Weekly Report - October 16th Through 22nd, 2017

Weekly Report - October 16th Through 22nd, 2017

This past week hasn't been the easiest of times for many people. Energy has definitely shifted with the entry of Jupiter into Scorpio, and Venus shifting into Libra has also added its own touch. Well, guess what: The shifts keep coming. By week end, we'll have Mars entering Libra and the Sun will be primed to enter Scorpio overnight on Sunday. Again, the shifts keep coming.

Monday, the shifting continues. Moon starts in Virgo where we'll be seeing our analytical sides take control. Moon will, later on in the day, square Saturn and soon after joins the T-square with Mars opposite Chiron retrograde, most directly squaring Pholus and Black Moon Lilith. Hopefully not too many of us hit up the bars or other intoxicants from Sunday into Monday, as hangovers are very likely. Mercury also begins the day in the critical 29th degree of Libra, about to enter into Scorpio itself! This is getting to be quite fun, as our communications will begin to delve more into the more secretive sides of our psyches, and communications with colleagues and loved ones will begin to take on a more decisive, sharp tone. Mars will also more directly quincunx Uranus retrograde, so expect some change-ups and sudden frustrations, and watch that you don't sabotage yourself. Uranus is still applying in retrograde motion to a trine to Saturn, so we should have a little more control over sudden impulses.

Tuesday, the Moon will cross into airy Libra, so we can expect our thoughts and emotions to get a little less analytical and more of a judging quality, weighing options in the afternoon (if on North America). Mercury also finally crosses over into Scorpio proper, and is getting closer to conjuncting Jupiter, so we will be seeing some more manifestation of big communications, and as they are still in range of an opposition to Uranus, we should be careful for sudden upsets when traveling as well. There is a chance of big travel impacts this day, though as it's not an exact opposition, this may be muted somewhat. Mars, Chiron and Saturn-Ixion-Pholus-Black Moon Lilith are still in that T-Square, so be aware of sudden, heated arguments, especially with that Mercury having just entered Scorpio. Enhance your calm.

Wednesday gets us deeper into the rabbit hole as Mercury crosses Jupiter and begins to wane in its conjunction. Mars and Chiron are also separating in their opposition, so the wounded healing in regards to aggression and anger should begin to subside a bit. Mars is also separating from its square to Saturn, so the Mars/Saturn/Chiron T-Square should begin to start losing some power. Still, Mars is squaring Black Moon Lilith more strongly, so we can likely expect more news to come out about the sexual abuse and harassment scandal coming out of Hollywood... and my educated guess is... it's not going to just stay in Hollywood. More players will likely come to light during this time.

Thursday brings us to the New Moon in Libra, which will begin another new lunar cycle for us to try to make things happen. This New Moon opposes Uranus retrograde most directly, so this will be a time we can expect the unexpected in our planning and daily affairs, and as Uranus is in Aries, we can expect these sudden shifts to happen quickly. Be fluid in your planning this day. We should note that Saturn trines Eris, which should give us a little bit of stability to manage the chaos going on around us. It's not perfect, and Mars is still in square to Saturn, so that righting of the chaos might be a bit frazzled still. This square won't be lasting much longer, thankfully, so we can try to breathe a sigh of relief soon.

Friday early on starts with the Moon crossing into Scorpio and conjuncting Jupiter and then Mercury in the very early morning hours, so pay close attention to any dream messages that come to you then. Sun is also conjuncting asteroid Karma during this time, so it's very likely we may reap a little bit of what we sowed leading up into the weekend. I should also note that asteroid Apophis conjuncts Jupiter strongly today, so there's a chance of some big impact destruction or tearing down happening on Friday as well. Definitely take several deep breaths if someone irritates you to no end. It's hard, but trust me, you're going to want to exercise some restraint.

Saturday is Mars' last day in Virgo, and it transits the critical 29th degree, so not only will this be when we finish up some decisive actions, but this will also be a day where our decisiveness begins to wane just a little. Mars doesn't like Libra very much and is at its weakest there. Venus is beginning to approach a quinxunx to Neptune as well, so things can get just a little muddled in the pursuing-beauty front, and thus we really should double-check what we really want to buy from those antique and yard sales this weekend.

Sunday is a bit unclear, as we have a multitude of challenging aspects. The Moon does cross over into Sagittarius, bringing a fiery, changeable air to the day. This makes sense as Mars enters Libra close to noon on the Pacific Coast (North America). There will be a brief sextile between Mars and Moon, but that'll be mainly in the morning to noon hours, so we might be able to get up a little early if needed. We also have some muddling in our thoughts as Venus continues to tighten the quincunx to Neptune retrograde, so we may still be feeling a bit unsure about what to do about a loved one, or about a job or even something we felt we liked, like a hobby or a prized possession. What do we want to do with it? Soon Venus will also begin to square Pluto, but it's just slightly out of range today, so be thankful for that at least. Finally, Sun is beginning its final drive in the final degree of Libra as it approaches Scorpio. As Scorpio season nears in spades, we'll find ourselves a bit emboldened.

Saturn does continue to advance its trine to Uranus retrograde, so we still have some inner oomph we can use to harness the chaos and turn it to our advantage. We can use this to help us plan just a little bit better for the following week.

So there you have it. The entire week is filled with challenging aspects and shifts as several bodies change signs or are about to change signs this week. Don't expect anything to go the way you expect it to this week, as, quite frankly, with all the shifting energies, we are not going to get what we expect. At all. Just try to get through this week, and take advantage of the lulls where you can, and this way we can keep going forward towards a better life for ourselves. For now, weather the storm.