Weekly Report - November 27th Through December 3rd, 2017

Weekly Report - November 27th Through December 3rd, 2017

It's about that time again, the end of the calendar month. Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was a good one! This is going to have to be another quick one, as I was basically working my main job over the weekend (and got absolutely nowhere... frustrating when you troubleshoot something for hours on end, only to realize one simple checkbox is all it took. Mercury pre-retro shadow effect? Maybe). Anyways, rather than me writing entirely in parentheticals, let's just dive into this.

To warn you about this entire week, Saturn is parking its strict, disciplinarian ass on Galactic Center; Chiron is slowing down for it's station direct soon; Mercury slowing down and turning retrograde by the end of the week; Mercury and Saturn connect in conjunction all week, while at the same time squaring that slowing-down Chiron. If you haven't identified what you need to change in your life to move forward, have no fear! This week will make it abundantly clear.

Monday overnight, we start off with Moon square Apophis. Believe me, when I tell you I felt like destroying something, I mean it (and that's about actually when I discovered I just needed the simple checkbox). Mercury semisextile Kaali also amplifies the technology impact just subtly around the same time as the Apophis/Moon Square. Further on overnight into the morning, we have an awkward quincunx between Uranus retrograde and Venus. Don't be too surprised if you got jostled from your sleep by your partner suddenly getting up to do something (or perhaps you woke your partner up). If alone, you may have had some sort of dream vision of a romantic partner, or perhaps dreaming of work?

As we start the workday on Monday, Mercury crosses Galactic Center at its tightest before the retrograde, and it will be tight throughout the entire workday. Do not be surprised if important messages start bombarding you immediately upon getting to work, regardless of what time you actually work on Monday. Off work Monday? You might get called in. We then move into a tight sextile between the Moon and Pluto a couple hours later, and this might serve to give us some insight as to how to get through or around a particular problem. The moon will quincunx the North Node around this time as well, so don't be surprised if the solution to the particular problem isn't so popular with yourself. It could even be something so simple you don't understand how you could have missed it. As the workday closes, Mars square Juno at the same time Mars quincunxs the Moon could lead to some awkward or tense conversations with your partner, be it business or personal. Eris squares Juno around the same time as well, so do be very careful with your words. As we hit the nighttime hours, Mercury conjunct Saturn and Moon conjunct Chiron retrograde could reopen some old wounds you thought you closed. I would honestly recommend watching every message you send and every word you say to others all throughout Monday.

Tuesday is a bit more of a mixed bag. First of all, Moon enters Aries, so tempers and rough feelings are going to be pretty likely, as well as a feeling that you need to get stuff done. Before it crosses into Aries, Moon will semisextile Uranus, and this could trigger some pretty unusual dreams, especially as asteroid Hekate trines the Sun tightly at the same time. Pay close attention to those dreams overnight going into Tuesday morning. Soon afterwards, Venus and Moon make a flowing trine, so there could be some overnight... um, amorous feelings going on. Try not to wake the neighbors with that or stubbing your toe in the dark in general, as a few hours later, the Moon will square Mercury, Saturn, and Pholus all at the same time. (Those three are conjunct, so there's no surprise there). And, Moon will also be conjunct fixed star Scheat in time for the morning commute. Scheat represents... well, what it sounds like (in English anyways). It's particularly associated with watery accidents and possibly drug overdoses. Take it a little easy on the coffee if you need to until you get to the office, and watch out on the way to work if it's raining.

A bit later on in the day Tuesday, we've got some rough quincunx action between Pallas and the Moon, so let's be clear with everyone you're working with in any meetings, as, for example, you could have an awkward dealing with the legal department, or maybe some workplace policy question could come into focus. Later on, we've got a flowing trine between the Sun and Moon going into the nighttime hours, so hopefully you'll have some pleasant dreams.

Wednesday early on in the morning, Venus crosses a semisextile with Saturn, potentially triggering a late night discussion with a significant other. Moon quincunx Jupiter, Moon semisextile Neptune, and Moon quincunx Karma in rapid transition leads to more questions than answers overnight. Maybe the dream state will remain pleasant enough yet informative enough to yield some sort of answer? Around mid-day, Moon trines Apophis, so there might be some progress in reversing some of the destructive impulses at the beginning of this weekly cycle. There's actually a good chance of this, as Mars will make its tightest conjunction to fixed star Spica as well, which cools the fire just a little and is usually a fortunate star. This can be a great time near the end of the work day to make that final drive towards completing that project. Just don't go overboard as the Moon will square Pluto at the same time, thus leading to some frayed nerves slightly. Moon does trine the North Node at the same time as well, so maybe that frayed nerve is pointing out what you need to mend.

Thursday starts off overnight with Mars quincunx Chiron retrograde, so again, watch your step in the dark. Eris and Moon make a tight conjunction overnight as well, so there could be some really strange dreams overnight. Maybe some answers, albeit a bit disorienting. Waking up we'll have the Moon and Mars opposing one another while the Moon conjuncts Uranus at the same time, so... quite honestly, take it easy on the morning commute if at all possible. Or maybe you work from home on Thursday? At any rate, there could be some backlash so do be careful. Don't expect things to go normally. As we start the workday hours post-commute, Moon does semisextile Sedna (itself retrograde and still with Algol...) and squares Kaali, but also trines Pholus-Saturn-Mercury close to Galactic Center, while at the same time quincunxing Venus! Ok, got all that? Basically, for a brief point during midday, there could be some chance of self-sabotage without meaning too, and it'd be easy to get flustered, but there's a chance you can stabilize it and self-correct. Now, whether anyone at work or your significant other (or potential suitor if you're single and looking) notices before you make the recovery, well, that may depend entirely on where any of this falls compared to your own natal chart, your general mood, and what you make of this conglomoration of aspects. As the workday ends, Moon will make an opposition to Dejanira, so do watch yourself and make sure some unscrupulous heathens don't take advantage of you. Be especially watchful of this as Dejanira is in Scorpio right now, and the moon transiting Taurus at this time should make stabilizing the emotion a little bit easier, but maybe not as much as you'd like. You may be able to reject with confidence (just don't victimize the oppressor too much lest you become them) as the Moon also sextiles Nessus at the same time, and the Sun does make a semisextile to asteroid Lucifer. It'd be easy to be really condescending Thursday night if out on the town, so cool it. Moon square Hekate retrograde may manifest some really intense dreams overnight.

Friday starts off with a bang with a Mars opposition to Uranus retrograde and a Moon quincunx to the Sun. Expect a bit of crazy to start the day. The Moon also opposes Jupiter and sextiles Neptune while getting ready for the day, so this could be a day you wind up hearing some sort of job or legal decision, or perhaps we see some large impact in the news. Actually, it'll be the Friday news cycle: That's going to be a given. As we approach the end of the workday Friday, the Moon will make a tight conjunction to Destinn retrograde, so there is a solid chance that some inner thought regarding your greater destiny will manifest itself then. Probably while daydreaming or spacing out a little. Don't be too worried, it's Friday, you're usually allowed this. Anyways, Sun will be making it's strongest conjunction this year to fixed star Antares around this time as well. Road rage could be amplified, or there could be some really irate shoppers somewhere out and about, so try not to get caught up in season's beatings. Later on going into the evening, the Moon will square both Ceres and the North Node (both of those conjunct), so try not to get into any major fights at dinner. This would actually be a good night to spend the night in, as there's going to be a lot of crazy if you go out. The Moon trining Pluto (while quincunxing Apophis) would be a very nice time to just chill, and maybe, if you really must bring an end to something, just take it out on some baddies in a game online or... actually, given how online play can be, might be a good night to give that story mode in that new game you got a go, right?

Saturday starts out with the tightest conjunction between Ceres and the North Node, so honestly, it really is a good home night for Friday night into Saturday morning. The Moon soon sextiles Chiron retrograde and trines Juno, so it could be good night to have that good talk with your partner, or maybe a friend or even a stranger (make sure they can be trusted, though. Trust your gut). Now, as Saturday morning begins, Moon crosses Sedna and Algol, so make sure you don't wake up sick or finding out you put on the beer goggles the night before (you did stay in the night before like I suggested, right?!)... Honestly, lots of awkward walks and Ubers home could be happening as the Moon will also quincunx Pholus abnd Saturn (both around Galactic Center) around that time as well, and then the Moon crosses into airy, mutable Gemini, so your feelings are going to be going between one place and the other this whole day. As the day progresses, the Moon will also quincunx Mercury, so it's really easy to say something that's going to ruffle some feathers, especially as Mercury turns retrograde right before the night ends (or overnight if you're on the East Coast or Europe). Hopefully you got all your new tasks started and finished before this point, but don't be too surprised if you revisit a few things later on. Moving on. As the evening progresses, we should also note a Moon square Nessus, so... really, this is not a good time to pull a "my way or the highway" stunt. If someone says give them space and lay off, tonight you lay the hell off. And if I have to emphasize that more, Mars makes an opposition to Pallas retrograde. Don't get yourself arrested over stupid shit, as Pallas can represent justice from the vibe I'm picking up about this right now, and retrograde? Directed inwards or towards yourself.

Sunday is basically a capstone on the end of the week, and we start off early on in the morining with a Sun square to Neptune, which is now direct! Some of us will find that hangovers are really not that fun this Sunday. The Moon crossing Aldeberan is another indicator that, should you have gotten through this week without having picked any fights, you can breath a sigh of relief. Jupiter semisxtile the Sun during the morning hours is also an indication that maybe talking to that higher power you talk to on occassion might be a good idea (or perhaps some quiet reading and reflection if you're not into that). We do have a Full Moon in Gemini during the morning as well, while at the same time the Moon makes that quincunx to Jupiter. Morning confession (if you participate in that) could be... a bit entertaining for the priests this day. As the day proceeds, Dejanira will trine Nessus, which should bring a little bit of respite from some troubled relationships (or perhaps provide an opportunity for escape, but remember it's Mercury Retrograde if this is the path you're on, so if this is you, you must steel your resolve lest you rebound back into their arms later. I'm not sure who I'm talking to about this but someone out there needed to see that). Saturn and Pholus make their tightest conjunction during the final hours of Sunday (Pacific Time), so it may be a good time to just put the bottle down, or otherwise not indulge in guilty pleasures going into the following Monday morning.

So there you have it. A crazy, crazy, week, and a lot of potential for trouble. It's also the dawn of Mercury Retrograde by the end of the week, so if you thought things were insane before this week started, it's going to ratchet up a few notches by the end of this week. There's some potential for some gains and some progress, but you've got to move fast and move judiciously. I can make no promises regarding how things will turn out if you get careless. And let's just not pick any fights. It'd be a good time to take up meditation this week or something, to be brutally honest. Anything to calm you down. Maybe even put down the latte if you need to. I'm going to leave off here. Be careful out there this week.