Weekly Report - December 18th Through December 24th, 2017

Weekly Report - December 18th Through December 24th, 2017

After a week of some partial respites, we are heading into another major powerhouse week. We're starting off with one massive bang, and we've got more bangs coming. Massive, massive, massive, MASSIVE shifts are ahead, and we start off the week with one of the largest ones. Not just the Moon, but Saturn and Mercury are big news this week. Let's get started.

Monday, to begin with, comes directly after the New Moon in Sagittarius... on Galactic Center! This lunar cycle is incredibly potent, and what comes the day after is another shift, and we'll get to that in a moment... We open with a powerhouse plethora of aspects as the clock struck midnight (Pacific Time). So we had the New Moon... we also have the New Moon quincunx Sedna on Algol, which is definitely something to consider in our relations with others for not just today, but the entirety of the Lunar cycle. Betrayals and how we handle them will be very much in focus. This goes hand in hand with Ceres quincunx Pluto to bring some discord into the homefront, and we also have North Node trine Mercury and square Vesta. While we'll have some easier communications with others, what is being communicated may make us question what we've held dear thus far. As we proceed into the day, the Moon will make a direct conjunction to Saturn which will serve to either dampen or stabilize some of our emotions. We may even be able to look at what's going on right now a little more objectively. Later on in the afternoon, Jupiter semisextile Mercury retrograde will likely trigger some much-needed communications with others, perhaps a boss figure. Keep a tab on your inner feelings as the Moon crosses over Black Moon Lilith. Some of those uneasy feelings may be coming to you for a reason. Into the evening, Mars sextile Moon will give us a nice boost of energy to finish up the tasks of the day. We end with Moon conjunct Apophis, where we may reflect on what we need to let go of or what we have lost.

Tuesday ramps up the energies as we have Moon sextile Neptune, which may help us understand our dream visions from overnight. We'll also have Jupiter sextile the Moon around mid-day and Mercury semisextile the Moon as well. This should bolster us with some flashes of insight, and allow us to harnes some energy to get through the later part of this day. Moon will also cross fixed star Vega around this time as well, and this could be a good time to hear some news about retirement plans and pensions... but it could also convey some hard messages from ill-intent from others. Watch out for scandals, especially as Moon will conjunct Lucifer a little later on. Someone notable is likely to be hoisted by their own petard on Tuesday. Later on into the evening, Pluto conjunct Moon will prime us for knowing what we need to get rid of to move forward, for the betterment of our emotional health. Note this very well, because shortly after, Saturn's time in Sagittarius comes to an end. Saturn crosses into Capricorn, its home sign early Tuesday night (Pacific Time). This will be the peak of the monumental shift in energies we have been feeling for a while, and Saturn will stay in Capricorn for the next couple of years before crossing into Aquarius, another sign it co-rules with Uranus. We don't have to worry about that yet, though. What it does mean is, Tuesday is the beginning of four to five years of Saturnian overdrive. Get ready.

Wednesday does not let up, as we begin with Sun conjunct Pholus and Eris square Moon. We may be feeling a bit intoxicated or blurry-eyed through much of the day, so be on guard. Moon sextiles Chiron at the same time Venus semisextiles the Moon, which brings us Venus square Chiron around the same time as well on Wednesday. Venus also has a trine from Uranus and Uranus squaring the Moon about the same time as all of this, well... we're going to be dealing with some intricate emotional wounds, and while the solutions for getting past the hurts will be apparent, they will not be easy. But there is some potential for sudden shifts in fortune that may get us past this period in time. Sun and later on Saturn semisextile the Moon will act as a catalyst going into the evening for some reflection on moving on with our plans and our lives. Keep in mind, Mercury is all but motionless, so if it's a new venture, may want to wait a couple days before we're sure we can move forward. Going into the nighttime, Pluto conjunct Lucifer will bring us to the heights and lows of hubris. Don't be a bigger asshole than you need to be. Fortunately, Moon conjunct Juno can mitigate this somewhat and give a bit of a nice touch to nighttime dreamtime with loved ones.

Thursday ramps up some more energy further than we may be ready for, as the Sun will follow Saturn into Capricorn and will also be conjuncting it tightly throughout the day. Discipline and structure, and how we keep things together will be a focus throughout much of the day. Early on in the day, Moon conjunct Kaali will be amplifying our feelings, defintely during the morning commute as well. Give yourself a few extra minutes to deal with the road rage that might be out and about there. Early in the workday, we'll also be dealing with Mars squaring the Moon. Be mindful of heightened tensions. Into the afternoon, Ceres square Vesta could bring some discord and conflict between our home life and some institutions that demand structure, such as church or the legal system, as possiblities. Saturn and Sun conjuncting tightest about this time as well will ramp up the enforced structural considerations, so don't be surprised if you're held up by some bureaucratic red tape as you're trying to square things away at work. Dejanira square the Moon a little bit after this may show that we're probably a little demoralized and feel impotent after the events of this day. But improvements are coming. Mercury sextile the Moon should give us a little bit of an outlet to vent if we need to, and likely be understood more than normal.

Friday could be a bit of a mixed bag, and brings us more shifts. More shifts than I initially realized. Jupiter squaring the Moon could make for some troubling dream visions, so be ready for anything. Moon will also cross the South Node, so we'll be finding ourself reminiscing more about the past. Almost appropriate for the leadup to Christmas Day, if you're fond of such holiday memories. Maybe it's not fondness? Anyways, we'll also be seeing Ceres opposite Moon about the same time with the Node crossing, which could be problematic. Try not to make any sudden text messages to your significant others without giving what you say some serious thought, as Mercury is stationary at this point... and around the end of the workday on the West Coast of the U.S., Mercury will finally end its retrograde period and go direct! All those plans of starting new things you were waiting on? Now we can go forward. Just keep in mind that Mercury will still be relatively motionless for a day or two while it gets going, and will still be in post-retrograde shadow, so you're bound to see a few hiccups here and there. later on in the evening, we will also see Venus conjunct the Galactic Center, so job and romance and artsy themes will be very prominent on this day. Fitting, as on my personal front, my last day at my current job is this Friday. Don't really want to leave, but not being given the choice as I write this. Probably more time for me to expand Phoenixia Astrology more, so stay tuned! Anyways, as we go deeper into the night, Uranus and Pallas sextile the Moon, giving us some sudden flashes of insight, though do be careful as Sedna will square off against the Moon about the same time.

Saturday starts us off with Venus, then Pholus, and then Saturn sextile the Moon. This should make for a relaxing morning at least, and the Sun and Moon make a sextile even later on. We really should take advantage of Saturday and just rest a bit, catch our breath, and maybe just chill out. Moon conjuncts Nessus later on in the evening, so maybe a good time to clear the air about some things that have been bothering you. Not much to say about Saturday, and maybe that's a good thing.

Sunday is a bit more energetic with Mars trining the Moon overnight. Some active dreams are likely to come to the forefront, especially as the Moon is conjunct Neptune throughout much of this trine. Later on in the day we'll see Mercury square the Moon, so watch how you talk to others very well, watch your messages, and look out for crazy drivers on the road. Later on in the evening, Pluto sextile the Moon should relax some of the more uneasy feelings a bit, and Vesta trine Moon about the same time will also prove to be beneficial. Maybe a good time to reflect on what is important, what we hold dear. As it's Christmas Eve, that will be a very good time to gather with family if you're so inclined. Venus conjunct Saturn as we cross into Christmas Day may act as a bit of a damper on some festive merrymaking, or maybe regulate it to be a bit more stable.

There you have it. A ton of major energy shifts this week, and I would with this much shifting around going on, and as prominent as Galactic Center is as well, it's going to be a life-changing week. Make the most of it, and move on from the past. We have work to do, so get to it.