Weekly Report - December 4th Through December 10th, 2017

Weekly Report - December 4th Through December 10th, 2017

This one's going to be a quickie because I've been up way too late preparing for a possible interview this week. As my current job is winding down, and I'm on the hunt for another one, regrettably some brushing up on programming skills has taken priority. As part of the brush-up, however, I'm working on something that will allow me to better forecast for you readers. Also, the monthly forecast, as a side-effect of my day-to-day concerns, has been delayed for another day, perhaps two. We'll see where I'm at. Jumping in.

Monday starts us off with Dejanira trine Nessus, Jupiter trine Neptune, and Pallas retrograde sextile Sedna retrograde, and Pholus conjunct Saturn at their tightest points. Likley overnight, we've been dealing with some hopes that things are improving, but at the same time there's a very large caution about getting too mesmerized with some of the larger dream visions that may be coming our way today. Or perhaps we've overindulged in an all-nighter (guilty). Keep track of epiphanies that come, but don't get too far out of the way. Later on in the day, Moon makes a square to Chiron retrograde, which is all but motionless itself right now, and considering we've just come off of a full moon in Gemini, there are going to be some deep concerns with how we've been healing ourselves lately. It's not all bad though, as Uranus sextile the Moon can give us some impetus to come to some sudden solutions regarding a few problems, and Moon trine Mars a little later will also be a big help. Just watch out even later on in the day when Moon opposes the tight conjunction between Pholus, Saturn, and Mercury retrograde. While you're sorting out solutions, it's easy to get sidetracked by some critical business that consumes your time. Another thing to watch out for is hyperobsessions, which will peak around 3PM PST with Venus square Nessus. Into the night we get a potentially awkward respite when the Moon quincunxes Venus, yet trines Dejanira. Might be the potential for a lover's spat, but it'll pass.

Tuesday we have an early grand trine between the Moon in its home sign of Cancer, Jupiter in Scorpio, and Neptune in its home sign of Pisces. Not to mention the moon will also be crossing the dog star, Sirius. This is an excellent day to take advantage of some visionary impulses you've been having, and definitely write down or notate solutions that come to you! You may not be able to act on them quite yet with Saturn and Mercury retrograde bearing down on all of us, or... if you're repairing or revisiting something, perhaps you can! (Mercury retrograde does have some advantages). Harness what you can early on, for the Moon will oppose Pluto once it's done doing it's easy dance with Jupiter and Neptune. In fact, seeing this, the danger is going to be in letting the opportunity slip away, and not taking advantage, which could leave you feeling set up for a fall later. May be the time to get rid of something that no longer makes you feel all that great about yourself too, but again, make absolutely certain, as knee-jerk reactions could leave us in a bit of pain.

Wednesday gets a bit rough as we get Eris squaring the Moon, and at the same time Moon quincunx Apophis. I'd say be careful on the morning commute this day. Moon does trine Chiron a little later, and that'll help us feel a little bit better about goings on, and we may be able to get started on some major healing as Chiron will now have turned direct by this point! If you've figured out what you need to do to get back on track and past the hurts you've endured, now's the time to start setting it in motion. For the most part, if it's repair. Again, Mercury retrograde. Saturn's tightest conjunction to Mercury retrograde soon happens after that trine, and this is defintely a warning to watch how you come across to others. Uranus retrograde square the Mooon at the same time defintely makes saying the wrong thing a high probability, so listen very carefully before you respond to any messages or emails today. In fact, I'd delay answering a few things if at all possible. Depending on your situation, you may not be able to take that time. A little later on in the morning, we'll also ahve the Moon squaring Mars, right before the Moon enters fiery Leo no less. Honestly, if you're working from home today, that may be for the best. Don't get into fights, as it's going to be easy to do in the wrong circumstances with that Moon/Mars/Uranus T-Square. Fortunately, the Moon won't stay in that position for long. But it will also be quincunx Pholus-Saturn-Mercury at the same time so... really, channel this energy into getting important tasks done. And double-check your work. I'd also recommend proper rest the night before as a precaution. Later on, we'll have Mars sextile Saturn, so we should be able to mitigate some of the harsher energies and relax a little bit later on. Overnight, Moon will quincunx Nessus and square Dejanira, so try not to snore too loudly next to your loved ones. Fortunately, some of us will be asleep by the time that aspect pattern hits, but it could lead to some interesting dreams. Take note.

Thursday the Moon trines Venus overnight, and then we get some action as we start the morning commute with Moon quincunx Neptune. Some people are going to be in a fog, so watch yourself on the highways. Moon will also be squaring Jupiter, so there is the possiblity of feeling that we're not gaining enough, whether it be in the job or getting enough answers from a higher power. A bit of a testing of faith, as it were. Still later on in the afternoon (on the U.S. West Coast), the Moon will trine the Sun and conjunct the North Node, which will be useful for a nice burst of energy and help us feel a little bit better about some things happening. Perhaps a moment where some decisions even happen in your favor, or you make some favorable decisions yourself. Into the night, Mercury retrograde makes its tightest link to Galactic Center, so definitely be on the lookout for wayward messages and epiphanies that might not make sense at the moment. Don't forget about them if you can, because those may come in handy later.

Friday we get the Moon trine Eris before it leaves Leo, and a little later on Moon will also trine Uranus... an added boost to our step may be what we need to take advantage of some rapidly developing situations, and we could benefit from this easier aspect pattern. Still later on, Moon will trine both Apophis and Mercury, so we may be able to finish off a decisive message or task, or maybe there's a bit of repair work we do and we finally ditch a troublesome component. Still later on, the moon trines Saturn as well, further boosting some of the good feelings, and this will be right before Moon finally conjuncts the fixed star Regulus, and sextiles Mars. Mars is also careening towards Scorpio-Land by this point, one of the signs it rules (the other being Aries), so we're going to have some dramatic shifts, and if I dare say, this could be one intense date night for lovers out there. I am noticing the beginnings of a Venus/Neptune square, so do be aware of the possiblity of things being too good to be true. I will have to emphasize that just a bit when Moon finally opposes Nessus before Midnight PST.

Saturnday could be a bit rough, and hopefully you've watched out for hangovers the night before. Venus does cross the fixed star Antares, which will add a bit of fiery energy to some passions. You're going to definitely want to note this on Saturday, as Venus will be at the apex of a T-Square involving it, Neptune, and the Moon. Fortunately, the Moon will move on from this pattern within hours, so the highly-tense energies of this configuration should be relatively short-lived. Long story short, watch out for buyer's remorse, unclear intentions, and some major suspicions during that T-Square, whhich should mitigate by late evening. Moon will sextile Jupiter a little later on, so that will be a welcome energy to deal with. Even later on, moon trine Pluto will add a bit of spark to the evening, and maybe some major pleasantries can get underway.

Sunday we'll have the Third Quarter Moon about the same time Uranus trines Mercury, both retrograde. Take note of any dream visions going into Sunday, as I'm certain there will be some messages from beyond or from your subconscious you may want to take note of. Defintely watch your step, as we'll have another batch of T-Square action, this time with Moon opposing Chiron and apexing at Mercury. Defintely watch what you say a bit, and that T-Square is also going to invove Saturn. Very easy to get into some unneccesary arguments and troubles on Sunday, so much so that going to work the following Monday may be a welcome respite. Honestly, Sunday may be the least relaxing day of the week just for the expectation of weekend relaxation alone, and the discord in the sky. Oh, we may also want to note that the Moon will cross into airy Libra by the day's end, so we may be weighing our options heavily depending on how the rest of the day goes.

So there you have it. A bit of a rough start to the week, which gets a bit easier as the week goes, a potentially fun night for the weekend, and then the Sunday hangover, as we're dealing with back to back T-Squares between Saturday and Sunday. Take advantage of the humpday-to-weekend period, as that's most likely when the best of news is going to hit. As for Sunday, I would not want to be an NFL player. Lots of potential for injury I think, so if you're one of the players, defintely take care of yourself on the field Sunday! Ok, I've got to try to get a small catnap before work, so wish me luck.