Weekend Report - December 29th and 30th, 2018

Weekend Report - December 29th and 30th, 2018

OK, are we ready for this week to finally be over? I sure am. It's been a nail-biter for some of us, and based on what I'm seeing here, it lets up somewhat, but not all the way, and the intensity does begin to ratchet up a bit. Buckle up.

Saturday begins with Chiron in Pisces quincunx 16089 Lamb retrograde in Leo, representing an uneasiness where we feel we're being hunted, but we're not sure where the hunter is. We're in the crosshairs, but by whom? 8813 Leviathan retrograde in Virgo quincunx 1388 Aphrodite in Aquarius points to this being something hidden, something beneath the deep when it comes to friendships and other relationships that we think we value, but may in the end not really be good for us. Mercury in Sagittarius semisextile Ceres in Scorpio brings forth a discussion within the home, a needed one at that, and this could be where we are beginning to see the hidden enemies. 763 Cupido conjunct 151 Abundantia in Libra points to a theme regarding love, romance, and of course, affections affecting our wealth, our income, and given the other aspects that are tight, this is painting a picture of discussions regarding those we desire but not being all that great for us. Moon in Libra quincunx Nessus in Pisces further bolsters this, as we feel we're being taken advantage of, and that fairness gives way to obsessions and taking advantage of others. Moon trine 128 Nemesis retrograde is also pointing to the realization of what to do regarding this self-sabotage, likely from letting others have their way and disregarding our feelings, and where this realization begins the thought process of how to recover our power, despite whatever enemies this may make.

Into Saturday's very early morning hours, Sun in Capricorn squares the Libra Moon to form the Third Quarter. This pre-eclipse Third Quarter Moon signals some odds between our regards of our selves and how we're feeling about how we're progressing so far. This is also where we can see the end of the road ahead for the lunar cycle, and pretty much we're at this point attempting to balance our worth and works. 433 Eros retrograde in Gemini opposite 149 Medusa in Sagittarius warns us not to be trusting of certain desired relationships, as we're seeing a theme of betrayal and using here. Sedna in Taurus quincunx 4386 Lust in Libra likewise warns of further betrayal while in the pursuit of baser pleasures. Do be careful with this one.

Still a little later, Moon trine 26955 Lie in Aquarius helps us lock in on those who are deceiving us, and allows us to steel our resolve a bit. On another tack, this could also point to a time where it would be somewhat easier to deceive another or at the very least the deceptions could be in the name of not hurting feelings. Watch out for those little white lies though, as those can also backfire.

Moon semisextile 2629 Rudra and 42355 Typhon in Scorpio a little later on signals a time where we begin contemplating a great many things, likely in the dreamscape, and we can see the monsters in the deep beginning to come about. We can sense a coming storm ahead, and it is likely to be a big one by the time the weekend is over.

Still later on into Saturday morning, Moon opposite 3412 Kafka in Aries can fill us with a bit of disbelief in what we're experiencing as of late, and the blow to our sense of self and our drive to go go go. 99942 Apophis in Aquarius square 10961 Buysballot in Scorpio serves as a reminder that those rigging the system or the game against us, in whatever venue (home, government, work, etc.), they hold the cards and could be the key to our downfall. Time for a recount of who we trust in our lives.

Moon semisextile 15845 Bambi brings forth some hidden sense that we're being hunted again, or rather, still. Again, do be watching your back and your self-interest this weekend. Best to do that at all times, really, but yes, the wolves are really out there in the woods lately.

As we are getting closer to daybreak, Mercury in Sagittarius sextile 896 Sphinx in Aquarius may reveal to us in some early morning dreaming some message that we need to unravel and solve, and this also serves as a time where some manner of insight can come to light, if only we know the key to the riddle.

Nor for a plethora of aspects as we enter sunrise. Moon semisextile 19 Fortuna triggers a sense of confusion or contemplation when it comes to our fortune, our finances, what we hold valuable. 3890 Industria conjunct 2601 Bologna in Aries does warn us that we are likely being fooled when it comes to our work. Perhaps we're fooling ourselves thinking that we're working hard enough or smart enough, or perhaps we're being fooled into thinking we're not working hard enough? It is the holiday season, so some people's minds are truly on vacation. Moon opposite 4955 gold in Aries also feeds into this apprehension regarding our feelings and our wealth, and honestly, this is a time where people are feeling the pinch and feeling nervous about that. This will be greatly amplified by Saturn in Capricorn square the Moon and we are really going to be feeling that nervousness about not having enough, about lacking, and this does give us a great deal of anxiety most likely. Mercury quincunx Juno in Taurus reveals some uncomfortable truths when it comes to dealing with our loved ones, and I'm beginning to think this could also represent roommates or housemates. Moon sextile Jupiter in Sagittarius can give us a bit of a relief from this though, and serves as a reminder that good things are still coming, to still have some faith in what good can come to us. Moon trine 433 Eros retrograde in Gemini could also be helping us feel a little bit more strongly about someone we care about, or perhaps a greater sense of self-love? This could go a few different directions I won't get into here... 42355 Typhon exact conjunct Rudra again points to the storm mentioned above, and again, do be prepared. Moon sextile 149 Medusa can help us use our intuition to recognize a betrayal coming, or to prevent a false accusation of betrayal where there is none, so do listen to your inner wisdom if you are attuned to that. Pluto in Capricorn semisextile Mercury does also serve as a trigger where there will be conversations about what needs to go, what needs to leave our lives and ways of thinking, and how we can forge ahead on a new path.

As Saturday morning progresses further, Moon semisextile 114 Kassandra and 12927 Pinocchio in Scorpio serves as an indicator and warning to listen closely for tall tales and bullshit stories, and also listen closely to make sure you're not dismissing someone telling an uncomfortable truth at this time.

Moon quincunx 258 Tyche in Pisces later on into late Saturday morning does point to a growing uneasiness regarding our work and our volition when it comes to completing projects. Moon opposite 4227 Kaali and 8690 Swindle in Aries also amplifies this feeling a good bit, and we'll need to steel ourselves to keep from losing our cool, and also warns us to be wary of other deceptions, which honestly is getting to be a recurring theme the past few days. 407 Arachne in Pisces semisextile Eris retrograde serves as a warning to make sure we are not binding ourselves with our anxiety and feelings of discord, while Juno in Taurus square 896 Sphinx in Aquarius warns us that someone we hold in esteem among our loved ones and maybe family/roommates/housemates may be spinning tales and coming up with elaborate stories to advance some sort of agenda. Do make sure your BS meter is on.

As we get closer to noontime on Saturday in the West Coast, Vesta in Aquarius trine Moon yields some softer feelings regarding what we revere and cherish, and helps us reflect on that which we hold sacred to our hearts. 4227 Kaali semisextile 258 Tyche acts as a trigger for this reflection to reflect on our greater works and projects that we may be completing or yet to complete, and this could play into Moon crossing fixed star Algorab, a star with the nature of Mars and Saturn, so we're likely to be feeling a bit testy and hot-headed, especially if we do feel like we're being taken advantage of... thus we'll be reacting strongly to defend that which we value.

Saturday afternoon brings us Neptune in Pisces quincunx the Libra Moon which will serve to make us feel a bit off-kilter, and our Spidey-Sense may not be entirely working, so do be careful and make sure your intuition is actually not picking up some nasty interference. This can also point to an episode where mental ailments or illness can flare up a bit, so do take care if you're susceptible to these sort of conditions. Pluto semisextile 896 Sphinx does point to a bit of an uncomfortable riddle that is before us, one that can shake us to our core and make us question everything. Moon semisextile 8813 Leviathan is another trigger for the feeling of monsters beneath the deep, that we have a feeling that something's underneath, ready to unleash a tsunami of emotion. Moon trine 1388 Aphrodite in Aquarius could mean for some that that tsunami can be a tsunami of affection and romantic bliss. Just be on guard when Ceres in Scorpio squares 99942 Apophis as, if handled incorrectly, the home could be wrecked pretty squarely.

Pallas in Libra sextile Mercury in late afternoon does allow us to better communicate or convey some wise words that would be better heeded. This can also indicate a course correction to avoid an unpleasant journey, and could even be a nice time to take a "scenic route." Moon trine Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius also serves to heighten our intuition and allows us to better take in some of the more esoteric possibilities that come into mind at this time. Not a bad time to journal some thoughts if so inclined.

Uranus retrograde in Aries semisextile Mars in Pisces does point to a point in the early Saturday evening of some incidents or uncomfortable interactions, could even be some minor accidents if we're not careful, so do watch yourselves around this time. Moon quincunx 545 Messalina retrograde could also point to a feeling that we're probably not getting as much "action" as we would like, and likely some lonely souls may go out and about to revel a bit before 2018 ends.

As evening turns to night, Moon square 3811 Karma can point to some uncomfortable truths or manifestations of reaping what is sown. This could also be where the feeling of something decidedly karmic could be about to happen, maybe something that's been brewing under the surface for awhile. Juno square 99942 Apophis could yield some fights or arguments that could serve to dissolve bonds even during this late holiday season, so try to keep a level head if confronted by a significant other around this time.

Pluto semisextile 99942 Apophis is certainly fitting into this theme of things needing to be ended and reborn, and the emphasis seems to be on endings in order to continue on our life's quest. Jupiter opposite 433 Eros retrograde can also point to some uncomfortable feelings or revelations when it comes to who we love, who we care about, or who we think loves us. Again, arguments are possible between spouses and significant others.

Saturday ends with Moon semisextile 10961 Buysballot and that means that we're going to be feeling that something isn't right, that something is rigged and not in our general favor. This flows into Sunday pretty well but we can weather this storm with some help as we're about to see below...

Sunday from midnight on begins the second phase of this weekend with Moon semisextile Ceres... We're feeling some sort of focal or maybe crisis point in the home, knowing that something may not be able to continue. This plays into the Moon quincunx Juno aspect that is exact shortly after. Pluto square Moon also plays into this big time and again, we can see some bond-breaking happen as SHTF. Moon and Pallas in Libra trine 896 Sphinx and 99942 tightly conjunct in Aquarius is certainly pointing to this, like our intuition is revealing a hidden truth and bringing it to light so the dreck can be evaporated in the light of a thousand suns (though it's a little ironic, given that it's the Moon making that aspect and not the Sun).

As the bars close in parts of the West Coast (approaching 2 AM PST), 42355 Typhon square 26955 Lie can point to some decidedly tricky propositions when it comes to people attempting to deceive others right about now. Moon sextile Mercury can serve to help night travel and also to defuse some of the arguments, but still, probably better to be up front and not try to deceive anyone if you can help it. May not end well for some.

Venus semisextile Moon can trigger some feelings and thoughts dwelling on relationships, money, valuables... for instance, it could have us feeling that we are probably spending a bit too much as of late (a distinct possibility right now!)... Moon sextile 11144 Radiocommunicata could foster some good chats late into the early morning hours, and could be productive for some.

As the late Sunday night progresses, 4955 Gold quincunx 19 Fortuna can indicate feelings of inadequacy when it comes to our money and other resources. Perhaps the car one thought as flashy may pale in comparison to the Bugatti that just rolled on past. Moon quincunx 37117 Narcissus retrograde in Taurus likewise amplifies this feeling of inadequacy, and could leave us wondering if we'll ever be "good enough" to "keep up with the Joneses." (Really, don't worry about that). Nessus square 128 Nemesis retrograde can bring things to a boil and inflame old rivalries, and perhaps explode into some all-out wars, so hold your tongue if you see the potential of a hospital visit or worse stemming from a conflict. Watch your back and maybe don't travel alone during this time.

Further on into Sunday morning, Moon opposite Eris retrograde can have us feeling a bit frazzled, like there's too much chaos to handle. Moon quincunx 407 Arachne in Pisces adds to this tension and has us feeling snared, trapped even. Scorpio Venus semisextile 11144 Radiocommunicata in Sagittarius can foster some really late communications with someone we value or cherish, or perhaps some people might just be getting an early start on some Sunday morning creative projects. Sun in Capricorn sextile 42355 Typhon might have us feeling a little bit more confident when it comes to digging ourselves out of some holes we find ourselves in.

As Sunday morning approaches sunrise, Moon conjuncts fixed star Spica which can likely point to some inspiration or dreams leading to innovations that can move us forward. Do be aware of Sedna retrograde square 55 Pandora in Aquarius, which indicates unfolding some nasty consequences of betrayals of trust that are better left folded up.

Sedna retrograde opposite 7470 Jabberwock in Scorpio further adds to the betrayal warnings, indicating a T-Square from Pandora to both bodies... This can take many forms, and it would be wise for us to look at who's in our lives in a position of power that would throw us overboard if it came down to it. Pallas trine 99942 Apophis does allow for some wise disposal of that which no longer serves us, and Moon semisextile 4179 Toutatis can act as a trigger for this. It is likely to be a disposal that is a long time coming, and Moon opposite 1981 Midas in Aries indicates that this disposal will likely incur some kind of loss, and something that stings us a bit, but it still may have to happen.

After the sun rises on Sunday, Sun semisextile 26955 Lie cautions us to be wary of those who would deceive us for their own ends. Moon opposite 307 Nike in Aries leads us to feel like we need to rush into action, and that we'll need to be on alert for roadblocks, especially in regards to those misdirecting us.

Further on into the morning, North Node in Cancer squares 4386 Lust in Libra, indicating that lustful thoughts and desires could be a stumbling block when it comes to advancing our objectives. 7470 Jabberwock perfects the square in the T-Square to 55 Pandora which indicates the monstrous nature of opening some cans of worms. Moon quincunx Sedna retrograde also plays into this as tensions are likely to be high with some conversations right now, and there's that inkling that someone is not being honest with us. Juno opposite Ceres exact also plays into this and acts as a bastion of conflict among close relatives and housemates in the homefront. There is a slight help though when Moon trines 55 Pandora so there is the intuition factor that can help us navigate this potent minefield of disagreements and nasty revelations. Moon semisextile 7470 Jabberwock further plays into this nastiness, and it can be helpful as our senses, if paid attention to, can help us identify the monsters in our midst.

Approaching noon on the West Coast on Sunday, North Node square the Moon does point to a bit of a crisis point when it comes to how we're feeling about everything, it could even be from a particularly fiery sermon as one example. Moon conjunct 4386 Lust in Libra also plays into this, as our hearts could be torn between two lovers, or two desires. Serving two masters can be quite difficult if not impossible, after all.

After noon, Moon sextile Ixion can help us navigate other potential pitfalls and betrayals, and can help us root out unintended consequences when it comes to violators of guest right, such as guests overstaying their welcome. Pluto sextile Ceres is also useful for cleaning up around the home and for discarding that which no longer works in the homestead. Mercury conjunct 11144 Radiocommunicata in Sagittarius indicates some very productive messages and communicating can be accomplished as well, which may play into the home cleanup. This could take the form of selling unneeded or unwanted trinkets online, even.

Heading further into Sunday, 3412 Kafka in Aries quincunx 2629 Rudra in Scorpio warns us to be on alert for some strange and unusual events, twisted even. Moon sextile 16089 Lamb retrograde can help bolster us and heighten our senses, or perhaps allow us to relax a bit in the right environment, a sort of inner tranquility among the storms around us. Moon quincunx Chiron does indicate that some of that aforementioned tranquility could come in the form of some intense meditation sessions or brainstorming, and we may not like the answers we are coming too, but they are necessary.

Uranus retrograde in Aries opposing the Moon in late Libra brings us to some sudden jolts in how we're feeling and we are likely to be quite prone to some major mood swings at this point in the afternoon. Venus opposing 37117 Narcissus retrograde indicates that this will likely be the result of a clash of egos and the inability to let go of trinkets or relationships that no longer serve us, or perhaps we're holding onto some of these things out of a stubborn need to just have.

Moon quincunx Mars, still in late Pisces, does bring us some tension when it comes to how we're feeling, and the boiling over could lash out into some outbursts if we are not prepared to hold back. Arguments are likely, so try to count to ten, or a hundred, or calculate the fifteenth decimal place of Pi if you have to.

In the early evening, Mercury in Sagittarius quincunx 37117 Narcissus retrograde in Taurus does indicate some uncomfortable conversations about pride and feeling one is all about themselves, and the effect it is having on others, especially as it pertains to resources and wealth.

After the sun sets, Moon enters Scorpio, and immediately quincunxes 2601 Bologna and 389 Industria in Aries. This indicates a shift in thinking to some of the deeper thoughts of our mortality and other people's resources, or perhaps our debts to others. Pholus in Capricorn sextile the now-Scorpio Moon can lead to some unexpected inspiration when it comes to resolving some of these debts and other mysteries.

A little bit later, Moon semisextile 100 Hekate in Libra gets us to thinking about the decision point we are finding in our lives, and are we prepared to make the choice that will propel us further into a better life for ourselves?

As Sunday night commences, Vesta in Aquarius semisextile Neptune in Pisces points to some inspiration and perhaps some esoteric whispers about what we feel we value, and whether it's really serving us and the ones we call friends. Or are we holding on and sticking to what we cherish despite better judgment? Or perhaps we're contemplating this out of a fear of missing out...?

Into later Sunday night, we are faced with some triggering aspects. Venus semisextile Mercury can foster some warranted and much-needed discussions about relationship statuses, money, art, and freedom versus bondage to debt and debtor-slavery. JUno opposite 10961 Buysballot adds to the discord and can make the participants in these conversations feel like they're being manipulated into a choice, or perhaps there's a manipulation to only yield one choice. Moon semisextile 6583 Destinn, 763 Cupido, and 151 Abundantia in Libra gets us to wondering whether there's a better way to go about this sort of decision, and Pluto sextile Buysballot may yield a "yes" to that piece of the puzzle.

As Sunday draws to a close, Moon semisextile 666 Desdemona in Libra (amongst the other aforementioned asteroids in early Libra above) indicates the devil in the details of what's being forced to be decided, and we are definitely feeling uneasy about what's to come. Sedna retrograde, again, still sits on fixed star Algol. Evil, evil, Algol, there is still the danger of comeuppance and retribution for real or perceived misdeeds, so do be careful. Pluto trine Juno can allow for some clearing away of tensions with significant others, family, and potentially housemates/roommates perhaps, so this is a positive when considering Saturn sextile 19 Fortuna as well. However, Saturn quincunx 433 Eros retrograde, along with 19 Fortuna quincunx Eros as well to form a Yod, points to a decision point where desire and want can be greatly affecting our hard work and what we've worked so hard to obtained through that work. 4179 Toutatis quincunx 1981 Midas amplifies this a good deal, so we're likely to be having some uncomfortable discussions going into the night into the final day of 2018. Finally, we close out with 8690 Swindle in Aries semisextile 258 Tyche in Pisces which further goes along into this entire deception and crisis point with our work and projects being in conflict with what we're pining after. Being rational about this line of thought will not be easy, and could lead to some unusual dream visions overnight for some of us as well.

That's the weekend in a nutshell. A good deal of tension and some uncomfortable conversations that really are going to have to happen if we're to be aboveboard with ourselves and what's best for us to continue on. I'm rather anxious to see what the final day to close out 2018 is going to look like, and we're going to have to wait just a little bit until I can get to that this weekend. So let's send this year out with a bang, and for some there's fond memories, and for others, it's "good riddance." I'll just say that may 2019 be better for us all. Peace.