Weekly Report - February 26th Through March 4th, 2018

Weekly Report - February 26th Through March 4th, 2018

Apologies once again for missing last week's forecast, as I came down with a nasty illness (not the flu, thankfully), and needed some time off to recover from this. Now that I'm back in the saddle, let's start looking at what the planets are pointing at this week.

Monday is a high intensity day in general as we will have a bit of a weak T-square from Moon in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn, apex Aries Uranus,, but it will be a wide orb for Pluto and Uranus, so we're going to, in general, see some pretty intense emotions and sudden upsets. We'll also have Mercury and Venus in Pisces square Mars in Sagittarius, so do watch for upsetting messages both on the job and in your relationships on this day. Moon is in Cancer (its home sign) all day until around 22:00 PST, when it enters Leo, so emotions and some intuition will also be amplified.

Hourly: Around 2:00 PST, the Moon quincunxes Mars in Sagittarius, thus adding a bit of a backdrop of some intensity in dreams, perhaps dream visions of combat or conflict occur. This could shift into a bit of an easier backdrop around 3:00 PST when Moon trines Venus in Pisces. This has the effect of feeling better about some things we hold dear, relationshipwise or jobwise. 5:00 PST is around the time the exact opposition between Moon and Pluto in Capricorn occurs. Try not to lose your head in depressive doubts around this time. As the morning progresses, Moon trine Jupiter in Scorpio at 9:00 PST gives us a bit of a boost in luck, helps us feel a little better about dealing with our deeper secrets. As we progress into the afternoon, Aries Uranus square Moon around 14:00 PST could lead to some sudden upsets, and is the second exact hit for the aforementioned T-Square, so try to stay calm and just focus on tasks if you can. Do not lose your nerve. Fortunately, we should be able to experience some respite with Moon trine Chiron in Pisces near 16:00 PST. Try to relax a bit around then.

Tuesday the square from Mars to Mercury intensifies, but Venus moves on a bit, so there is still potential for communications problems, and on top of that, Moon in Leo apexes a Yod between Sun and Saturn around midday. How we feel about things will come to the forefront, and if it's not serving us, we need to forge a new way forward and get ourselves to the life we want, not stick around in a life that doesn't help us. Venus tightens its trine to Jupiter this day as well, so we should see some further boosts to good fortune in some regards.

Hourly: Not much to say. 2:00 PST gives us Pluto sextile Venus, could be good for a nightcap or a midnight snack of sorts. Into Tuesday evening I do see a quincunx from the Moon to Neptune in Pisces around 19:00 PST, which could make for some confusion in matters. We may not all be thinking clearly when this aspect passes. 21:00 PST is about when the Moon passes over the North Node, a good time to put a little oomph into advancing a small hobby perhaps.

Wednesday gives us a Fire Grand Trine around midday of Moon in Leo, Mars in Sagittarius, and Uranus in Aries. This is an excellent day to put forward some drive and get some stuff done, though the window will be relatively short as the Moon is one of the apex points, so make the most of it in the middle of the day! Mars still squares Mercury and Venus too, so watch out for messaging mishaps, and Mars is forming a semisextile to Pluto which will intensify Thursday, so do watch for sudden outbursts. Moon will also be in Leo all day until about 23:00 PST at which point the Moon enters analytical Virgo, so do make use of the fiery energy and get some stuff done!

Hourly: Early morning gives us Moon quincunx Mercury in Pisces, which could inflame a few emotions on the way to work. Try not to lose your cool. Later on in the morning, Moon quincunx Venus around 9:00 PST could indicate a point where we're questioning whether our job or our relationships are worth it around this time, or if there's something you're missing. You may not even know what to make about your gut feelings, so we'll be prone to second-guessing ourselves a bit around then. We do also have Moon square Jupiter around 11:00 PST, so while we have the energy to get things done, we do need to watch out for mishaps and missteps that would serve to derail that progress we should be making.

Into the afternoon, Uranus trines Moon exactly around 15:00 PST, giving a boost in our ability to suddenly come to a breakthrough in matters bothering us, but be careful as Mars square Mercury around 16:00 PST could serve to derail that a bit as well. Do not send off that nasty email or text, as Moon quincunxes Chiron in Pisces around 17:00 PST and I can guarantee any sudden harsh words will come back to bite you almost right away. Finally, in the nighttime hours, Pluto sextile Mercury around 21:00 PST may help sooth some of those harsh words from earlier, and we may even be able to come to a decision to end something not good for us, for the greater benefit of all.

Thursday is a high intensity day as we have a lot going on in the sky. For starters, the Full Moon in Virgo happens then, and will be a pretty important day to get important projects done if you're able to do so. Also keep in mind that Mars is very busy with its continuing squares to Mercury and Venus, and the semisextile to Pluto, so we're all running under the gun to get thing done. Moon trine Saturn should be a helpful boost, though, so this should help us focus enough to get some work done.

Hourly: Jupiter trine Venus around 3:00 PST is a good indicator of some good fortune, and perhaps some restful sleep this night to boot. Around 8:00 PST is when the Pluto-Mars semisextile becomes exact, so do be careful of aggressive drivers on the way to work. Around 10:00 PST gives us Moon trine Saturn exact which will help us feel a little more confident in getting our work done.

Later on, around 17:00 PST is when the Full Moon occurs, so a good end to a good day if you can avoid all of the psychic pitfalls going off this day. Moon opposes Neptune exactly around 21:00 PST, leading to perhaps some off-the-wall thinking or some warnings about letting ourselves get too wrapped up in fantasies or inebriation. We end with Moon semisextile the North Node around 23:00 PST so we'll be thinking about the future a bit more too as we drift off to sleep, presumably.

Friday is all over the place. We have Mercury and Venus ganging up in a conjunction in Pisces, still squaring Mars which is trying to keep up that connection, and the Moon moves in around midday to oppose Venus and Mercury, thus squaring Mars and forming yet another T-Square. Venus and Mercury, however, do trine Jupiter, so we have a little bit of insulation from some of the more fiery aspects of this day. Also, the Uranus-Pluto square is still there, but continues to weaken, and pretty soon it will be a thing of the past. But we've got a bit of highly charged energy here, so be careful with how you get along with others, and given the volatility of this day, it may not be the smoothest day for the finishing of projects. Tighten up what you can and perhaps take the rest of the day off to try and relax is my call.

Hourly: Jupiter trine Mercury around 5:00 PST does give us a good bit of luck for the morning commute, so do take some advantage to that, as the T-Square is starting to form. As we go into the afternoon hours, the Moon starts making all sorts of aspects. 13:00 PST, Moon sextile Jupiter gives a little bit of luck and a little sense of ease when it comes to how we feel this day is going. After that, it gets a little dicey. 14:00 PST is about the time the Moon opposes Mercury, followed by 16:00 PST when Moon opposes Venus. This may be when we feel the T-Square just a little stronger, so do be on guard. 20:00 PST gives us Moon opposite Chiron, and this could be a time we have our feelings hurt or someone hits a rough spot. Or maybe we remember something from the past, some slight, and it digs at us. Be aware and work it through.

Saturday could be a bit of a mixed bag, as we have the Moon in airy Libra from around 2:00 PST or so. We'll be weighing decisions pretty heavily, and there will be a square from the Moon to Saturn then too, so we could find ourselves in tricky territory about the conflict between fun and duties. Sun starts conjuncting Neptune as well, so we should have some good flashes of insight for this weekend, perhaps a creative project or reading a good book. Mercury, Venus, and Chiron are conjuncting as well, so a good time to make amends if there have been some slights, or a nice day to hit the spa.

Hourly: Not too many exact aspects from what I'm seeing for Saturday. Uranus semisextile Venus around 12:00 PST could trigger some chance encounters with someone new, or some unexpected finds at a sale. Moon square Saturn around 13:00 warns us to be mindful of our responsibilities and our obligations. You might not be able to afford that trinket, or perhaps that new person has an appointment or a significant other that precludes you from doing much more with them. Finally, around 19:00 PST, Mercury semisextile Uranus provides the chance for some unexpected messages, maybe invitations, to come our way. See what happens.

Sunday can be a day of mending fences, if you take the opportunity. Venus, Mercury, and Chiron are all tightly conjunct, and they are relatively still trine Jupiter, so it's a good day to get a few things off your chest. There's still the slight square to Mars, however, so it may not all go smoothly.

Hourly: Quite a bit going on, as going into the day around Midnight PST, Moon quincunx Sun does point to some give and take of feeling out the vibes, and we might not be weighing things as well as we should. Sun conjunct Neptune around 5:00 PST may give us some interesting dream visions, or perhaps an awesome idea for a creative or literary project you may have brewing in your head.

Around 10:00 PST, the Mercury-Venus-Chiron conjunction picks up steam, and this go on all the way past 14:00 PST. Just be aware of Moon square Pluto around 13:00 PST in the middle of that massive triple-conjunction, and if you're making amends with someone dear to you, know that it might get a little tense at times.

Around 16:00 PST, Moon sextile Mars gives us a little bit more of an energy boost, nothing too jittery, to boost our confidence a bit, and Moon semisextile Jupiter around 17:00 PST may further serve that slight confidence boost with a burst of luck. Finally, we end the day around 22:00 PST with Uranus opposite Moon, so do be careful about any sudden outbursts or shocks that disrupt you as you head into the following week.

So there we have it: A highly intense week, a Virgo Full Moon, and a couple T-Squares mixed in with a Fire Grand Trine. A lot going on, but if you can keep it all together, you should be able to come to a more relaxing weekend. That's about all I have time for tonight, so I'll leave you go here. Peace out.