Weekly Report - November 20th Through 26th, 2017

Weekly Report - November 20th Through 26th, 2017

Well, we're getting ready for another week, and it's going to be an interesting one for sure. As it's a holiday weekend here in the United States, I might have a little more time to write some more articles later on in the week. I'll have to make this one quick yet again, as I got a little too carried away on a programming project. That said, it's going to be a big week overall.

Monday is of course at extreme intensity as we still have that tight Mars square Pluto aspect throughout much of the day, and it'll wane over the next few days. And not a moment too soon, as this is just not the kindest energy, especially with Moon square Chiron retrograde at the same time at noon PST (8PM UTC). The potential for emotional outbursts and blowups is quite high, so you may want to harness the mitigating energies of Moon trine Uranus retrograde to stabilize the unpredictable emotions, and Venus sextile Pluto could potentially sweeten things over if you do it just right. Asteroid Lucifer in a tight sextile to Nessus points to humility as a possible solution to some conflicts that may arise during the day. As asteroid Apophis squares Nessus, I'd strongly recommend not stoking the fires of ego-centered arguments or actions today. Mars square Pluto and Moon square Chiron alone would signal this, but these asteroid combinations compound it. With Pallas retrograde opposing Dejanira today as well, expect more scandals to break as skeletons from the past come pouring out of closets. Karma conjunct Jupiter very tight (almost within 1 minute of a degree orb) will amplify this tendency too. And... karma finally came in one notable example as I write this: Charles Manson, the mastermind behind the Manson Family murders, finally kicked off on Sunday. What is sown shall be reaped is the message of Karma on Jupiter. It cannot be understated that Saturn conjunct Galactic Center is intensifying throughout this week, and as of Monday is at less than half a degree orb (making the conjunction very powerful). Again, the scythe is swinging. Keep your head down and don't make waves unnecessarily today.

Tuesday could be a mixed bag, and could be intense in ways we don't really care for when it comes to jobs and romance. Why? Venus square the Nodes will be a solid trigger for fated events when it comes to what we value and hold dear, meaning shakeups at work and shakeups with romantic partners are likely. As we also have Destinn retrograde opposing Venus very tightly on the same day and for all intents and purposes forming a Grand Cross with the Nodes, how do I put this? If there's been a crisis brewing at your job (like, for instance, questionable behaviors and ethics), or a series of troubles in a romantic relationship (like someone growing more distant over time), it is likely that arrangements that are to end may end, or the path to those endings may be set in motion. Mars semisextile Venus alone could also be a trigger, so it is likely to start with either an argument with the spouse, or in the office it could be an uncomfortable closed-door meeting with your supervisor (or subordinate if you're the manager/owner). Now, Pluto does sextile Venus, but it's also still squaring Mars. Best to keep your cool if at all possible. We should also note the energy shift as the sun is on the last degree of Scorpio and is about to cross over into fiery, mutable Sagittarius on Wednesday. This is where things get to be fun. Kaali sextile Chiron retrograde could amplify the healing that will be done after the wounding, and it could be a time people just need to chill... on their own.

Wednesday could be a hotbed of chaos right before the holidays, as around noontime on the Pacific Coast here, we've got Moon conjunct Pluto in Capricorn, and both will quincunx the North Node tightly at the same time. This could be a really strange day with this combination, so don't take anything for granted, and try to avoid abrasive people if at all possible. Mercury also trines Eris retrograde, so there could be some talk or travel that has to be done that may not make you feel as uneasy as you would otherwise think. At least, the trine should mitigate that a good deal. The sun also crosses over into Sagittarius, so this could be a time where people just go off and do their own things. It's not uncommon for people to go out and hang with friends at a bar or something the night before Thanksgiving, when people in the U.S. tend to be gathering with family and arguing over whoever the best football team is at the dinner table. At least, most years. Not sure about this year. Anyways, with Saturn and Pholus both with Galactic Center strongly, and Saturn also within a degree of conjuncting Pholus itself, I can't stress this enough: don't drink and drive. Especially not now. This isn't the time to tempt fate. Trust me, there's too many crazy energies to even think of risking it. (Shouldn't be doing that anyways!)

Thursday, well, what to say about Thanksgiving Day (U.S.)? Well, the moon will cross over into Aquarius around midday (PST), and some people will already be chowing down on turkey and ham and tofurkey by this point. I could potentially see some awkwardness at the table as Saturn tightens its conjunction to Galactic Center at this point. Dejanira square Moon will also be a bit of a wet blanket, and could make for other awkward conversations. Frankly, discussing politics and religion around the dinner table this year, while not the best move in general given the nature of family divisions, honestly, if you want peace and harmony, these energies are really not good for it this year. And while Mars is a bit further off in its square to Pluto, that square is still there, and Mars is still semisextile Venus as well. The triggering aspect is still in play. You know, there are some stores that will be opening Thanksgiving night. I feel for you people working there. (Frankly, I think people should have the damn day off to be away from the merciless mobs. Black Friday apparently wasn't enough for some places... but enough of my soapbox ranting).

Friday... ah, Black Friday. The busiest shopping holiday of the year in the United States. Otherwise known as "oh my god I want to go home" among the rank and file in the retail industry. How will this day play out? Well... Uranus is strengthening a semisextile to Chiron, both are retrograde, so we're likely nursing some wounds (and probably indigestion from the day before if you overindulged)... Uranus retro is still trine Mercury as well, so maybe some of those family squabbles will diminish a bit, maybe a little too much wine at the dinner table was to blame? Or maybe some errant interception in the football game? Regardless, some ruffled feathers can be smoothed over a little on Friday. But do watch your step, as Mars is beginning to square Juno, leading to a possibility of some strife in relationships. Vesta trine Nessus is tight on Friday as well, so there's a good possibility of some forgiveness for some minor transgressions this day as well. Maybe mea culpas for the more major transgressions? But will the apologies be accepted, if those are flying? Well, Moon will trine Mars later on in the evening, so maybe a good night to calm things down with a good movie. I am also noticing asteroid Apophis crosses Antares on Friday. Be aware of your surroundings. Honestly, if you're braving Black Friday shopping crowds, I'd recommend body armor in general. Especially with that aspect. Mercury squaring Chiron could also lead to some rough words while shopping. Season's beatings.

Saturday is a bit of an aftermath day, but still one we should be watchful of. Destinn trine Pluto is a welcome aspect, so something that hasn't been good for us going away might be a welcome change of pace this day. Uranus trine Mercury I think will amplify this a bit, but do note that Uranus also squares Kaali (an amplifier of sorts), so there could be some crazy events that happen out of the blue today. But it should work out in the end, so don't stress it too much. Be a little more forgiving of loved ones through the day when Moon squares Venus in the middle of the day, and consider their feelings (while not giving up your self-respect), as Sun will also be squaring Nessus today as well. Keep your obsessions in check! Apophis (still on Antares) squaring Neptune retrograde could signal an event that destroys a piece of our worldview, something that shakes our faith or sours a dream we've had for awhile. Perhaps that dream wasn't a good one to follow, or maybe there's a reality check that you come across that you need to consider. Saturn is beginning to cross over Galactic Center after being exact on Friday, and will now be separating, but do take into account the lessons Saturn is teaching you. Moon semisextile Chiron will also be an influence that may lead to us feeling that there's something we need to do to move on from a situation that we haven't been feeling right about. Honestly, a lot of Saturday, now that I look at it, has to deal with us finally coming to accept that something is not working and it's time to make the change to get past this. Make the change and note what has to go so you're not bogged down by it any longer.

Sunday closes out the week with a little bit of crazy. Mars is beginning to oppose Uranus, so let's try not to behead the kindly lady that just took the last parking space at church, OK? Mercury trine Uranus should smooth over some sudden arguments, though. Venus trine Chiron will also be very helpful in helping us get past some previous issues that may have been holding us back, and may help in recharging our batteries for the coming work week. Do be careful to temper the harsh words, as we'll still have Sun square Nessus. Mercury quincunx Sedna retrograde on Algol further reiterates this, though a trine from Kaali to Sedna may calm things down a bit. Be aware of anything that feels off during the daytime as well, as asteroid Hekate (an occult asteroid) will be quincunxed by the Moon pretty strongly as well, but this should again be tempered by the Moon's trine to Vesta, which can help ward off some unwelcome intruders from the beyond. Finally, Apophis still squares Neptune, so do be wary of destructive thoughts entering your head. Make sure those nasty thoughts of hurting yourself or others are actually coming from yourself. (A good idea is to see if any voice in your head thinking about causing some damage actually sounds like you). Yes, I went a bit esoteric on this one, but given those few aspects, I think it's worth mentioning and taking into consideration.

So there you have it. A very powerhouse week, with potential for chaos and also potential for holiday cheer. Which path will you choose? If your path involves walking away form blood-kin for your own sanity, hey, sometimes you gotta take a little time to yourself. I would strongly recommend you keep a close watch on frayed nerves as much as possible this week, and remember that it can get better. Avoid the traps that can make things worse, and I think we'll all be alright somehow. And finally... no, you do not need a flamethrower to go holiday deal-hunting, as satisfying as it would be to torch a few plastic reindeer. Cheers.