Weekly Report - November 13th Through 19th, 2017

Weekly Report - November 13th Through 19th, 2017

Well, the good news is I'm feeling better from last week. And man, Saturn square Chiron retrograde definitely showed between the pinkeye I had last weekend, and the food poisoning I caught from Thursday the 9th into Friday the 10th. Not fun times. Let's just say it's a hard-learned lesson in how I need to watch what I eat more. Ironically, I think I caught both ailments from the same place (and I'm a regular there. ...well, was a regular. Not for awhile. Eh, I gotta drop pounds anyways). Anyways, as I'm a programmer by trade, I'm experimenting with making a tool to help me see aspects a bit more clearly. I think this is going to help me bring the stars to all of you a little bit better in the long run, so let's see how helpful this will be!

We should note that Uranus retrograde will strongly semisextile Sedna retrograde (itself on unfortunate fixed star Algol) all week long. As this aspect has been very strong over the last month or so, it is no surprise we have seen so many people undone by the Hollywood and politician sex scandals over the last few weeks. We will continue to see people that have been looked up to for so long falling and enduring accusations, both legitimate and false (There is that possibility in a minority of cases). I will be doing an article soon on Sedna and Algol, and let's be honest: Sedna is going to be on Algol for ... a while. Anyways, be very aware of betrayed trust for the foreseeable future, especially by males and male-minded individuals and institutions. As an aside, I am figuring the Semisextile aspect to be a trigger aspect, and with Uranus retro in this aspect with Sedna, betrayal will bring sudden changes. And these are, as we have seen, hidden changes. Again, more news is coming out this week. I guarantee it. As for who else to be implicated in affairs? This is a global aspect: It could be anyone. (On a lighter note, I have seen joke headlines about more people accusing Tom Hanks of being a nice guy, and that's definitely far from the worst thing to be accused of! (from what I know, he's a class act, but let's not get all our hopes up!))

Monday, Uranus has some strong action for us, even though it is retrograde, with the aforementioned semisextile to Sedna, and it's also trine Saturn so we'll be able to control some of the chaos a little better. Be highly alert that you do not fall victim as Uranus retrograde also very tightly opposite asteroid Dejanira (by an orb or less than half a minute of a degree!)... what this means for us is that there is a very strong possibility that we could become victim to our own sudden changes. However, as Dejanira is sextile Saturn pretty strongly at this time as well, the taskmaster may help mitigate this somewhat by keeping discipline up. Do be warned that in the late morning hours, Moon will be squaring Saturn and quincunxing Uranus, so we may have some frustrations as we arrive at work (at least on the Pacific Coast, and early afternoon on the East Coast). In the early afternoon, Moon will also cross over into airy Libra, so this will be a time where we have a more decisive mindset in where we weigh our options, probably also stemming from the early morning Saturn square/Uranus quincunx. Also be advised that Mercury is square Neptune retrograde, so it is very easy for communications to not be very clear through much of this day. Note that very well, as Tuesday will me important regarding the messenger planet.

Jupiter conjunct Venus is also strong today on Monday, so there is a good chance that we can harness some inner fortitude and get some tasks done, as well as receive a bit of enlightenment on secrets that may have been working against us. We'll have a stronger means of dealing with the issue, though probably best to wait until the Moon crosses into Libra if possible. Also be very well advised that Mars conjuncts fixed star Algorab in Libra today, so tempers are going to be flaring. Use Jupiter and Venus's magic to insulate yourself from harm with the watery energies of the Scorpion. Sometimes you gotta get a little dirty to keep yourself clean.

Do be aware that Black Moon Lilith will also be conjunct asteroid Lucifer on Monday, and this is somewhat fitting. Beware that pride comes before a fall. Pluto also conjuncts Juno tightly, so there could be some early morning events regarding our significant others. You may want to leave the husband or wife be until they get that morning coffee, as there's a likelihood of the grumpy bear effect being in play.

Tuesday gets a bit more insane, as we now enter the pre-retrograde shadow period for Mercury's upcoming retrograde. Watch travel and communications over the next couple weeks, as things will not be as clear now. Uranus retrograde is still opposing Dejanira and trining Saturn, so expect more volatile news of more accusers. You may even find yourself being accused of something, or maybe you accuse yourself of not living up to your expectations? Self-victimization and suddenly making a change is a possibility. Again, babies and bathwater don't go to the same pile.

Asteroid Destinn (think "destiny") is retrograde, and squaring the North Node very tightly on Tuesday, so we can expect fated events to come into play. Asteroids Hekate and Karma also square. You have been above-board in your dealings with others, correct? Well, bear that in mind as the Moon will cross Algorab and Mars (and those two bodies are still close enough to be conjunct, so again, the incendiariness of this conjunction cannot be underestimated). Take many deep breaths and do not get into unnecessary arguments today! Moon will sextile Mercury pretty strongly before it hits Mars/Algorab, so there should be a little bit of mitigation there.

Wednesday, the Moon is still going through Libra, and will oppose Uranus retrograde and sextile Saturn pretty strongly (and hit Dejanira at the same time), so do keep a close watch on how you're feeling. Emotional inadequacies could bubble up to the surface, so try to focus on the task at hand. Loved ones might be able to mitigate some of the inadequacies with some unexpected action, though don't expect too much of a decisive direction with this (Mars in Libra, not its favorite spot), and I'm looking at Mars sextile Ceres around midday. Could be a good day to do some planning for home renovations (but perhaps not acting on those plans quite yet). Also, Moon will be approaching fixed star Spica today as well, and Spica's usually a positive star. It might even be a productive day at work while the Moon is on this star, or you could even get a phone call about a job offer or a book deal, if you've been working on those. And with asteroid Karma conjuncting Jupiter at the same time, if you've got someone acting as your own personal Jupiter, expect this to come to a head for good or ill. Most likely good. Maybe even a good time to write that letter to Santa (or receive a letter to pass to "Santa" from the kids!). Sun trines Chiron retrograde throughout the day as well, which will give us a welcome boost in healing ourselves from some pretty brutal internal wounds we've been nursing for awhile.

Thursday ramps up some intensity levels significantly as Moon enters Scorpio overnight. Expect some fixed drive from the scorpion energy to boost your thinking and perceptions, and possibly some focus as well, as Moon will also be crossing in conjunction to Jupiter, and then Venus later on in the afternoon. We'll also be communicating a bit better about the homefront when Ceres and Mercury form a tight trine in midday as well. (Just don't spend too much time at lunch looking at home decor ideas). Dejanira will also be forming a strong sextile to asteroid Pholus on Thursday as well, giving us a little protection and awareness against those who would take advantage of us when our defenses are down (generally by way of intoxication). This is also a time we must note that Saturn is now within orb of conjuncting Galactic Center! It's basically the center of our galaxy, as the name suggests, and with Saturn here, the heavy spiritual influence is going to be on our discipline, restrictions, what has been holding us back (especially as Chiron still squares Saturn at this point), and how we're going to apply what we've learned over the Saturn cycle of the previous year. Buckle up.

Friday brings to us some more chaotic intensity with the square from Eris to asteroid Kaali, and this is going to ratchet up the discord and chaos somewhat. Lot of people are going to be feeling edgy with that one. Saturn is also intensifying its Galactic Center conjunction, and Pholus is also conjunct this point as well! Watch the imbibing over the weekend as, well, they don't call drinks "spirits" for nothing. Mars and Mercury join up for a nice sextile, which will be quite useful in finishing off the workweek with a boost of productivity and activity. Overnight we will hit the Scorpio New Moon, which will kick off another lunar cycle to enter the holiday season with. (There will be a dedicated article about this Lunar Cycle later on in the week as of the time I write this article). Destinn retrograde trine Juno (while still squaring the North Node) might be alright for a date night with someone special. Maybe a night in would do wonders for those lucky lovers.

Saturday could be tricky as we've got that Sun opposition Sedna retrograde. Hopefully the lucky lovers I mentioned for Friday didn't have too much wine, as there could be some hangovers going into this weekend. We do also have a massive caution flag for this weekend as Mars squares Pluto, and this is a highly intense and volatile energy. We want to be very careful with this. Karma is conjunct Jupiter in Scorpio, still, and as Jupiter can also expand and blow up things, there's a good chance of some chickens coming home to roost on this crazy day. Try to keep the ego in check as asteroids Apophis (destruction) and Lucifer (pride) are also semisextile, which could trigger that pride before a fall. Lucifer is sextile Nessus (obsessions, abuse) as well, so keep your wits about you, and you might be able to avoid doing something or saying something you regret. Kaali sextile Chiron retrograde could also amplify the healing of your inner wounds (or the infliction of inner wounds) depending how this energy is used as well. Granted, it's not as strong as exact aspects to major planets and points, but it does have some bearing... especially if its hitting a personal point or planet in your own natal charts. (It's hitting a nasty asteroid in mine: Dejanira. Wonderful place for Chiron to slow down, and hopefully not as rough for me as it was when Chiron stationed direct on my IC last year. That's an article or series of articles for another day...).

Sunday, again, Eris retrograde square Kaali could bring some interesting shenanigans to those going to church today. Watch the words and actions of those behind the pulpit very carefully. Discord is everywhere, and by their fruits ye shall know them. Destinn retrograde still squares North Node and it's very tight as well. Maybe it's inevitable that some thinking has to happen, and to consider the ramifications of all the goings on. Of course, you might have a good support structure, in which case, keep that up and don't get too crazy! Mercury trines the North Node, which might be a good signal to clear the air about some things on your mind. With Apophis squaring Nessus, and Karma conjuncting Jupiter still, it may be a good idea to just keep your head down and catch up on some reading. Saturn and Pholus tighten their conjunction to Galactic Center as well, so... maybe an ideal day to talk to God, Source, Allah, or whoever you believe in. Or to just reflect on nature and the universe if you're not into any of those things/beings.

So all things considered, it's going to be quite the week. It's high energy all throughout, and there's plenty of ways to slip up, and also plenty of opportunities to build up on your successes, recover from failures, and not let yourself get too down on things. The news cycle is likely to be distressing to many in some way this week as well, so it's better to just not dwell on that and get what you need to get done done. You've got your own life to live, I've got my own life to live, and I'd rather spend mine doing something useful, such as alerting all of you as to what's coming up! Anyways, I see I have a few other articles I need to write this week, and I'm up way too late right now! So I'll bid you all adieu.