Weekly Report - December 24th Through 30th, 2018

Weekly Report - December 24th Through 30th, 2018

This has been one hell of a year. For the last full week of 2018, I'm finally getting back to the Weekly Report, and I am hoping that I won't have to step away from this again anytime soon. Let's see how big a bang this year ends with.

Monday starts off with Jupiter on Antares in Sagittarius, adding quite a bit of fiery energy to the planet of higher learning, higher power, and fortune. Antares adds a bit of flair to pageantry and senses of grandeur, and this can also lead to hypocrisy in the form of "holier than thou" behavior. Combine this with Jupiter conjunct Mercury both squaring Neptune, and we've got a recipe for some pretty rough reckonings when illusions are shattered. Neptune trine Venus, still in Scorpio, does smooth this over somewhat. We also have watery energy in the form of Moon transiting Cancer up into about 9AM PST, after which it will cross over into Leo and we'll get that sense of bravado and feeling more like we need to pursue what we want to pursue, to boost our egos, and to generally feel good about ourselves as much as possible, just in time for Christmas Eve too. Venus will also be starting a sextile to Pluto, which should prove to be a boost when it comes to deciding what paths we need to end to get to where we want to go in terms of relationships, jobs, money, wealth, what we find attractive. Clearly we don't all have it, and after this last week we had (if the stock market is any indication), we definitely need to rethink a few things.

Before the Moon leaves Cancer, it forms a lunar trine to Chiron, allowing some semblance of healing and resolving some emotional difficulties, but do be warned that Chiron is approaching fixed star Scheat which I believe will trigger some emotional meltdowns later as it tightens. That won't be tighter until later in the week, however. Venus square Black Moon Lilith indicates a moment of crisis where otherworldly influences may be impacting our ability to keep money and relationships intact, or perhaps there's more of a feminine assertion among these themes (such as a wife in a marriage taking control of finances, to the husband's dismay as one example. In woman-to-woman relationships or partnerships, there could be signs of power struggle, unless key issues are resolved in which case there's a good chance of a breakthrough through hard work. Uranus square the North Node and the Moon crossing this indicates some surprises that we are not going to be really prepared to deal with, but how we deal with it and work through the emotional hit will help propel us towards our greater destinies.

Tuesday, Christmas Day, begins with Jupiter semisextile Saturn which will trigger some conflict and issues relating to greater fortune and optimism and the specter of hard work, discipline, and roadblocks rearing their ugly head. With the U.S. government again in partial shutdown and some federal employees (TSA, FBI, etc) having to work without pay (and on a holiday, no less...) yeah, this really is not going to be a Merry Christmas for them, and this certainly exemplifies this aspect so well. Mars trine the North Node will be building up and we'll be seeing some paths where we can act a little easier to get going towards our better future as well, with some soft sextile love for the South Node to allow some bridging between past and future. Mercury sextile Black Moon Lilith allows us to communicate some of our more hidden or forbidden desires a bit more, which would be great for steamy romances if couples are fortunate enough to have time for themselves. This could be dicey in the morning though as Venus apexes a brief T-square between Black Moon Lilith and the Moon so try not to be too disappointed if you don't get everything that you wanted.

Wednesday is pretty low-key to begin with flowing energies, but potent enough to empower us to seek within and get the insights we need. Mercury sextile Black Moon Lilith tightens up and greatly allows for some communication in the overnight hours after Christmas festivities are done and over with. Mars and Chiron conjunct, and trining the North Node, allows us to exercise whatever tasks we need to do to overcome past hurts or problems and come up with some workable solutions that will get us going onto a better path. Venus tightens its sextile to Pluto which will further allow us to get past some of the craziness. As Wednesday progresses, in the late morning on the West Coast U.S., Moon enters Virgo and trines both Uranus and the Sun, and our thinking will drift more towards more practical ends such as dealing with obligations and the day-to-day grind, though the very weak Grand Trine (Sun/Uranus at the outer limit of influence) will allow us a small amount of leeway and maybe some pleasant surprises to get us through the day. By the late hours, Mars trine North Node will be approaching exact influence, and this will be an opportunity to move forward and get some much needed work done that will help us get past any hidden pitfalls we've been subjected to.

Thursday gets a little dicey in the very early morning hours (Pacific Coast) when Jupiter on Antares apexes a brief T-Square between the Virgo Moon and Pisces Neptune. This could be a time of psychic assault, anxiety, emotional freakouts, and probably unpleasant dealings with institutions even, particularly higher learning or religious institutions. Good chance of another scandal involving the church or another religious body coming out is very likely on the 27th, that's my call. Mars will begin moving on from trining the North Node after having passed exactly overnight, though the influence will last for a few more days at least. Venus sextile Pluto tightens more and should give a solid boost towards establishing new processes and ways to attain our hearts' desires, though with Pluto involved there is always a price. Moon square Mercury later on Thursday could yield some uncomfortable discussions regarding what we feel we have to do as opposed to wanting to go and do whatever.

Friday is pretty dicey as the morning progresses, as the Moon opposes the Chiron/Mars conjunction. What this means is that we are likely to have some pretty frantic and hectic events going on where we know we have to act and get our tasks done, and these tasks may even help get us out of a jam, but we could be subjected to some major anxiety or panic and this could serve to paralyze us if we're not careful. After this exact opposition, Moon enters Libra and our thoughts and feelings will turn towards pleasing others and striving to maintain balance for a bit. As Friday night continues on, Mars and Chiron's conjunction becomes exact. There is a chance and a danger even of hurting people even without meaning to. On the other hand, it could also mean people do intend to hurt someone else, and this could be pretty dicey. This aspect could also allow us to take more decisive action in healing others too, so maybe a night to reach out and see if loved ones are OK? But don't be surprised if people lash out. Mars and Chiron are also approaching fixed star Scheat, so do bear that in mind too and be careful so you avoid unnecessary accidents.

Saturday doesn't have a whole lot going on, apart from Mercury semisextile Pluto and Jupiter semisextile Saturn more tightly. We're at a decision point where we know we need to do something different, and we have to approach this carefully so we can go forward and pursue the life which works much better for us. Lots of hard work to do though, especially as the year is winding down. Moon square Saturn for a short time will also amplify the feelings that we're falling behind and that we need to work our asses off to catch up and get things done. That said, perhaps this also indicates we need to rest and won't be able to make as much progress. Saturday is basically a planning and reflection day. Uranus semisextile Mars also adds to the uncertainty and allows for sudden events and surprises to unfold, such as accident or public disruptions. Exercise heavy caution Saturday evening. As midnight approaches, Moon square Pluto could allow for some explosive arguments or disagreements. Maybe best to call it a home day/night Saturday and get your bearings straight, read a book, and just chill, all things considered.

Sunday the North Node apexes a T-Square (Grand Cross, really, when adding South Node) with itself squaring the Moon and Uranus. Surprising developments will dominate the earlier half of the day, and soon after this Grand Cross, Moon crosses into Scorpio at which point we start delving deeper into our own psyche and our thoughts. Not much else to say aspect-wise though much of the day, though leading to the end of Sunday, Sun will begin conjuncting Saturn which allows us to focus more efforts on getting some critical tasks done if we need, or get some important planning done. This can also act as a wet blanket if we're more free-spirited, so do try to be productive.

That's the week in a nutshell. Some high-powered craziness along with the potential to facilitate some sort of cathartic healing is in the works, and this is all leading up to the January 5th Solar Eclipse! This Eclipse is going to be ... interesting. But that's next week. For now, use this week to finish off 2018 on a strong note, and chill out as much as you can, because next week is going to be intense just because of that eclipse energy alone! Peace.