Weekly Report - February 12th Through 18th, 2018

Weekly Report - February 12th Through 18th, 2018

We're going to try this weekly thing again. Now, I've added a multitude more asteroids to look at and we're going to be looking at some of these other energies as they relate to the major planets. Right now, I'm ignoring asteroid to asteroid aspects, as I tried that with some of last week's daily reports (that I was able to get to), and I think I may have overloaded things just a bit. So trying to cut this back and see what's really pertinent. So think of it as aspects to major planets/Chiron/Nodes at tightest orbs for the week. Let's get started as I've got a lot of catching up at work to do this week too.

First off, we have a Solar Eclipse this week on the 15th, mainly visible in the Southern Hemisphere from what I know, so this week is going to be a bit of a super-intense dynamo. Don't expect normalcy this week at all.

Monday, we've got Moon in Capricorn for the entire day, so our thoughts and feelings are going to be centered around our career objectives. Basically, how we're going to we're going to begin the early morning hours around Midnight PST with Chiron conjunct Narcissus, which points to some sort of cathartic healing or possibly wounding, this dealing with our own self-pride or of asserting our own self-importance. Mars is passing over Antares around this time as well, a quite potent fixed star around 10 Sagittarius. A good start for endeavors involving gain for ourselves, but could lead to some trouble with friends and associates. Probably we prioritize our own pet projects over group projects. Moon quincunx North Node around 1:00 PST points to some give or take of our feelings and our greater destiny. As this denotes a semisextile to the South Node at the same time, we're likely wondering just how we're to get to where we're supposed to go if the past keeps getting in the way? Good question, and one only you can answer for yourself. An hour later at 2:00 PST, Moon passes over fixed star Vega, which further boosts some of the potential for financial gain, but again, at a risk of trouble through messages written and possible public chastisement, so for some reason I'm thinking potential trouble via social media overnight with this one. The Internet is forever, after all.

Monday morning around 8:00 PST gives us Pluto semisextile Mercury, and this points to some potential trouble or some irksome problems involving messages and travel. Moon conjuncts Pluto at 11:00 PST, and semisextiles Mercury around Noon PST as well. So there is a great dynamic with our feelings or possible psychic vibes regarding travel, communication, heightened emotions, and basically the making and breaking of matters.

Personal Example: tire pressure indicator came on on my car over the weekend, and I got it go go off by putting air in my tires, but also I noticed my treads are pointing towards me needing to replace all the tires next service (within the next 2 weeks if not sooner)... If the light comes on again on my way to work around this couple of hour span, well, work's just going to have to do without me for a few hours until I can get them replaced then, as that's pretty problematic to have to deal with. This is a possible manifestation of these aspects.

Into the evening around Monday, we've got Mars semisextile Black Moon Lilith, and Jupiter sextile Moon, which should help reinforce some sense that we're being watched over, or at the very least a bit of a boost of luck. The Mars/Black Moon Lilith connection might give us a bit of an intuitive boost to get some tasks done or guide us to a course of action. An hour later, Moon square Eris near 17:00 PST points to some helter-skelter in how we feel about how things are going, and we should take care that we don't go off the deep end.

Later on going into the nighttime, 20:00 through 22:00 PST gives us a trifecta of Moon semisextile Sun, Moon semisextile Juno, and Uranus square Moon. The Moon is, of course, priming itself for the solar eclipse on Thursday, and there's going to be that underlying tension between that and of course some of our dealings with our loved ones as well (Sun conjunct Juno about this time as well). Uranus square Moon with the other two aspects combined could lead to some heated emotions in the home or with our families, so this would probably be an ideal night to just turn in early and not get into unnecessary conflict. Our dream visions overnight could be a bit intense, so do pay attention to sudden shifts in the dreamscape.

Tuesday, we begin overnight with Moon sextile Chiron while Vesta squares Neptune at Midnight PST, and Ixion semisextile Moon closer to 1:00 PST. So it's possible we'll be clearing the air a bit in overnight conversations, but there's also a nagging feeling that something is off when it comes to what we hold dear in our innermost core. Perhaps a sense of betraying our own self-interest, or perhaps we're chasing phantoms in our dealings with others around this time. Again, pay attention to dream visions very carefully around this night. As we wake up around 7:00 PST, Uranus sextile Juno facilitates some pleasant domestic surprises, like maybe a chance coffee or breakfast in bed from a loved one.

The afternoon into evening hours around 15:00 PST gives us trouble as Jupiter squares Mercury and Moon semisextiles Venus. There is a major potential for miscommunication or saying the wrong thing, so do be careful with your words, especially to significant others or with art buyers perhaps, as there is a high potential for someone to take something the wrong way. Use tact. By 18:00 PST, Uranus sextiles the Sun which is good for some pleasant surprises. Perhaps the workday works out a bit better than normal at the end? Or perhaps a chance encounter at a watering hole allows for some spirited good times. 19:00 PST brings Moon semisextile Saturn, so there's a good chance of that nagging feeling that we need to call it a night early and deal with some responsibilities, as much as we may want to avoid them. Finally, 21:00 PST and Eris sextile Mercury allows for some possible nice surprises in terms of an unexpected message, or perhaps an error in your favor? Or maybe an unexpected detour on the way home leads to a little bit of an adventure.

Wednesday really isn't my most favorite day, for varying reasons. Early morning aspects to watch out for are Ceres retrograde opposite Moon around Midnight PST, Pallas square Moon near 1:00 PST, and Sun conjunct Juno around 2:00 PST. There is that potential for some late night important discussions with the husband or wife or partner or whoever. Probably a gripe about the home that "just can't wait." It should pass, however.

Around wake-up and commute time, 5:00 PST's Moon semisextile Black Moon Lilith could point to us waking up from a rather bizarre dream. Take notes if you have time and can remember it. 6:00 PST's Mars sextile Moon gives us a boost of energy, and we might not need as much coffee to get up and running if we're fortunate. Around 10:00 PST, Moon semisextile Neptune guides us to use our intuition, and this is about a good time to be listening to our gut feelings about an important matter. Finally, after noon around 13:00 PST, Moon crosses the South Node. We might be reminiscing about something we'd rather cling to in the past, but now really isn't the time to be clinging to said past. We need to move on. Finally, to close the night out later on, Sun semisextile Chiron around 21:00 PST may bring up that thought from the past again. Take note of it, as it may be important once the Eclipse begins the next day.

Thursday is a celestial minefield as we enter Eclipse Day! Moon starts off as semisextile Pluto around Midnight PST and that may bring for some dramatic dream visions leading us to knowledge as to what to shed from our past. Jupiter square Moon around 4:00 PST has the potential of giving us some stern advice from a higher power, or a greatly disturbing dream. We may wake up feeling that we're not fulfilling our greater calling in some way.

Later on in the morning and into the mid-afternoon, we have a plethora of aspects to consider, including the big one. 7:00 PST's Uranus sextile Mercury brings some good favor for travel and communications, and should insulate us from sudden mechanical or technological failures slightly. Or if those failures happen, we may see right away what benefit we just had from it. (Think hitting a red light, preventing us from being sideswiped by someone running another red light one block down). 10:00 PST gives us Uranus sextile Moon and Moon conjunct Mercury and that can be an important vector in time where we get some unexpected good news! Moon conjunct Juno around 11:00 PST will also be pretty good for relationships with our families and loved ones. Could be news of a promotion or a bonus, as one possible example, leading to a vacation some months down the road. Around Noon PST, Moon semisextile Chiron warns us to be watchful about how we're feeling about matters for the rest of the day. Good advice, as the next hour brings the big event.

13:00 PST, the Solar Eclipse should be underway, and Ixion is sextile both the Sun and Moon during this Eclipse culmination. So basically, for this entire Eclipse cycle, we should have some insulation from betrayals and those that would take advantage of us. This will be especially true for the rest of the day here, and should greatly amplify our own personal power. A couple hours later, Saturn sextile Venus around 15:00 PST should build upon this, and should bring us a bit of power to complete tasks at work and get things done.

In the evening and into the night, 20:00 PST brings us Venus conjunct Nessus. We will want to be watchful and be careful of our obsessions with what we desire, lest we push too hard and force ourselves inappropriately towards our more carnal desires. On the other hand, if we're wise, we can harness this aspect and utilize some major focus to complete an important task for work, or to complete a personal project or hobby dear to us. All depends on how we use Venus-Nessus energy. Finally, to finish off the night, Mercury conjunct Juno while semisextile Chiron around 22:00 PST should allow for nighttime discussions with family and loved ones to go somewhat smoothly, though we may have to confront some uncomfortable truths. Could be something mundane as leaving the seat up. (Or, seems mundane to some... trust me, put the seat down and just keep the peace on this one).

Friday doesn't do a whole lot of major aspects overnight. Mainly, 7:00 PST is the first wave of aspects as Moon in Pisces sextiles Saturn and conjuncts Nessus. We might be able to discipline ourselves to not be too emotional on the way to work, and might be able to be a little more vigilant on the road too, perhaps. In other words, might insulate us from road rage. Maybe. Emotions can be a bit tricky during Pisces Moon. Ixion sextile Mercury at the same time points to this mitigation of raging emotions to be the case. Drivers and those who normally are harsh in their words might actually be a little more chill Friday morning.

Venus conjunct the Moon around 9:00 PST should gives us a bit more pride and more happiness at work. It's Friday, so that usually helps! Not to mention we might be thinking about plans with some loved ones later on? Ceres retrograde quincunx Moon around 10:00 PST suggests that you might want to make sure the home front is in order though, and you did turn the stove off, right?

Pallas sextile Moon around 14:00 PST should have us feeling a little bit wiser, and should give a bit more of a creative boost when dealing with finishing up work tasks. Black Moon Lilith sextile the Moon around 16:00 PST is useful for an intuitive boost.

Going into Friday night, Mars square Moon near 20:00 PST could lead to some unnecessary arguments. Make sure plans are put into place earlier when the energies are a little bit more conducive, and try not to be upset at sudden changes. Ceres retrograde quincunx Venus around 22:00 PST could lead to some awkward social situations too, so perhaps that plus the Mars-Moon square suggests that this isn't the night to meet someone new for a meaningful relationship. A short-term fling, maybe, but know what you're getting into. Moon square Vesta around 23:00 PST suggests to me that maybe just a night out with the guys or girls is the better course of action, as we could wind up feeling like we're being asked to do things we're not comfortable with. Actually, with those last three aspects, I'd recommend a low-key home night. I don't suggest Monopoly, as this is striking me as an increased "table-flipping" likelihood Friday night. Just watch a movie or something.

Saturday might gives us some strange or troubling dream visions as we have Mars square Neptune around 3:00 PST, and that definitely can set the stage for some intense arguments. 4:00 PST brings us Vesta trine North Node, and Mercury conjunct Sun. We'll be feeling a little more secure in the thought of being on the right path in some way, I think.

After people wake up on Saturday, around 10:00 PST, Pluto sextile Moon gives us a boost of energy that might be good for some morning cleaning up around the house, and Jupiter trine Moon later on around 14:00 PST should further bolster this. Could even be a good day for bargain hunting at markets, and we should be a little bit more lucid. Moon semisextile Eris around 15:00 PST points to potential trouble when it comes to some slight upsetting us, so try to keep your cool. This will be amplified more as Uranus semisextile Moon around 20:00 PST will be a stronger manifestation of this. Around 22:00 PST brings even more emotional catharsis with Chiron conjunct the Moon. Good chance of tempers and emotions being more inflamed, perhaps. Finally, 23:00 PST sees Ixion square the Moon and Juno semisextile the Moon. If there are problems related to infidelity (suspected or real), there's a good chance those arguments could come out now. I'd recommend being aboveboard in your dealings right now.

Finally, Sunday ratchets up some of the emotional intensity from the previous day, as Moon crosses fixed star Scheat around 3:00 PST. With the other harsh emotional aspects from Saturday night, there's a good chance of people saying the wrong thing around this time. 4:00 PST's Sun semisextile Moon further denotes a time where people could be at odds with others. Shortly after this, Moon crosses into fiery Aries, and this definitely points to some flaring tempers for much of the rest of the day.

Sunday evening isn't much easier as Moon squares Saturn and that points to some harsh criticisms and potential arguments. There's some possibilities of reconciliation, however, as around 18:00 PST, Ceres retrograde trines the Moon. After some cooling down, it's possible that Sunday dinner might actually be a little more civil. Finally, to finish up the week, Jupiter quincunx Eris around 23:00 PST suggests that we're feeling a bit more uncertain about whether we're on the right career path going into the next work week. Like we're not entirely in control going into a new week.

So there you have it, a high-powered week complete with a Solar Eclipse New Moon, and some potentialities regarding relationship arguments and possible infidelity indicators. Do be careful and do be above-board this week in your dealings with others. I'd really have to say trust your instincts, as there's going to be some ruffled feathers, and you just need to keep yourself centered to get through it all. And with all planets still direct, there's plenty of forward momentum to keep us going through it all. And on that note, I'm out. Peace out.