separate from its trine with Saturn but it still has some potency, so we can use Venus's lesser good fortune to mitigate some of Saturn's delays and right our ship. Also, Venus is also beginning its trine to Uranus retrograde, so there's a chance we see some unconventional solutions begin to take shape during this time. It's also beginning to form a sextile to Jupiter, which will also smooth things over very nicely on the professional and personal fronts.

Thursday, Venus conjuncts the North Node, so this could be a good chance to have a chance encounter with someone who may be good for us, a better half, or maybe a business prospect? You never know. Jupiter and Venus also strengthen their sextile, further bolstering the good luck. Sun begins to separate from its square to Saturn and will definitely be welcome as the delays and restrictions begin to let up just a little. Mercury and Mars tighten their conjunction, so if you need a little extra step in your travel plans or some extra flare (but not too much, as that opposition to Nessus is tightening up Mercury-wise and beginning to separate Mars-wise), this is the time. Be aware that Moon will oppose Pluto retrograde, so do be careful with that Mercury-Mars fusion energy when making decisions, as we could wind up beating ourselves up over any mistakes, real or perceived.

Friday, Moon conjuncts Ceres, so this could be a good day to think about some home decor or reorginazation plans that make us feel a little better. Don't spend too much, as Moon-Ceres will also square Jupiter for part of the day. A trine from Moon-Ceres to Uranus retrograde may, however, bring some unconventionality to those home decor plans. Something to definitely note beyond this aspect, however, is a Yod that begins to form by transit going into the weekend, with Jupiter sexile Venus-North Node, both quincunx Chiron retrograde, and kited by an oppisition to the Sun which will intensify over the next couple of days. This is an excellent time to bring about some major healing, as we are pulling that Chiron energy inwards and can use it to heal what's been hurting us for awhile... the good luck sextile between Jupiter and Venus is excellent for this, and the Sun pulling that bowstring? We can thrust ourselves into the work that is needed. If we handle this wrongly, we could do lasting harm to ourselves, especially with Mercury-Mars still opposing Nessus, so let's not fly off the handle. Fortunately, that opposition is losing steam and separating, so we should be alright.

On Saturday, the Jupiter-Venus-Chiron-Sun Yod Kite intensifies further. Continue your recovery and healing, and take advantage of doing what you need to do on this day very well, as Mercury and Mars' conjunction is tightest on Saturday as well. An excellent time to put forward the pedal to the metal and get some things done. Mercury, I must note, still has a few more days of the post-retrograde shadow, and there is still the weakening opposition to Nessus, which is almost out of orb now, so I think we can go full forward while watching for a few roadblocks at this time. Just don't toot your own horn too terribly much, as Mars-Mercury will be tightly squaring 1930 Lucifer that day, and that extra pride could be a downfall at this time. Be proactive, be productive, but exercise humility. There will be time for accolades later on.

Sunday brings us a strong Fire Grand Trine between Venus, Uranus, and asteroid Pholus, and to a lesser degree, Saturn (barely), and arguably Uranus is kited by Jupiter. An excellent time for unorthodox solutions to problems, and perhaps with the Jupiter-Venus-Chiron-Sun Yod Kite's energies still at the fore (though Venus is beginning to collapse the wedge as it's moving closer to Virgo), maybe we can come to terms with and finish what it is we're trying to fix up before the coming work week begins again. Jupiter also forms another Yod with itself sextiling Pholus, and the apex being at asteroids Destinn and Sedna... on Algol. This is a great weekend to consider not getting too hammered, and keeping a clear head, lest we be destined to lose ours. Watch your back with Sedna. I think the Equifax breach aftermath might have a few more insights come to light in the week to follow, as Jupiter will move closer to tightening that Yod.

So as I see it, the first half of the week is a bit rough around the edges, but near the end of the week and especially over the weekend, we see an opportunity to grab our dreams and possibly start growing them again. This coming weekend is not one to waste! Seize every opportunity you can and don't fly off the handle, as that will be easy to do up to the end of the week as well, which could very well spoil the weekend if that goes very badly. Anyways, it's running late, and we have a great many things that could very well go right for us. Hopefully the recovery from the mulitple disasters of earlier this month can also get underway in earnest and go forward smoothly. Let's hope, and let's work at it. Globally, I think we can make a lot out of this week.