Weekly Report - October 23rd Through 29th, 2017

Weekly Report - October 23rd Through 29th, 2017

How're we all doing? I think at this point we're looking for a respite in all the chaos, and I think we might start seeing a little bit of that this week. Don't start singing the hallelujah chorus yet, as there's plenty of intensity to get through this week as well! But I think some of us will be having a little bit of an easier time this time around. Or will we? Let's take a look...

Monday is fun, as we begin Scorpio Season! The Sun crosses over into Scorpio, revealing all sorts of fun secrets. Stuff we'd probably rather keep hidden, but gets quite salty as it comes out. And keep in mind Mars has just crossed into Libra as well, and Mars doesn't really do all that hot in Libra. It's indecisive there, so we may be feeling like we may want to get some hot mess off our chest, but should we? Or shouldn't we? Hmm... Tough decisions there. Think twice, even three times, and consider the ramifications. On a lighter note, earlier on in the day we have the Moon in Sagittarius sextile Venus, so there's a little bit of lightheartedness and maybe we pass by a pretty flower on the way to work, something to help us find a little bit of diamond in the rough. Consider that same moon semisquares the Sun a little bit later by noon PDT though, and we could be having some interesting desires to choke someone who crosses us that day. Maybe they microwaved tuna in the office lunch room, and someone cracked the door to the lunch room, so it's alllllll throughout the building now! I don't know. Venus quincunxes Neptune as well, so we may want to hold off on any splurging on any shopping trips we need to do on Monday. We're not gonna be thinking clearly about that.

Tuesday is a bit of a mixed bag as the Moon will cross over Saturn, and then over Galactic Center soon after, and squaring Chiron retrograde all the while. We're going to be facing some crises in confidence, and second guessing ourselves a bit. Others will be holding back in their emotions, being a little bit of a powder keg ready to blow at the wrong provocation. Let's not have that happen. Instead, try to harness a little Moon/Saturn trine North Node action and see how we can control that emotional drive, and maybe drive us forward into feeling a little better once the Moon moves into earthy Capricorn later on in the day. Indulge in a piece of chocolate if you have to, or maybe buy that piece of chocolate and save it for later on next week when Moon enters Taurus? Not a bad idea, actually. Do watch yourself, and make sure you don't let others who aren't harnessing some inner calm get to you, as Pluto squares Dejanira a bit this day as well. Be vigilant. You should be able to communicate this effectively, and maybe even bluff your way out of a tight spot with Mercury trine Neptune retrograde. Do what you have to do (ethically) to get by.

Wednesday the Pluto square Dejanira influence is stronger, so watch your six (meaning watch your back). It's getting a little crazy with some unscrupulous people trying to take advantage of others. But if you hold strong to your truth you should be OK, as Sun is approaching a conjunction with Jupiter more strongly today! You can make excellent strides towards your goals and with dealing with some inner struggles quite nicely if you take advantage of the flows of this day. I should also mention Saturn is trining Uranus retrograde more strongly at this point as well, so that will be a strong positive, as we can dig deep inside ourselves and harness our inner chaos a bit, and focus it towards order, an order that gets us closer to where we want to be in our lives. Don't let yourself get sidetracked by the strengthening Saturn square Chiron retrograde, as there is likely to be an inner wound that is making an itch that's getting just a bit harder to ignore. You'll eventually have to scratch that itch, but there are ways to do it to heal that itch more strongly than if you just scratch willy-nilly.

Thursday, early on, the Moon crosses over Pluto, and that's likely during some people's morning commutes, or maybe even evening commutes in Europe, so do try to give yourself ample time to deal with fools on the road. Mercury is approaching a sextile to that Pluto/Moon as well though, so it won't be as catastrophic a commute as some would think. Also, you may even be able to communicate some awesomeness to some people, maybe even get a proposal through that guides you more strongly on your path forward. Do be careful as not all that glitters is gold, and Venus is getting closer to exactly squaring that Pluto, but not quite yet. Dejanira is very tightly square Pluto today as well, so if some predator is going to make their move, it's going to be on this day most likely. Be ready and don't let them do it.

Friday is fun as we have Mars trine Moon on midday (North America)... whatever we were trying to pull of this week can come to fruition a little bit easier. Sun is also moving off of Jupiter but as the Sun and Jupiter are freaking big objects, it's still a strong conjunction! We can really make magic happen on Friday so I suggest you make use of it! Saturn and Chiron retrograde are also moving closer in their square to one another, so you may want to consider a hidden doubt, a hidden fear... but you can overcome that with Saturn trine Eris retrograde. Face that discord head on and let that discord know that it's your bitch! You can call a little bit more on your inner strength and what you believe strongly in as well as Vesta sextiles the North Node as well, and that can give you a little more strength to hold true to your convictions and drive the point home, that being that you are worth more.

Saturday is a good day to relax a bit, with Moon in Aquarius trining Venus and Dejanira. We should feel a bit more strongly and more at ease with ourselves, that we're good and attractive enough, right? If someone objects, screw them. Do keep in mind that you could wind up with some past emotional struggles hit a little later on on Saturday when Moon inevitably crosses the South Node. Maybe it's not a struggle, but maybe something you're coming to grips with from the past. You could potentially deal with a lover or suitor from the past with Venus square Pluto as well. Don't let them rain on your parade. Venus will also conjunct asteroid Dejanira, so we could feel a little vulnerable. Sun still conjuncts Jupiter a bit, so we can still make use of our inner, Scorpionic drive and come to terms that what victimizes us does not define us. Finally, Apophis approaches a trine with Neptune retrograde, and Apophis itself is in Scorpio, so now would definitely be a good time to destroy mental blocks that are holding us back!

We finish off with Sunday, with Venus and Dejanira still conjunct and moving on from their square to Pluto. It's possible you had to have a very stern conversation with someone trying to take advantage of you or not appreciating all that you do for them. Things should start moving along a bit on this day of (hopeful) rest. Sun is still conjunct Jupiter but is separating, so you can still take some advantage of this energy to maybe get in touch with your higher self. Jupiter also trines Nessus, so it would actually be a good day to devote to some higher spirituality without losing yourself in dogma. The Moon earlier on in the day will also sextile Saturn, so maybe we can let loose a little bit more at breakfast, and later on in the day when it moves into Pisces, the Moon will begin trining Jupiter and then the Sun a bit more as well. So overnight we should have some better dreams and visions coming. Take advantage of this, as the Moon will be approaching Neptune but not until next Monday. More on that for next week's report!

Something I should mention, that I've missed last week, is that Uranus retrograde is semisquare Neptune retrograde all week. What this means is, we're contemplating inside our psyche and in our conscious minds the changes we need to make to move ourselves forward. We're not sure how we're feeling about this (Neptune in Pisces), but we know something has to change (Uranus in Aries). It's a semisquare, so it's more subtle, but it's there. If you feel uneasy about knowing that something has to change, keep this in mind this week.

So there you have it... a caution to watch ourselves around those who would take advantage earlier in the week, and later on to close off the week a chance to relax and reflect on our purpose and spirituality. This is actually, overall, a more pleasant week than the previous couple of weeks, and we can get a lot done if we harness the energies... so don't let this pass you by! Keep in mind the Neptune/Uranus semisquare as well, and consider that which must change. Search your feelings, as a particular green master once said (as well as a guy clad in black in the same space opera), and you'll know what needs to change. Take care, everyone.