Weekly Report - December 11th Through December 17th, 2017

Weekly Report - December 11th Through December 17th, 2017

After a few intense weeks, we seem to have a little bit of a respite this week around. It's not all easy travels, but it's a little bit of a breather than what we've been getting. Just to keep in mind, there's some important events going on this week outside of the astrology, from what I'm aware of. Definitely note Thursday for the FCC's Net Neutrality vote. How this is issue is handled may affect Phoenixia Astrology as a whole, especially my ability to communicate with all of you effectively. That said, diving in.

Monday starts off with a full bag of tricks, with Jupiter sextile Lucifer for a little mitigation on the pride issues front. We also have Mercury retrograde square Chiron to start the week off too, so do be aware of how you're coming across to others, and how you're communicating that which is bothering you. Also a good chance of some travel mishaps, so keep a close watch on the other drivers. Moon semisextile Mars and trine Kaali also ups some of the intensity, though the trine to Kaali should allow us to navigate some of the problems a bit better. Finally, we also start off with Venus square Neptune tightly, so there's a good chance we're going to see some absurdities in "fuzzy logic" when it comes to the workday. As the day progresses, there could be a little bit of reaping what we sow with asteroid Karma squaring the Nodes. Further on into the late afternoon and early evening we'll see Mercury trine Eris, so maybe a little bit of calming some of the chaos that's going on will be on the agenda. Into the night the Moon will cross fixed star Algorab, so try to avoid arguments where you can with loved ones, and it may be a good time to meditate and cool things down. We end Monday with Moon sextiling Venus, which may help dream visions and maybe a nightcap with a loved one.

Tuesday could yield some intresting events as we have Jupiter conjunct Vesta, so we can expect some developments in the judicial front. Further on into the day we see the Moon sextile the North Node, a nice boost for getting some tasks done as we'll likely be feeling a little bit better about some ills. Exercise caution though as we'll also be having the Moon square off against Pluto, so try not to get into any fights with superiors or subordinates, and try to keep a calm, level head on the commute as tempers are likely to be flaring. The Moon does, of course, have more good news to offset this a little as it will also sextile the Sun and Mercury (both of which are conjunct). This combination should give us an edge in taking care of some sticky situations and clear our heads just a little. Going into late evening Pacific Time, we'll see the Moon quincunx Chiron as the Moon also crosses Spica. We might be feeling a bit wounded with something else bothering us, but the star in Libra should shine a bit more positively and possibly give us a little healing by catharsis. Shortly afterwards, the Moon opposes Uranus retrograde, and Pallas also opposes the moon a little bit later, so be ready for anything as you prepare for a good night's sleep.

Wednesday ramps things up a bit with the Moon crossing into Scorpio, exposing some of our darker impulses throughout the day. Moon square Juno in the early hours could make for a tense breakfast with the family. Moon sextile Saturn, however, should mitigate things just slightly and give us a little bit of an inspiration as to how to deal with a work problem, or at the very least smooth over road rage a bit on the commute. Do be aware as you arrive to your classes or your job in the morning (Pacific Time) as Mars square Kaali could make for some sudden headaches. The moon will also be conjuncting Mars close to the same time as well, giving us a boost of energy, but again, try to maintain some calm while you blow through some tasks that need to be done. Later on in the day, Moon trine Nessus might be useful to spring us out of a trap, possibly of our own making, so if you've been feeling a bit obsessive about someone or something, that should abate for a short moment. Lastly, into the night, Moon conjunct Dejanira may bring forth some insights as to our vulnerabilities, and how to overcome them.

Thursday is a big day, as this is the day of the FCC Net Neutrality Vote. Will the commissioner's actually vote wisely? Let's see... Moon trine Neptune should cut through some of the fog a little, and the North Node trine Venus should be beneficial for events related to jobs, careers, and what we desire. We also have the Sun trining Eris retrograde, which should bring some order to the chaos. We do get Moon conjunct Jupiter about the time I expect the vote to take place as well, which will bring forth the notions of law and order and how we feel about them. It's shortly after this time that Destinn retrograde opposes the Moon, so we may be feeling a bit uneasy about where the events of the day go. We also get Moon conjunct Vesta, again, dealing with law and wisdom. Into the afternoon the Moon squares the Nodes, which will grant us some challenges to get through the rest of the day, and still later on Ceres will square the Moon at the same time the Moon sextiles Pluto. Could be something home-related we need to deal with, but we can probably deal with it in a constructive manner. Could be rearranging something, or taking out some trash (never a bad thing to do). Based on Thursday's forecast, and the fact they're doing this entire FCC vote at the heart of Mercury Retrograde, we may yet be able to preserve the open Internet. Somehow. Based on this, we may see a last-second vote of sanity. But I am not 100% certain.

Friday will be a bit more of an easier day with the Moon trining Chiron early on, helping us get past old wounds and maybe even helping us heal past them. We'll also have Venus conjunct Mercury retrograde, so there is a good chance of being able to salvage a job or repair something of value to us during this time (Mercury retrogrades are good times for repair and review, after all). Uranus quincunx the Moon later on suggests a little volatility and some strange occurences, so keep alert. Overnight, the Moon will be crossing over into Sagittarius which will heat things up and add a little bit of spontaniety to the night's events. Sun square Chiron could bring to light some issues we've been avoiding for fear of bruising our own egos.

Saturday will give us the Moon tearing through Sagittarius, so be ready for anything to happen. Not in a bad way, I would hope, but people could be a little hot from the events of the previous night. Mars semisextile Moon early one while the Moon squares Nessus symbolizes the potential for some argumentativeness, so try to keep this in mind. We'll also have a trine to Uranus from the Sun, allowing us to make greater use of the day's spontaneity. Mars trine Nessus by mid-afternoon (Pacific Time) should mitigate some of the earlier tensions, and allow us to take action to break past old obsessions slightly. Into the evening, the Moon squares Neptune, so do be alert if you decide to go partying into this evening as intoxicants could be more potent than you bargain for. Mercury trine North Node should end the day with a little bit of ease when travelling and speaking with others, but do watch yourself as Mercury still is retrograde at this point.

Sunday ends the week with a conjunction between Moon and Mercury to start coming in from Saturday night, so there could be some fun travels overnight. As midday approaches, I see Moon conjuncts Venus. If you have some last-minute Christmas shopping to do, this is a good time to go out and do it! Eris trine Moon a little later on will also help a bit with the chaos, and might even spark some good holiday cheer out of the blue. Just be alert for Moon square Chiron as we approach the evening, and a possibility of feeling emotionally exhasted from the earlier events of the day could rear its head about then. Overnight, the New Moon in Sagittarius will occur, ushering in a new lunar cycle to end the calendar year on. It'll be conjunct Galactic Center as well, so this Lunar Cycle is going to start with a bang to begin the new week after Sunday!

So there you have it... a calm before an upcoming storm, and some easier-to-deal-with aspects to go throughout most of this week, and ending on a fiery note with the New Moon on Galactic Center. Whatever loose ends you have to finish things off, this is the week to do it. I haven't looked ahead to next week yet, and to be honest, the December monthly forecast won't be happening as of this point as I was not able to get to it this time. I'll be focusing my efforts more on seeing what yearly forecast I can come up with for 2018 instead, and besides, December is almost half over by this point. At any rate, keep going, keep your chin up, and keep alert.