Weekly Report - November 6th Through 12th, 2017

Weekly Report - November 6th Through 12th, 2017

Another quick one, this time I'm sick and not feeling up to in-depth as much as usual. But I'll do what I can. Here goes.

Throughout this entire week, we will be dealing with Saturn square Chiron retrograde. The themes of discipline in dealing with inner wounds and potentially slowed healing will be a factor. Or, healing that will require stronger discipline than usual to facilitate. Saturn will also be trine Uranus this entire week as well, so we can use that to our advantage, and perhaps unconventional triggers in healing wounds will factor in as Chiron and Uranus are semisextile.

Monday, Venus is at the last degree of Libra, and about to enter Scorpio. As Venus rules Libra, this is a day where we should be focusing on finishing up some smaller and creative projects, and a good day to pay attention to loved ones. Moon will trine Libra later on in the night hours (North America), and could be a good night for romantic liaisons. Venus also sextiles Black Moon Lilith, further boosting the divine feminine and good for some sultry, lusty action.

Tuesday is intensity personified as Venus enters Scorpio, which will bring a darker, more esoteric and shadowy vibe when it comes to relationships, jobs, and things we find pleasing to the eye. In the morning (Pacific Time Zone), Moon will quincunx Mercury, so it's easy to say some harsh words at this moment. Try to take it easy with the motorist salute during your commute too. In the mid-afternoon (North America), Moon will trine Jupiter, expanding our more pleasant emotions, and bringing a little bit of peace of mind to some of our affairs. Later on in the day, there will be a loose Water Grand Trine between Moon in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces, and the Sun in Scorpio, and Moon will be kited by Pluto. Orbs aren't exact, but it's the closest thing we have, so harness your intuition on this day and see what emotionally no longer serves you, and let it go, and forge a new future for yourself.

Wednesday, we'll see a Moon trine Chiron retrograde. We'll be feeling a little better about our emotions for a while this day, and may even see an advance in healing techniques on this day. Either that or some improved healing or completion of healing. I'm hoping so, on a personal note (as I'm currently sick). Sun is also tightening in a sextile to Pluto, which will give us a good energy boost to getting tasks done and getting rid of some unneeded baggage.

Thursday could be a bit of a mixed bag with Mars quincunx Neptune retrograde. We could be feeling some doubts and indecision, and there's a good chance of some psychic static in our heads, or basically we just won't know which way is up. Sun is also strongly sextile Pluto-Juno today, so this aspect should mitigate the Mars-Neptune uncertainty a little. Don't throw out the baby with the bathwater on this day. Saturn trine Uranus retrograde is very strong on this day as well, so there's a good chance of us double-checking before we actually do throw out a baby with the bathwater. A solid trine between Mercury and Moon in midday will further insulate us against the Mars-Neptune uncertainty field. Be cautious though in the office or on the job as Moon will also square Venus and then Jupiter throughout the course of the day, so some work-related mishaps or projects going awry are a possibility. This is temporary, however.

Friday brings a strong close to the week with Moon hitting the North Node in Leo, and the Moon will later on trine Saturn, so this is a good day to feel good about things and finish up loose ends. Saturn trine Uranus retrograde tightens further, boosting our defense against unexpected and unwanted surprises for the most part. Moon does quincunx Pluto around noon Pacific Time, so do watch out for some helter-skelter emotional baggage hitting us around then. Later on in the day, however, we should be alright.

Saturday gives us the Moon entering Virgo and sextiling Venus and Jupiter throughout the day... it would be a good day to hit a flea market or yard sale if any are still going on at this late stage in the Fall season. Pluto and Juno tighten a conjunction in Capricorn as well, so if there's some household finances that need to be addressed with your spouse or partner, you may want to do that around this time.

Sunday we'll have the Moon oppose Neptune retrograde early on. Whether some epiphanies come during a church service or during dreamtime, well, it's more likely around then. Venus and Jupiter are also closing in on a conjunction which will strengthen into Monday in the following week's forecast, so this would be a good day to relax and appreciate the beauty in nature. However, considering they're both in Scorpio, make it a cautious beauty as nature can also be dangerous. Sun begins to strongly square the Nodes around this time as well, so don't let your guard down completely on this day. Mars is also sitting on fixed star Algorab on this day as well, so try not to get into a big quarrel with your loved ones, as Algorab in Libra (not to be confused with Algol, which is in Taurus), is still an incendiary star and could indicate trouble brewing. Take several deep breaths and try to relax.

So there we have it. A mixed bag throughout the week, for the most part, with a good mix of ups and downs. Sorry if this seems a bit more muted than usual, but as I said, wasn't feeling very well. I'm certain I'll be feeling better no later than Wednesday based on these aspects, though I have many personal harsh aspects hitting my chart right now too. But we'll see, as the stars can indicate the themes, but those themes can play out positively or negatively. If we can get more positivity, that's always for the best. Take care.