Weekly Report - October 9th Through 15th, 2017

Weekly Report - October 9th Through 15th, 2017

The powerhouse of a week last week has certainly left an impression with many of us, I'm sure. This week is not going to be any quieter, that I can promise you.

Monday starts off with the Sun and Mercury both squaring Pluto, which is going to be ramping up the energy considerably! We are going to be faced with some serious disruptions to our day-to-day lives to start off the week, and we're also going to be facing some hard truths about ourselves that we are going to need to change and adapt. Tempers will likely be frayed, especially as this isn't the only aspect. We also have Venus beginning to oppose Chiron dead on, and Mars is tightening its square to Saturn as well. Romantic and career squabbles will also be intensified at this time. Do not poke the bear today.

Tuesday brings Jupiter into Scorpio. A massive shift in energy and consciousness will be apparent with this as we seek to expand our more ambitious desires. Some big changes will be coming with this as Scorpio is ruled by Mars and Pluto, and both planets are prominent for Tuesday as well... as are several other bodies. Tuesday, frankly, is major. We have a Grand Cross involving Venus and Mars in Virgo, Saturn in Sagittarius, Chiron in Pisces, and the Moon in Gemini! The Moon portion will be short-lived, but we've got that T-Square for the hours before and after noontime PDT. Sun is still squaring Pluto at the same time, so this is really not the day to push issues either. Focus on getting your tasks and duties done as much as you can, and don't expect everything to go smoothly with that Grand Cross energy. Emotions are going to be rough, people are going to be pushy, and did I also mention the quincunx from Venus to Uranus retrograde forming?

Tuesday isn't all rough, as we'll have a brief sextile between Uranus and the Moon, so we can have some sense of hidden pleasures to get us through that rough patch of the day. Later on, Uranus will begin to trine Jupiter as well, so the later part of the evening will have some mitigation in the craziness as well, as we can curl up with a book or with some meditation or yoga, if you're into that sort of thing... or Uranus trining Pholus/Black Moon Lilith... well, meditation might actually give some good insights later in the evening considering that, so take time to yourself Tuesday evening and just try to decompress.

Wednesday isn't too much easier, but at least there isn't a Grand Cross to deal with. We've got Venus and Mars still opposing Chiron and squaring Saturn, but the orbs are separating, so the craziness of romantic intrigue and workplace frustrations should begin to let up a little by midweek. Sun is also separating from the square to Pluto, so we should be able to put aside some, but not all, of the frustrations and figurings of what exactly is rocking our world that day. Moon will also trine Neptune retrograde just a little bit later in the afternoon as well, so we can use some creative thinking to get around some problems, and it's also a good time to just take a few minutes and brainstorm or daydream if you need to. Moon will also be opposing Kaali during the trine to Neptune, so whatever mystical brainstorming you have going on will be somewhat amplified, but don't be surprised if it takes a rough turn. Your mind might race just a little towards the darker side of things. Don't have to fight it but be aware.

Thursday is a mixed bag with the Moon squaring the Sun earlier in the morning, or maybe noon depending on what timezone you're in, but then trining Chiron retrograde and sextiling Mars, and then Venus by midday. So we can reflect a bit and see where we are, how we're feeling about where we're at in our lives and maybe even plot a few things to do for the weekend. Mercury will also be opposing Eris while conjuncting Karma and Apophis, so do watch the bite of the tongue when talking to others. It'll be a little easier to do so as Mercury sextiles Saturn, giving a little bit of discipline when communicating with others, and that also brings up a good point: Saturn trine Eris can help us tame the chaos just a bit. Saturn will also be approaching a trine to Uranus retrograde, so we can begin to assess a bit more easily just what we need to change in ourselves at thsi time. The dark side of this is Saturn approaching the square to Chiron retrograde, so whatever we see that we need to change, it's going to hurt. It's going to take disicpline, and if we can get through it, we'll be all the stronger for it.

Friday gets crazier as the Moon moves into Leo overnight into the morning hours... it adds a bit of self-important feeling to ourselves, and we may feel like we're hot stuff for a bit... but consider how you feel when waking up, as that Moon square Jupiter could bring us some morning road rage... or some big dreams.

Also, regarding that Saturn/Uranus/Chiron mix... As Mars begins to oppose Chiron more directly, it'll add to the intensity for sure. We've got a bit of urgency to some repair work we need to do with ourselves... and that's alright. Venus is also in the last critical degree of Virgo this day as well, so whatever we felt we needed to work on creatively, and whatever loose ends we needed to deal with romantically and jobwise, we'll be dealing with it on the last business day of the week. Mercury is quincunxing Chiron a bit more directly as well, so we might not be coming across clearly, and that could ruffle some feathers. Mercury is also moving off of opposing Eris but is approaching the direct opposition to Uranus retrograde... It's going to be so easy for us to make slips of the tongue, or talk about things that just don't make any sense to others. Don't lose heart.

Saturday is big on the scope as we not only have Venus enter Libra in the early morning hours, we also have a Fire Grand Trine between Moon, Uranus and Saturn. This is an excellent time to do some exercise, and also to get some housework done, some rearranging if we need to, or other change-ups that we've been putting off for awhile. Mars opposite Chiron retrograde gets tighter, and we might have to watch out for accidents, so don't lean too far on any ladders. Could also, in rare cases, involve a doctor needing to rebreak a bone to set it, and I'm not sure why I get that visal, but it makes sense with that configuration.

Venus in Libra is semisextile Jupiter as well, so again, regarding projects we want to get done, we can make some decent progress with that energy in the mx as well. Mercury opposing Uranus retrograde can bring an air of us questioning ourselves in our inner monologues, and Sun opposite Eris could throw us for a loop if we start questioning ourselves too much. It's alright, so long as you don't lose yourself in that. Sun and Mercury sextile Saturn as well, so if you're thinking of doing some writing (like a novel or some blogging, or even just jotting down ideas), do it! You might be amazed at what you come up with!

Sunday caps off the week with the Moon entering Virgo, so we'll be feeling somewhat productive that day, and there will be that sextile to Jupiter as well, so we can take advantage of that productive energy as well. Don't get too bossy, as the Moon will oppose Nessus, and it's easy to get lost in the details and hyperfocus to the exclusion of all else when that configuration takes place.

Later on that Sunday, Moon opposes Neptune, so whatever hyperfocus we may have had earlier, we can just as easily get distracted and start daydreaming, and second-guessing what we did before. Very easy to get frustrated then with Mars more exactly opposite Chiron that day. Mercury still opposes Uranus then too, so watch out for messages out of the blue that change your course during the day as well. This will be mitigated somewhat with the Sun sextiling Saturn further, so a little more focus in getting tasks done, but with Sun opposing Eris more tightly, again, a bit more chaos to deal with. Saturn is more tightly trining Eris though, so that chaos can be mitigated and even controlled somewhat... like carving an intricate design with a shard of glass. Just don't cut yourself on the unexpected!

So, as you can see, this week is a bit of a mixed bag, and starts off all frazzled! It gets a little more relaxed towards the middle of the week and maybe even productive by week's end. Just try to keep your cool, as always, and don't get enraged at well-meaning coworkers and loved ones. But do have a healthy outlet for those frustrations, and I think we can get through this week. Take care of yourselves, for sure!